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Move along, nothing to see here

Apparently, the new WordPress 5.0 has broken my site. After installing the upgrade Thursday night, I’m no longer able to access any of the internal pages — including the ones I’d need to fix this train wreck.

Hopefully we can get this fixed, and be back on Monday.

It’s the 4th Annual BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive!

It’s that time of year again.

No, not the season of incessant holiday music, ugly sweaters or bizarre Christmas flavors leaping out of your coffee cup.

Or even palm trees swaddled in red and green lights lining the sidewalk.

It’s time for the 4th Annual BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive.

The one time of year when, like your favorite public radio station, I ask you to open your wallets and dig deep to help keep Southern California’s leading source for bike news and advocacy coming your way every day.

Except unlike your favorite public radio station, we don’t block most of this site to make you pay up.

It started as a joke four years ago — hence that whole 4th Annual thing. But the funny thing was people actually took it seriously, and wanted to give their hard-earned money to support this site.

Which surprised the hell out of me.

Thanks to donations from people like you — along with the generosity of our sponsors, and a very understanding wife — I’ve been able to turn BikinginLA into a more than full-time job. And devote whatever time I have left in this world to doing whatever I can to make the streets safer for people on bicycles.

Which takes us back to that whole dig deep thing.

You can contribute with just a few clicks by using PayPal. Or by using the Zelle app that came with the banking app that’s probably already on your smartphone; just send your contribution to ted @ bikinginla dot com (remove the spaces and format as a standard email address).

Any donation, in any amount, is truly and deeply appreciated. And will help keep the Corgi in kibble while keeping this site up and running.

If you can’t afford to give anything, or just prefer not to, that’s cool too. You’re more than welcome to keep coming back, and contributing to our online community.

Either way, thanks for taking a moment to consider it. And thanks for visiting this site.

Because it doesn’t matter what I write if you’re not here to read it.

Thank you to Nina M, Betsy G, John L, View-Speed Inc. and an anonymous donor for their generous contributions to this fund drive even before it officially began.

And let me offer a special thanks to Todd Rowell, who came up with the idea for a holiday fund drive in the first place.

Happy Thanksgiving

I have a lot to be thankful for.

Especially for riding a bicycle. And for readers like you, who allow me to do what I do. Because without someone to read it, this site is nothing more than letters on a screen.

So please accept my best wishes for a warm and happy Thanksgiving for you and all your loved ones.

Now get out and ride your bike.


Bike rider killed in Beaumont hit-and-run; alleged DUI driver arrested on murder charge

A man has been killed in a Beaumont crash, and an alleged drunk driver is behind bars.

And probably will be for a very long time.

According to the Beaumont-Banning Patch, 60-year old Banning resident Dale Ramquist was riding on Oak Valley Parkway near Palmer Avenue around 5:50 pm Sunday when he was run down from behind.

The driver of the pickup reportedly drifted into the bike lane Ramquist was riding in due to his level of intoxication. He fled the scene, then returned an hour and a half later.

Police arrested 25-year old Beaumont resident Kyle Lee Anson on suspicion of felony murder, hit-and-run and driving under the influence.

The murder count suggests that he has a previous DUI, and had received a Watson warning stating that he could be charged with murder if he killed someone while driving under the influence.

And yes, Ramquist was wearing a helmet, and had lights on his road bike.

Anyone with information is urged to contact CHP Officer Darren Meyer at 951/769-2000.

This is at least the 47th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the fifth that I’m aware of in Riverside County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Dale Ramquist and his loved ones. 

Thanks to Marven Norman for the heads-up.


Move along, nothing to see here

My apologies.

There won’t be a new post today, after low blood sugar knocked me out last night.

We’ll be back on Thursday to catch up on anything we missed.

Move along, nothing to see here — aka diabetes sucks

I’ll make this quick tonight.

I’m in the middle of an extended bout with extremely low blood sugar that has knocked me on my ass all night. If you’ve never experienced this yourself, there are no words to explain just how debilitating it is, or how incredibly bad it feels.

Hopefully, I can at least keep it from dropping any further, and bounce back in the morning.

I’ll try to catch up with a rare weekend post on Saturday; if not, we’ll see you bright and early on Monday.



Move along, nothing to see here

My apologies.

Apparently, riding my bike to a doctor’s appointment this afternoon took more out of me than I expected.

After struggling to stay awake all night — and mostly failing — I’m throwing in the towel and giving up for the night.

Hopefully I’ll be okay by morning.

And we’ll catch up on anything we missed tomorrow.

Move along, nothing to see here, aka the never-ending joys of diabetes

My apologies once again.

I’ve spent the last several hours trying to work on today’s post, despite battling very low blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, I’ve spent more time flat on my back in a semi-conscious state than I have committing words to paper. Or cyberspace.

Or something.

And still haven’t been able to get my blood sugar up to a normal level.

So I’m throwing in the towel tonight, and going to bed to sleep it off. With a little luck, I’ll be better in the morning.

As always, we’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on anything we’ve missed.

Move along, nothing to see here

My apologies once again.

My diabetes kicked my ass last night. I’m just coming back to life after low blood sugar knocked me out for several hours.

And yes, the Corgi tried to warn me once again, but I didn’t get the message until it was too late.

As usual, we’ll be back on Friday with anything you missed.

Move along, nothing to see here. Again.

My sincere apologies for the lack of a new post today.

One of the joys of diabetes is dealing with the unexpected spikes in blood sugar, followed by a sudden crash. Which often leads to another spike trying to recover from the crash.

That’s the roller coaster I’ve been on since about 9 pm last night. And trust me, it’s not a fun one.

Hopefully, I should have things back under control by morning. As usual, we’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on anything we missed.

And let this serve as a warning. If you’re at risk for diabetes, do everything you can to avoid it. Work out, ride your bike, eat right, lose weight, and follow your doctor’s advice.

Because you don’t want this crap.



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