Rights and Responsibilities of Bike Riders
Los Angeles Bicycle Anti-Harassment Ordinance
Cyclists’ Bill of Rights
CA Vehicle Code Regarding Bicycling
Legality of Sidewalk Riding in California Cities
Listing of California Bike Laws from California Bicycle Coalition
LAPD Bike Liaisons
Central Traffic: Sgt. Rares Isai
South Traffic: Ofc. Heath Adams
West Traffic: Sgt. Christopher Kunz
Valley Traffic: Sgt. Steve Egan 
LA Bicycle Services
LADOT Bicycle Services
LA City Planning Bicycle Transportation Element
2010 LA Bicycle Plan (pdf)
LA Mobility Plan (draft)
Bike Metro
LA County Bikeways
2012 LA County Bicycle Master Plan
Regulations on Sidewalk Riding in LA County
People for Bikes Statistics Library
NHTSA FARS National Traffic Safety Database
TIMS California Transportation Injury Mapping System
BikeSafe Bicycle Accident Reporting App (Avrek Law)
Note: This page is a work in progress. If you have a site you think should be added, leave it in the comments below or email the address on the About page.


  1. bike2hike says:

    Thanks for posting the LAPD Bike Liaisons emails, I’m hoping they can do something about the homeless under the 405 Fwy / Orange Line Bike Path

  2. Hi,

    How can our law firm get listed in your resources section? We handle many bicycle accident cases at our law firm and our attorney James Johnson is also a cyclist himself. Let me know.


  3. Dane Flanigan says:


    I have a client looking to sell his manufacturing bike company in Los Angeles. Is there a good advertisement or section I can place this in?

    Thank you,

    Dane Flanigan

  4. Jorja says:

    Thank you for righting that article regarding Racheal Hill who was texting and killed my only child Jesse Cushman and Mr Malish. And that the CHP wanted her charged for a Felony and the ADA dropped the charge to a misdemeanor. Facebook has a page Justice for Jesse please if you could get your members to go on there we have a petition going as we are outraged.

  5. Hello Ted,

    Thanks for your efforts on … I read it most every day.

    I am starting a bicycling forum (as you say …. a work in progress) titled ‘Bicycles and Infrastructure’ on Google Groups.

    (Not sure everything works on the forum yet … just getting it up now)

    1. I would like to list the forum ‘Bicycles and Infrastructure’ on your website resources …. or someplace ….

    2. I would like permission to list on the forum ‘Bicycles and Infrastructure’ as a resource or recommendation.

    Visit this group at

    My name is Neal Henderson and I ride primarily to do triathlons.

    We have a very small corporation that sells some biking products.

    We live in Escondido.

    3. We are mostly word of mouth advertising, but I would be interested in smallest ad size price,

    Visit the group at

    To post to this group, send email to or post directly on the Website.



    +1 mph Faster

  6. Hello Ted,

    Noticed that many of your resources listings have expired or non working URL’s.



    +1 mph Faster

    • Hello Ted,

      On bikinginla Resources page attemped to get Bike Safe Crash App for Android phone …. perhaps they mean the ‘app’ is to tell them about your bike accident by voice on the phone?

      Or perhaps the ‘Bike Safe Crash App’ is vaporware?

      Or perhaps I will hear more from them in the future?

      “You want the bike safe crash app?

      Elias Bello
      Avrek Law y Abogado Contigo
      Intake Specialist
      Personal Line: 949-351-5454
      Office Line:



      +1 mph Faster

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