CicLAvia and World Naked Bike Ride this Sunday, and ruining a good buffered bike lane with plastic posts

Just 194 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025. 


Don’t forget Sunday’s CicLAvia on Western Ave in South LA, where you’ll find the good folks from Bike Talk and KPFK hosting a booth at the Western/Florence Hub.

Or if CicLAvia seems a little too formal for your last, the Los Angeles edition of the World Naked Bike Ride rolls tomorrow. Tip: Bring lots of sunscreen. And a few disinfectant wipes if you’re using a bikeshare bike.


Evidently, some people just don’t like separated bike lanes.

Or what Los Angeles insists on calling “protected,” even though the usual flimsy plastic car-ticklers wouldn’t stop a Yugo, if you could even get one running.

That was driven home in a new post by Cycling Savvy’s Keri Caffrey.

She explains how she was never a fan of bike lanes. Until moving to California, that is, when she got to experience her first wide buffered bike lane.

But some people insist on ruining those “good enough” buffered lanes by adding little white plastic bendy posts and other assorted permeable and semi-permeable barriers.

In her opinion, anyway.

Imagine my horror at seeing a movement to convert these bike lanes to “separated” bikeways by adding barriers such as flex posts, bollards, curbs, and a host of other innovations.

I get the desire to feel protected from cars, but at what cost? First of all, “feel protected” is all you get. Posts and curbs will not stop a moving car. They will, however, cause a bicyclist to crash. This is a known hazard which causes actual casualties, including serious injuries. Yet, these crashes don’t show up in national crash data, because it counts bicycle crashes only if they involve a moving motor vehicle.

She also takes issue with the stat up there on the right from the Federal Highway Administration.

The research behind the FHWA’s claim didn’t include junctions, only mid-block segments.

The only relevant crash type is a mid-block overtaking crash, around 5% of total crashes for all roads, including ones with no bike lane. The majority of overtaking crashes are actually sideswipes in narrow lanes (the motorist misjudges the space). We have a robust dataset from Mighk Wilson’s crash analysis in Orlando. In it, overtaking crashes on streets with bike lanes were 1.5% of crashes. The majority of bike lanes in the area are narrow and non-buffered. Paul Schimek’s study in Boston came to a similar conclusion.

I get what Caffrey is saying. And it’s worth reading to get a different perspective from what we usually share here.

My personal take is that separated bike lanes aren’t for confident bike riders like her who are comfortable riding nearly anywhere. They’re for the people who would like to ride, or ride more, but are afraid to mix it up with the people in the big dangerous machines.

Although calling them protected does a disservice to everyone by overpromising on safety.


Any kind of separation or buffer might have helped those Texas bicyclists who were run down by a drunk driver in a crash caught on bike cam earlier this week.

The driver who was allegedly three sheets to the wind at more than three times the legal blood alcohol limit has been identified as an American Airlines cargo worker.

Which could explain why your bags always seem to get lost or crushed beyond all recognition.

Thirty-one-year old Benjamin Hylander has been booked on two counts of intoxication assault with a vehicle causing serious bodily injury, accident involving injury, and driving while intoxicated with a BAC greater than 0.15.

Meanwhile, the victim shown getting run over by Hylander’s SUV after the initial impact, retired physician Tom Geppert, credits his bicycle with saving his life. And allowing him to walk away — if that’s the word for it — with “just” a concussion, injured left hamstring, a fractured rib and a severe laceration.

The other victim, Deborah Eads, suffered a severe laceration as well.

We can only be grateful it wasn’t much worse.

Maybe someday, carmakers will be required to use already-existing technology to ensure intoxicated people can’t get behind the wheel.

And can’t go anywhere if they do.


It’s now 182 days since the California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which was promised no later than fall 2023. And three full years since it was approved by the legislature and signed into law — and counting.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

An English town has waived fines for bicyclists targeted by “cowboy” traffic wardens who wrote them up for breaking a nonexistent ban on biking through the city center.



Streetsblog’s Joe Linton takes a look at the new $11.2 million 1.4-mile Pacoima Wash multi-use path, expected to open this fall.

Santa Clarita has begun work on the new Bouquet Canyon shared-use pathway.

LAist offers a reminder that Caltrans needs your input on a proposed protected bike lane on PCH through Long Beach.

Long Beach hosts the city’s 12th Annual Kiddical Mass bike ride this Sunday.



No news is good news, right?



Yes, you can go bikepacking on an ebike.

Congress is considering the Domestic Bicycle Production Act, which would use a combination of tariffs and incentives to reshore American bike manufacturing.

Streetsblog says there’s a pedestrian death and injury crisis in New York City this year. Unlike Los Angeles, where there’s always a pedestrian death and injury crisis.

Tragic news from Michigan, where an 83-year old Florida man on a cross-country bike ride was killed when he was rear-ended by driver, who was allegedly distracted for some undisclosed reason.



Cycling Electric makes the case for why ebikes are the best vehicles for the environment. offers tips on how to avoid getting scammed buying a used bike on Facebook Marketplace.

Momentum recommends a new bike route that “glides along rainforests and epic beaches” on the west coast of Canada’s Vancouver Island.

A community group in Glasgow, Scotland has launched bikeshare service using refurbished bicycles, allowing anyone to rent a bike for free, or purchase one for whatever they can afford.

I want to be like him when I grow up. A Scottish man is marking his 90th birthday by taking part in a 460-mile fundraising ride.

Not all the news from Scotland is good, however, as a 17-year old boy faces a murder charge for killing another 17-year old boy as he rode an ebike.

Country star Blake Shelton is one of us, as he posts a picture of himself biking back to his hotel in Italy after drinking too much for his birthday.

An Aussie architecture site asks if ebikes and e-scooters could be the answer to the country’s affordable housing crisis, since removing a single car from a household could cover the full cost of a $300,000 mortgage.


Competitive Cycling takes a look at what all the best teams will be riding in the Tour de France this year.

The Visma-Lease a Bike cycling team unveiled their line-up for next month’s Tour de France, headlined by two-time winner Jonas Vingegaard and former points winner and three-time world champ Wout van Aert.

British two-time Olympic track champ Katie Archibald is out of next month’s Paris Games, after breaking her leg in two places tripping on a garden step.

A Palestinian paracycling team is working to keep the dream of competing in the Paris Paralympics alive for cyclists in Gaza.



That feeling when a drivers prefer a genuine horse’s ass to a butt on a bike seat. And when your new e-foldie comes with a name that reminds you size doesn’t matter, except when it does.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Ill-advised bike ban on Palos Verdes Drive South as ground shifts, and more on drunken Texas hit-and-run mayhem

Just 195 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels


No one ever accused Rancho Palos Verdes of displaying common sense.

As we mentioned last month, the wealthy enclave felt a need to address dangerous road conditions on Palos Verdes Drive South, caused by shifting of the bluff underlying it.

So naturally, they responded to the slick, cracking and crumbling roadway by banning all two-wheeled vehicles, primarily bicycles and motorcycles.

Never mind that it’s the people in the bigass cars, pickups and SUVs who cause the most damage. Or that’s it’s in direct violation with state law, which allows bicycles and motorcycles on any public roadway where motor vehicles are allowed, with the single exception of banning bicycles from some limited access highways that have alternate routes.


While a bicycle can get its tires caught in cracks in the roadway, bike riders also have a greater ability to avoid obstacles than people in motor vehicles, which are much harder to stop or turn.

And it’s not the people on bicycles who risk causing further damage through their sheer weight.

Unfortunately, however, the only way to beat the new rule is to break it, get a ticket and fight it in court, which is a long, complicated and expensive process. And would probably require a good lawyer to make your case for you.

Let’s just hope the sheriff’s department, which is charged with policing the Palos Verdes Peninsula, has enough sense not to enforce it.

But based on previous experience with the LA County Sheriff’s limited grounding in bike law, I wouldn’t count on it.


The seemingly road-raging Texas driver who was caught on video plowing into two bicyclists from behind on Monday, apparently on purpose, was captured when he was chased down by witnesses.

Thirty-one-year old Benjamin Hylander taken into custody on multiple charges including driving while intoxicated and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

He had a roadside BAC, or blood alcohol content, of .25 — over three times the legal limit.

Hylander reportedly insisted he had to talk to the victims to apologize after he was stopped. But he can be clearly seen driving over one of the victims to get away, as the man lay face down in the roadway following the initial impact.

Which doesn’t exactly bespeak regret for his actions.

Remarkably, neither victim was seriously injured.

Thanks to Megan Lynch for the heads-up.


This is great news for anyone who doesn’t drive, for whatever reason, in a state where driving is considered the default mode.


Here’s your chance to do good as you eat good, as the Morrison on Los Feliz Blvd will donate $1 from the sale of each of their new Finish The Ride burger to Streets Are For Everyone, aka SAFE, for the next three months.


It’s now 181 days since the California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which was promised no later than fall 2023. And three full years since it was approved by the legislature and signed into law — and counting.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

No bias here. A Thai website relates how a 71-year old amputee fatally stabbed a drunken 45-year old man who had repeatedly harassed him while the older man played chess with friends — yet they described the murder as a case of “cycling rage” just because of how the killer got back home afterwards.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

A bike-riding vandal is accused of deliberately smashing the driver’s side mirrors on a dozen cars in Torrance as he rode by Monday night, for no apparent reason.

Fox News offers video of a crazed, road-raging New York man who threw his bikeshare bike in front of an SUV after arguing with the driver, before the other person drove over the bike’s front wheel and apparently went on with his day; the bicyclist calmly rode off after giving the SUV driver and other honking motorists the bird. Although there’s no mention of what the poor, tormented driver may have done to induce such anger — or that merely driving over the bicycle is a crime. 

A British bike rider has been fined the equivalent of $280 for blowing through a red light while a mother was pushing her child in a stroller, forcing them them to stop mid-step to avoid a crash — rising to a well-deserved $500 including court costs and fees. Seriously, it’s one thing to go through a light when there’s no one around. But don’t be an ass when others have the right-of-way. 



Santa Monic bike riders rode throughout the beachfront town to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday on Wednesday, in a ride sponsored by the Santa Monica Black Empowerment Association.

Add e-scooters to the list of things you’ll have to dodge on the beachfront bike path in Long Beach.



Add Costa Mesa to the ever-growing list of Orange County communities trying to crack down on ebikes.

No surprise here. After Palm Springs bicyclist Bond Shields penned a “Bicycling Manifesto” for the city — composed of common sense safety reforms — he passed it on to the city manager and a councilmember; only the latter promised to do anything, passing it on to the city’s Sustainability Commission, where it apparently died a quick, quiet death.

San Francisco’s transportation authority has voted to remove the contentious Valencia Street centerline bike lane, although work won’t begin on a curbside replacement until next year; some of the newly empowered local merchants don’t like the new bike lane plan, either.



Skip lengthy ebike recharging times by getting a hydrogen-powered bicycle that can refill in seconds

Streetsblog talks with Wes Marshall, author of Killed by a Traffic Engineer: Shattering the Delusion that Science Underlies Our Transportation System, about the real reason traffic engineers design so many deadly roads.

Speaking of deadly roads, a bicyclist says he’s been failed by prosecutors in Goodyear, Arizona, after they declined to prosecute the truck driver who may have been Snapchatting when he slammed into a group ride last year, killing two people and injuring eleven others; a new video emerged showing the driver videochatting immediately after the crash, rather than calling 911.

Great idea. Now you can help support bicycling on the Navajo Nation by wearing — okay, buying — a new bike jersey sponsored by a nonprofit Gallup, New Mexico coffee shop, with over half of each sale helping to create cycling teams, bicycle classes and events for the Dine people.



Your next bike helmet could fold up like a paper fan.

A British man has completed his third bike ride around the world — or his 11th if you count motorcycles. Which makes you wonder how he’s had time for anything else. 

The nonprofit European Cyclists’ Federation honored the European Union; Ghent, Belgium; Bologna, Italy; Lyon, France; and Quelimane, Mozambique; for their efforts to support and encourage bicycling at their annual Velo-City conference.

More than 1,800 bicycles have been delivered to war-torn Ukrainian communities through the #BikesForUkraine initiative.



That feeling when a weekly group ride makes Thursday the happiest night of the week. Or when you feel the need to paint the town red, in the shape of Wisconsin.

And someone has been watching me.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Multiple drivers accused of intentionally running down bike riders; Congress looks at why bigass vehicles are killing us

Just 196 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025..


Happy Juneteenth! 

My apologies for yesterday’s unexcused absence. Even though the situation is getting better, I’m still ending my days exhausted after caring for my wife and the corgi, while still dealing with my own injuries.

And Tuesday night it just got the better of me. 


Apparently, they really are out to get us.

Video captured a truck driver appearing to intentionally run down pair of Texas bicyclists from behind, before fleeing the scene, running over one of the bikes — and possibly one of the victims — in the process. Thankfully, a still photo shows the driver being led away in handcuffs by police.

Thanks to TacoTheCat for the heads-up.

Meanwhile, a bike rider in Hamilton, Ontario is urging police to charge a road-raging driver who appeared to intentionally crash into him, breaking his pelvis; the driver conducted a punishment pass with his pickup and trailer, after approaching from behind honking and swearing — then swerved his trailer into the victim, knocking him off his bike. He later found video the driver allegedly posted online showing him following and swearing at other riders.

And police in the UK are looking for a driver who filmed himself deliberately running down an ebike rider before fleeing the scene, leaving the victim with serious, but not life threatening injuries.


About damn time.

Streetsblog is reporting that the Government Accountability Office, aka the investigative arm of Congress, has launched exactly that into the question of why today’s massive motor vehicles kill so many bicyclists and pedestrians.

Hey, it’s Congress. Nothing is obvious to them these days.

The ever-growing stain our national reputation is partially attributable to our ever-growing cars, trucks and SUVs, some experts argue. Between 1993 and 2023, the average vehicle on U.S. roads swelled by 1,000 pounds, while simultaneously getting four inches wider, 10 inches longer and eight inches taller — bloat that’s driven by the increasing sales of pick-up trucks and SUVs.

That’s enough to bring the hoods of America’s best-selling cars, like the Ford F-series pick-ups, up to chest level for many adults, all but guaranteeing crashes that cause to vital organs rather than the legs, which are more survivable. The swelling size of the U.S. fleet has also increased the size of blind zones so much that drivers often can’t even see long lines of children right in front of them, and made it far more likely for pedestrians to be pulled under the wheels rather than pushed up onto the hood, where they’re less likely to be killed.

Let’s hope they get to the bottom of it, and discover what’s behind this perplexing — to government officials, anyway — jump in traffic deaths.

And actually do something about it for a change.


The great bike helmet debate goes on, fueled by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s call to wear one following his bicycling crash, which somehow angered a lot of people.

However, it didn’t anger a bike-riding UK writer who insisted Ramsay was right, while expressing her astonishment at “reckless cyclists without helmets,” who she argues can be more threatening that people in cars.

No, really.


Streets For All says they’ll be at Sunday’s South LA CicLAvia, with a booth at the Exposition Blvd Hub. Which just happens to be located right next to the Expo/Western Metro Station on the E (nee Expo) Line.


It’s now 180 days since the California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which was promised no later than fall 2023. And three full years since it was approved by the legislature and signed into law — and counting.

Meanwhile, a whistleblower has filed complaints with the San Diego Association of Governments, aka SANDAG and the California Air Resources Board, aka CARB, alleging that the CEO of San Diego nonprofit Pedal Ahead faked data for the ebike distribution program and mixed the program with his private businesses.

Pedal Ahead is the organization that has been selected by CARB to operate California’s moribund ebike voucher program — which is now likely to be dead in the water until the state can claw back its funding, and find someone else to run the damn thing.

And a Mastodon user writes that demand is high for Atlanta’s ebike voucher program, with 1% of city residents applying. But says infrastructure has to catch up. Thanks to Megan Lynch for the heads-up. 


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

This is what people who call for licensing bicyclists are really asking for. And why.

Residents of a wealthy Sydney, Australia suburb have filed a civil right complaint alleging that a proposed new bike lane somehow infringes on theirs.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

Ventura police arrested a 13-year old boy accused of being just one of a number of “disruptive” teens on ebikes, who allegedly stomped a homeless woman, threw rocks at another woman, and spit on people they passed; however, the rest managed to get away.



Work has finally begun on the long-discussed and much needed makeover of Hollywood Blvd, with the first phase being implemented Gower Street and Lyman Place.

City, county and state leaders unveiled plans to improve LA’s massive Sepulveda Basin, including connecting already existing segments of the LA River bike path on either side of the park.

West Hollywood is cracking down on e-bikeshare and e-scooter users who violate the city’s rules.

The documentary about LA’s killer highway, 21 Miles in Malibu — which just happens to be the exact length of PCH through the coastal city — won three Silver Telly Awards at the prestigious 45th Annual Telly Awards; the film was produced by Michel Shane, whose 13-year old daughter was killed by a motorist on the highway in 2010.

Santa Monica police are conducting yet another bike and pedestrian safety operation, this time lasting this entire week, ticketing any traffic violations that could endanger either group, regardless of who commits them. As usual, ride to the letter of the law until you cross the city limit for the rest of this week, so you’re not the one who gets written up.



Streetsblog’s Melanie Curry updates the progress of traffic safety bills in the state legislature, including a much-needed speed cam pilot program on PCH in Malibu (SB 1297), the ever-shrinking requirement for a warning device to notify drivers when they exceed the speed limit (SB 961) — which started out mandating speed limitation devices to keep drivers from going more than 10 mph over the speed limit — and a bill to redefine ebikes and require only EU or UL certified batteries (SB 1271). Although the latter bill would be a lot stronger if it simply reclassified all throttle-controlled ebikes as electric motorcycles. 

Palo Alto approved plans for protected bike lanes along El Camino Real, along with narrower traffic lanes and restrictions on right turns, overcoming months of opposition.



Once again, bike riders are heroes, after people participating in an ebike tour in Yavapai County, Arizona rescued a woman who had driven her car off a 20-foot embankment.

A Phoenix, Arizona man has been charged with 2nd degree murder for killing a bicyclist in a hit-and-run as he fled a domestic violence situation.

A boy in New Mexico got his custom lowrider bicycle back just in time for his 12th birthday, after it was stolen from a museum lowrider exhibit.

Convicted murderer Kaitlin Armstrong has been ordered to pay the family of her victim, gravel champ Moriah “Mo” Wilson, $15 million as judgment in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by her parents seeking a more modest $1 million; Armstrong murdered Wilson in Austin, Texas two years ago over a perceived love triangle with pro cyclist Colin Strickland. But good luck seeing any of the money while Armstrong serves her 90-year sentence — and won’t even be eligible for parole until she’s 67.

Chicago bike riders rejoiced as news broke that a driver had been towed for parking in a bike lane.

This is the cost of traffic violence. A retired Minnesota police chief was killed when he was run down by a semi driver while riding his bicycle; the truck driver doesn’t appear to have been charged.

Mauritanian refugees are fixing bicycles in an Ohio city while they wait to learn whether they will be allowed to stay in the US.

Tragic news from Pennsylvania, where a man was found dead after riding his bicycle into downed power lines on a trail.

Leaders of a Black church in DC are demanding changes to a new protected bike lane, alleging the bike lane barriers block access for older parishioners and members with disabilities.



An editor for Cyclist says stop complaining about the high cost of bicycles, even as the price for high-end ebikes continues to climb.

Momentum lists the world’s top ten bicycling destinations. None of which are Los Angeles. Or in the US, even. 

That’s more like it. Toronto has a page on the city website explaining why licensing bicyclists doesn’t work.

That’s more like it, part two. The city council in Colchester, England has ordered traffic officers to stop ticketing people riding bikes through the city center, after they were accused of running amok by threatening to fine people who were actually riding legally.

A BBC presenter settled a defamation case filed by broadcaster and cycling advocate Jeremy Vine for the equivalent of over $95,000 for calling Vine a “big bike nonce” and a “paedo defender.”

The New York Times goes for a bike ride along France’s three-century old The Canal du Midi through the scenic Occitanie region.


Competitive Cycling

Outside examines how Durango, Colorado’s Sepp Kuss became cycling’s “chillest champion.”



Los Angeles can take pride in being America’s 5th best city to bike in the nude. And the next time someone complains that no one is using the new bike lanes, show them this.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Nonprofit overseeing CA ebike voucher program under investigation, and Gordon Ramsay says “wear your helmet”

Just 198 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025.

Image by Maxfoot from Pixabay.


And that, my friends, is when it all went to hell.

As you may know, we’ve been tracking the moribund California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which has now reached 178 days since we were promised it would open in fall of last year.

Spoiler alert — it didn’t.

It’s also a full three years since the plan was approved by the state legislature and signed into law by the governor. And counting.

And just two weeks before they’re guaranteed to miss the most recent promised launch date in the second quarter of this year, which has now been pushed back to sometime this summer.

They’re not likely to meet that one, either.

Because the program charged with operating the California ebike incentive program, San Diego nonprofit Pedal Ahead, could end up facing charges themselves.

In fact, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Pedal Ahead is currently facing not one, not two, but three ongoing investigations. (Although the paper’s newly even more draconian paywall means you’ll have to register with your email if you want to read it.)

It’s a confusing and convoluted story. But the gist of it is that Pedal Ahead is accused of being delinquent in filing the required paperwork with various government agencies, leading to investigations by San Diego County, the California Air Resources Board, and the California Department of Justice.

Yet somehow, they’re supposed to handle the increasingly complicated statewide program, which has now been funded with a still-too-small $31 million to distribute, even though that’s up from the initial $10 million fund, which was reduced to just $7.5 million after overhead.

And even though they’ve been removed as operators of the low-income ebike loan-to-own program launched by the San Diego Association of Governments two years ago.

Yet it was that “expertise” that formed the basis of their selection to operate the statewide program.

But at least that part of the story is clear.

It gets more confusing when the paper tries to explain the numerous nonprofit and for-profit companies opened by Pedal Ahead chief executive Edward Clancy in recent years, many with nearly identical names.

And many, if not most, of which either ran into problems, or apparently never got beyond the naming stage.

Then there’s the fact that Clancy wore a wire for the FBI’s probe into illegal campaign financing involving his former boss and a Mexican businessman, while skating on any possible charges himself.

Clancy was appointed as “bike czar” by former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who resigned under a torrent of sexual misconduct accusations after less than a year in office.

According to the Union-Tribune,

Clancy was later reported to have been a confidential informant in an unrelated federal investigation into illegal campaign financing in San Diego County.

The Union-Tribune reported in 2014 that he wore a wire for the FBI, recording conversations with three people who were later charged with coordinating $500,000 in donations from Mexican businessman Jose Susumo Azano Matsura to Filner, then-District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and two Democratic political committees.

Clancy, who received qualified immunity from federal prosecutors and was never himself charged with any wrongdoing, maintained his political connections after he stopped consulting.

No problem, then.

It’s long past time that the state legislature conducted an open, public hearing into the problems with the state ebike incentive program that have led to its ongoing failure to launch, despite the clear intent of our elected leaders.

And shine a much-needed light on a program that has been utterly opaque up to this point.

Because something tells me what we’ve learned today is just the tip of an iceberg big enough to sink the Titanic all over again.

Thanks to Oceanside bike lawyer and BikinginLA sponsor Richard Duquette for the heads-up. 


The common theme over the weekend, the one that sucked the air out of the news headlines, is Gordon’s Ramsay’s advice to wear your bike helmet.

Yes, the lovably irascible chef is one of us. Although “lovably” kind of depends on your perspective.

Ramsay revealed in a Father’s Day greeting that he had been the victim of a bad bicycling crash in Connecticut recently, lifting his traditional chef’s jacket to reveal a badly bruised torso. And crediting his shattered helmet and “those incredible trauma surgeons, doctors, nurses in the hospitals” that looked after him with saving his life.

Meanwhile, a writer for the Christian Science Monitor also says wear a helmet, and put front, and especially, rear lights on your bike, offering his own hard-won experience in Long Beach as proof.

Although he misses the mark in calling out bicyclists for riding “two, three or even four abreast.” forcing drivers to “swerve completely into the incoming traffic lane.”

Never mind that riding abreast helps prevent unsafe passing, and using the next lane to go around them is exactly what drivers are supposed to do.

Then again, even Dutch officials are calling for the country’s largely helmet averse population to change “because the brain is very vulnerable.”


Nothing like have your bike stolen right in front of you on a Metro platform in broad daylight, as passengers look on.


It’s not every day you actually see a positive report about new bike lanes on the local news.

Thanks to Megan Lynch for the heads-up.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

No bias here. A writer for an off-road racing website blames a group of Atlanta bike riders for complaining when a cop ignored the speeding BMW driver who zoomed around them on the wrong side of the road, only to lecture them for some undisclosed reason. “We’ve all encountered entitled, difficult cyclists before,” he writes. “Maybe they’re riding three or four abreast, not letting cars get by, and acting aggressive towards any driver who does try to pass.”

A UK paper complains about the mythical war on cars over plans to fine drivers who step out into London bike lanes, as if the real problem is the penalty, and not the reason for it.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

Bavarian police observed over 11,500 bicycling infractions over a one-month period of heightened enforcement.



Discover Los Angeles reminds us about this Sunday’s CicLAvia on Western Ave in South LA.

Here’s your chance to tell Glendale you want a permanent calmer, safer North Brand Boulevard, after the city’s successful pilot project.

Pasadena is implementing a quick build safety improvement program on Allen Ave between Colorado Blvd and Villa Street, offering enhanced crosswalks, curb extensions and new bicycle lanes.

Active SGV offers a recap on the recent Active Streets: Mission to Mission, including an appearance by the inimitable Gabe the Sasquatch.

Malibu releases details on the upcoming safety improvements on deadly PCH. All of which only offer a downpayment on what the killer highway really needs. 



Streets Are For Everyone, aka SAFE, says three speeding bills they support are moving forward in the state legislature, including bills to allow speed cams on PCH in Malibu, and increase penalties for speeding on highways.

Motor vehicle speeds aren’t the only concern for state legislators, however, as AB 1774 would prohibit the sale of any product or device that can modify the speed of an ebike.

The California Building Standards Commission wants your input to shape bike parking standards in the new state building code.

Just days after the heartbreaking death of a 17-year old San Diego boy killed by an Amtrak train while riding his bike across the tracks, comes news that California is the deadliest state for train collisions, with 38 fatal crashes last year, compared to just 21 in Florida, the next highest state.

The Orange County Power Authority is launching its own ebike voucher program, offering up to $1,500 for income-qualified buyers.

Beach cities aren’t the only ones freaking out about ebike safety, as cities in California’s Inland Empire attempt to rein in teenagers on electric bicycles. Although they often conflate ebikes and e-motorbikes.

The latest proposal to replace San Francisco’s widely loathed Valencia Street center-running bike lane would create a slalom course as the bike lane swerves around restaurant parklets.



A writer for Bike Magazine pens a Father’s Day ode to his favorite riding companion, and the man who gave him everything.

Despite the best efforts of rightwing culture warriors, the World Naked Bike Ride returned to Mad City, Wisconsin on Saturday.

There’s not a pit deep enough for the schmuck who stole an 11-year old boy’s lowrider bike he’d customized himself from a New Mexico museum display.

Hundreds of teenaged bike riders gathered in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley to call for nationwide bike safety improvements at the 10th annual national Youth Bike Summit.

In news that should surprise absolutely no one — but probably will — a new study from New Jersey’s Rutger’s University shows bike lanes calm roadways, improving safety for everyone.

There’s a special place in hell for whoever rode off after stealing a collection jar raising funds for a premature Florida baby.



The mayor of Quebec City offers a master class in how to respond to accusations that bicyclists don’t pay for the services we receive. Although you’ll need to read the subtitles if you don’t understand French. Thanks again to Megan Lynch. 

A neighborhood in Birmingham, England is now offering an e-cargo bikeshare service to help cut pollution.

The UK’s best bicycle-friendly homes, starting at just £225,000 — the equivalent of a little over $285,000. I’ll send y’all a postcard once I get settled.


Competitive Cycling

That’s Sir Mark Cavendish to you, now.

Twenty-year old Norwegian pro Johannes Kulset is demanding an apology from cycling’s governing body after he was banned from the Tour of Slovenia for using the ‘super tuck’ position, denying he used his chest or forearms for support.

A pair of best buds are hoping to set a new record for the fastest duo to cross the Atlantic City finish line for the Race Across America, aka RAAM.



Now you, too, can own your very own Van Gogh bike. Ranking the Euro 2024 soccer teams based on how bike-friendly their cities are.

And there’s actually nothing funny about using laughing gas behind the wheel.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Update: 17-year old boy killed by San Diego Amtrak train after riding around crossing gates; 2nd SoCal bike death Friday

Sadly, there was more bad news for the Southern California bicycling community on Friday.

According to multiple reports, a 17-year old boy was killed when he was struck by an Amtrak train in San Diego’s University City neighborhood early Friday afternoon.

The victim, who has not been publicly identified, was crossing the railroad tracks on Sorrento Valley Blvd, between Sorrento Valley Road and Roselle Street, when he was hit by the southbound Amtrak Pacific Surfliner at 12:34 pm.

He died at the scene.

The victim was one of three boys who stopped their bikes at the railroad crossing gates to wait for a northbound train to pass. But as so often happens, he rode around the gates after that train had passed, not realizing another train was coming in the opposite direction.

Tragically, Fox5 reports that the victim’s parents arrived shortly after the crash, while officials were still removing his mangled bike from the tracks.

The other two boys were not injured. It’s not clear if they were riding with the victim, or just happened to stop together at the gates.

This is yet another tragic reminder to always wait until the gates go up to cross any rail tracks, regardless of whether it seems safe at the time.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Sheriff’s Department’s non-emergency line at 858/565-5200.

This is at least the 24th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the seventh that I’m aware of in San Diego County.

Update: The victim has been identified 17-year old Alex Segal. He was a student at Torrey Pines High School in the Del Mar Heights neighborhood, and a member of the junior varsity soccer team.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Alex Segal and all his family and loved ones.

Thanks to Phillip Young for the heads-up. 

Update: Man riding bicycle killed in early morning rear-end collision near CSU Long Beach; 6th LA County bike death this year

Friday was a bad day for Southern California bike riders — starting with a deadly pre-dawn wreck in Long Beach.

According to My News LA, the victim was riding east on 7th Street at Bellflower Blvd around 5:05 am, when he was run down from behind by a driver traveling in the same direction.

The victim, who has not been publicly identified, died at the scene before paramedics arrived.

The driver stopped after the crash. Police don’t believe that speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence were factors in the crash.

There’s no word on whether the victim had lights on his bike in the pre-dawn hour, or why the driver was apparently unable to see him riding directly in front of their vehicle.

It’s unclear exactly where the crash occurred, however, as Patch Long Beach places the location four-tenths of a mile away, at 7th Street and Campus Drive across from CSU Long Beach.

According to reports, the victim was riding in the right traffic lane when he struck by the driver, who also has not been publicly identified.

However, there is a bike lane on 7th, which the victim would likely have been riding in unless it was blocked, or he was moving across the roadway to make a turn.

Since his body was found on the sidewalk, it seems more likely that the driver drifted into the bike lane, knocking him to the right, than the other way around.

Anyone with information is urged to call Long Beach Police Detective Joseph Johnson at 562/570-7355, or Crime Stoppers at 800/222-TIPS.

This is at least the 23rd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the sixth that I’m aware of in Los Angeles County.

Update: The victim has been identified as 42-year old Keith Moore, no city of residence given.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Keith Moore and all his loved ones.

Convenience over safety on Western, assaulting Redondo Beach ebikers, and proclaiming June CA Mountain Bike Month

Just 200 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025.
Stop what you’re doing and sign this petition demanding Mayor Bass hold a public meeting to listen to the dangers we all face on the city’s mean streets.

Then share it — and keep sharing it — with everyone you know, on every platform you can.

We finally made it up to 1,204 signatures! I’ll send this to the mayor’s office on Monday, so there’s still time to sign it!


Please forgive the recent unexcused absences, caused by my site crashing one night, and me the other, as caring for my wife’s and my unrelated injuries is still taking a toll on me. 

The good news is, my ribs are almost healed, and I’m getting PT for my back. The bad news, my shoulder is screwed. I’ll find out just how bad, and what that means going forward, next week. 


San Pedro residents — and CD15 Councilmember Tim McOsker — got out the torches and pitchforks for Caltrans, and the state transportation agency’s efforts to build a much-needed Complete Street on Western Ave.

The project, scheduled to get underway in 2026, is slated to included bus lanes and bike lanes, as well as other traffic safety and streetscape improvements.

After all, who cares about saving lives and increasing livability on Western Ave if it inconveniences some people even a little bit?


A Redondo Beach man faces charges for assaulting a group pf teenage ebike riders, after claiming they assaulted him first.

However, prosecutors say video evidence contradicts his comments, while also showing his girlfriend took a mighty swing at them with her purse.

Never mind that the “ebikes” in the photo accompanying the story are actually electric motorbikes.

Sort of like in the picture below.


The state Assembly has voted to proclaim this month California Mountain Biking Month.

The bipartisan and bicameral ACR 152 now moves on to the state Senate for final approval, then onto the governor’s desk for his signature. And while Newsom has been hard to predict when it comes to bike bills, there shouldn’t be any reason why he’d say no to this one.

In the meantime, you’ll find mountain biking events throughout the state at the California Mountain Biking Coalition website.

So get out there and shred a few trails for me.


Congratulations to San Diego bike advocates for successfully pressuring the city to add funding to fix the “Fatal 15” worst intersections.


Active SGV is hosting an easy 17-mile ride tomorrow to explore the Emerald Necklace & Whittier Narrows.


Sad news from San Francisco, where a 70-year old man died earlier this week after getting doored on his bike last month.


Think you’re fast? Brazil’s Evandro Portela set a new assisted cycling record of 124 mph for riding on a public road behind a pace car


It’s now 176 days since the California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which was promised no later than fall 2023. And three full years since it was approved by the legislature and signed into law — and counting.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

Twice in the past week, road raging drivers have endangered riders taking part in Portland’s annual Bike Summer, aka Pedalpalooza, by speeding through group rides.

No bias here. Washington and Oregon GOP legislators suggest charging tolls to bicyclists on a new Interstate Bridge Replacement project, or banning bikes from the new span entirely, arguing that the project is too focused on non-drivers. Because evidently, only cars should have a right to cross it, and everyone else should just stay on their own damn side.

No bias here, either. After a local British politician tried to explain why getting more people on bicycles is a win for everyone, he had to turn off the comments within minutes to halt the bikelash.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

A British woman has been sentenced to a very lenient eight months behind bars for plowing into a 64-year old woman, causing catastrophic injuries, after “flying” around a blind corner on her brakeless bicycle while riding drunk and highly impaired, with a bag of dog food in one hand and a broken wrist on the other — and was somehow still on the street despite a whopping 137 prior offenses.



In a hard-hitting piece, Streetsblog’s Joe Linton argues that cities have no problem blocking off streets for rich residents, so “they shouldn’t be shy about using diverters/closures for prioritizing the safety and convenience of people getting around on foot and on bike.”

After four years of talking about it, Los Angeles finally decides to do something about having someone other than armed cops enforce traffic laws — study it. Which is what the city seems to do best; acting on those studies, not so much.

Metro will host an actual in-person meeting on Thursday to discuss active transportation proposals surrounding the LAX/Aviation Station Area on the C Line, nee Green Line.

Burbank is upgrading a mile of bike lanes along Front Street, to connect to the new Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station.

Long Beach Watchdog says the early support for a bike lane along PCH in the city is leaning towards the $47 million raised bike lane option. Which would be the first one I’m aware of in the Los Angeles area. 

E-scooters could return to Long Beach bike paths for the first time in being banned six years ago. Which is likely the trajectory we’ll see with the current ebike bans. 



Carlsbad State Assemblymember Tasha Boerner’s bill to regulate unlicensed ebike riders over the age of 12 is moving forward in the state legislature.

Cycling Weekly visits Strava’s ‘gothic leisure center’ headquarters in San Francisco.

The Bay Area’s Mt. Diablo is getting 22 new bicycle turnouts allowing bike riders to avoid drivers on blind curves, adding to the 17 already built, with another 28 still to come.

A Sacramento driver faces DUI and drug possession charges for allegedly killing a 36-year old bike rider while driving stoned.

Sad news from Stanislaus County, where an 11-year old boy was killed when he reportedly turned directly in front of an oncoming car.



Outside rates the best skid lids for road, gravel and mountain biking.

Politico says if you’re in the market for a new bike, you’d better act fast before Biden’s new China tariffs kick in.

A Portland photographer captures the city’s vibrant bike scene. Meanwhile, Portland bike riders will have to keep their pants on for another year, after organizers canceled this year’s ride.

Just hours after announcing an expanded schedule for Seattle’s carfree Bicycle Weekend program, it was pared back on orders from the Mayor’s office.

The New York City comptroller may team with other stakeholders to file suit to fight the governor’s attempt to block the congestion pricing plan that was supposed to go into effect at the end of the month.

This is the cost of traffic violence. Longtime DC-area bicycle and LGBTQ+ activist Scott Binde was killed when he was struck by a driver while riding his bike near Frederick MD; he was 64. Note to Alexandria Times — There’s a good chance there may have been a driver in that Toyota 4Runner that ran him down. 



Momentum celebrates the beauty and utility of upright bikes.

Electrek highlights the best finds from the recent Micromobility Europe 2024, including a hydrogen-powered ebike.

Bike Index co-founder Bryan Hance has tracked many of the West Coast’s high-end stolen bikes to a bicycle theft pipeline leading directly to one man in Jalisco, Mexico.

Vancouver custom bikemaker Paul Brodie displays some of his unique new designs in a show that’s part bike show and part art gallery.

London’s war on cars is heating up, as the city’s mayor vows to ticket one million speeding drivers by the end of the year, interfering with their God-given right to go “zoom zoom” to their hearts content, speed laws be damned.

No surprise here, as the wife of a US spy who fled the UK under diplomatic cover after the wrong-way, hit-and-run death of a 19-year old London motorcyclist failed to show up for a four-day inquest into his death; she has refused to return to the country, despite receiving an eight-month suspended sentence in exchange for pleading guilty over video.

A British police inquest can’t figure out whether a driver’s failure to look, or the victim’s lack of a helmet and hi-viz are to blame for an “unavoidable” collision that killed a popular bike club member. Although it sounds like they think that unavoidable crash could have been avoided.

A Singapore ebike delivery rider was spotted riding without the required helmet and license number, and with a sticker reading “Fuck LTA,” an abbreviation for the island city/state’s Land Transit Authority — which could allow other road users to file a police report for harassment for “potentially offensive content.”


Competitive Cycling

Britain’s Royal Parks Service cancelled a pair of time trials scheduled for London’s Richmond Park next month over fears competitors would break the park’s 20 mph speed limit; this comes after an elderly woman was killed by a speeding bicyclist while crossing a park street.

Jennifer Valente and Chloé Dygert will anchor the US track cycling team at next month’s Paris Olympic Games.

The women’s Tour de France, aka Le Tour de France Femmes, will expand from eight to nine stages next year, with a grand depart in Brittany.

Um, okay. UCI, cycling’s governing body, will try giving out yellow cards to offending riders to improve safety; no action will be taken against recipients now, but riders could face a seven-day suspension after the first of the year. Because that works so well in soccer, evidently.



When you’re freelancing as a hit man, always ride an ebike. That feeling when you get an Olympic medal, after just 124 years.

And this, sadly, is who we share the road with.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Grossman gets 15-to-life for high-speed vehicular murders, and Hermosa Beach can’t tell ebikes from electric motorbikes

Just 204 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025.
Stop what you’re doing and sign this petition demanding Mayor Bass hold a public meeting to listen to the dangers we all face on the city’s mean streets.

Then share it — and keep sharing it — with everyone you know, on every platform you can.

We’re up to 1,196 signatures, so don’t stop now! Let’s get just four more to get it up to 1,200 before I send it to the mayor’s office!

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels.


That’s more like it.

Wealthy socialite Rebecca Grossman was sentenced to a well-deserved 15 to life for the vehicular murder of two little kids.

The co-founder of the famed Grossman Burn Foundation, Grossman was convicted of the high-speed deaths of 11-year old Mark Iskander, and his 8-year old brother as they crossed a Westlake Village street with their parents.

Here’s how the Los Angeles Times describes the crash.

The boys’ mother testified during trial that her older children had been walking ahead of her and her youngest son in the marked crosswalk on Triunfo Canyon Road when she heard engines roaring. Two sport utility vehicles were barreling toward them.

Iskander dived for safety, grabbing her 5-year-old son. Her next memory, she said, is of Jacob and Mark crumpled on the roadway.

Grossman was driving behind Scott Erickson, a former Dodgers player, who earlier in the day had been drinking cocktails with her at a nearby restaurant. She was driving as fast as 81 mph and traveled another half-mile after slamming into the children, according to evidence presented at trial.

However, the judge apparently took pity on her, sentencing Grossman to two concurrent terms for the murders, plus another three years for the hit-and-run to be served concurrently.

She could have been looking at 33 years before she’d be eligible for release. Instead, the 60-year old Grossman could get out when she’s a relatively young 75.

On the other hand, her victims would have been young men of 26 and 23, respectively, if the married woman hadn’t decided to race her then-boyfriend after drinking and taking valium.

Although it would be nice if Erickson had been held accountable for his not-insignificant role in the boys’ deaths, rather than given a walk by prosecutors.


Hermosa Beach adopted an emergency ebike ordinance that mostly restates existing state law, but can’t seem to distinguish between electric bicycles and electric motorcycles.

And if it’s so effing urgent, why didn’t they include a link to the damn press release, and not bury it on their website?

Thanks to Dr. Grace Peng for the heads-up.


CicLAvia looks forward to their fourth open streets event of the year, and the 53rd overall, when they come to Western Ave in South LA on the 23rd, with a list of where to eat and shop along the route.


It’s now 172 days since the California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which was promised no later than fall 2023. And three full years since it was approved by the legislature and signed into law — and counting.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

No bias here. An Austin, Texas columnist complains the city is putting in all these bike lanes, when it just makes more sense to ride on side streets — which take riders out of the way and usually don’t have traffic signals. And says you should have to wear a numbered armband to ride in certain areas.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

A Redditor rightfully complains about the “disgusting” amount of used gel packs, water bottles and other assorted detritus left behind following a mountain bike rice through the woods.

Once again, an elderly person has been killed in a collision with someone on a bicycle, this time a 70-year old woman in Dublin, Ireland. Note to Irish Cycle — putting an urgent call for more funding in the middle of a story about a woman getting killed by a bike rider probably isn’t the best look.



Spectrum News 1 profiles Finish the Ride and Streets Are For Everyone founder — and all-around good guy — Damian Kevitt, as he dedicates his life to making the roads safe for everyone.

More on the teenaged, motorbike-riding assholes who attacked beach goers and businesses with fireworks in Hermosa Beach on Saturday, as the press continued to blame “ebike” riders, apparently incapable of distinguishing between a ped-assist bicycle and a battery-powered dirt bike.



Streetsblog’s Melanie Curry looks at the latest tranche of bike and transportation bills in the state legislature, including a bill to exempt bike lanes, bus lanes and pedestrian projects from the need for additional Coastal Commission studies.

The San Francisco Chronicle says the city is ready to throw in the towel on the deeply unpopular centerline bike lanes on Valencia Street, and replace them with some form of side lanes, even though putting the bike lanes in the middle of the street has reduced doorings. Which makes you wonder how the hell someone gets doored when they’re riding in the middle of the street.

Good news from Davis, where a member of the UC Davis cycling team finally awakened from a coma, five weeks after the freshman was struck by a driver while she was riding her bike.



Bloomberg says the goals of the 15-minute city are laudable, but questions whether it’s even possible to put retail, services and jobs that close to every resident. Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.

Electrek considers why more American teens are choosing ebikes over driver’s licenses. Maybe they’re just a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

Velo examines whether Biden’s new Chinese tariffs will raise the cost of your next ebike, concluding it’s complicated.

Men’s Journal recommends their choices for Father’s Day gifts for bicyclists that won’t get stashed in the back of the drawer — including a liquor flask, in case you somehow feel the need to get sloshed during your next ride.

CNN Underscored once again considers the best bike locks, sticking with choices from Kryptonite and Hiplok.

A Brooklyn paper talks with the New York borough’s legendary bikeshare-riding stuntman famed for balancing various objects on his head.

Tragic news from upstate New York, where a teenaged boy was killed when he went off the top of a five story parking garage while riding an ebike with a group of friends. Although once again, what kind of ebike isn’t specified.

The annual 900-mile Remember the Removal Bike Ride bike ride is underway, as a group of bicyclists with Cherokee ancestry follow the infamous Trail of Tears their forebears walked from Georgia to Oklahoma.



Lime will bring the first bikeshare system to a First Nations community when they open an ebike system on British Columbia’s Squamish Nation.

If you build it, they will come. Just a month after critics said a new bike lane in Colchester, England was an accident waiting to happen and would cause carnage, bicycling rates are up 300% on the route while gaining positive reviews from riders.

More than half of bike riders in the UK say the roads are in terrible shape due to potholes and cracked pavement following months of rains.

British carmaker Ariel is releasing its first bicycle in 92 years; the company made the first mass-produced bicycle in 1871, but switched exclusively to cars in 1932.

UK police warn that drivers can’t see you if you’re wearing dark clothing. Even in broad daylight, apparently.


Competitive Cycling

Once again, a cyclist loses after celebrating too soon, this time in the women’s Tour of Britain when retiring Luxembourg champ Christine Majerus raised her arms in victory before losing at the finish line.



That feeling when you take your new tall bike to extreme lengths. Or when your band performs on a bicycle built for six.

And when you’re on felony probation and carrying illegal weed on your bike, just stop for the damn stop sign, already.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Teen bike riders bomb Hermosa Pier visitors, OC bends law to crackdown on ebikes, and BC bike riders behaving badly

Just 205 days left until Los Angeles fails to meet its Vision Zero pledge to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025.
Stop what you’re doing and sign this petition demanding Mayor Bass hold a public meeting to listen to the dangers we all face on the city’s mean streets.

Then share it — and keep sharing it — with everyone you know, on every platform you can.

We’re up to 1,195 signatures, so don’t stop now! Let’s get it up to 1,200 before I send it to the mayor’s office!


Seriously, guys, get a clue.

According to KTLA-5, a group of teenagers on ebikes tormented nighttime revelers at the Hermosa Pier Saturday night, setting off illegal fireworks in and around families and adults out enjoying the evening, resulting in a number of minor injuries.

They also caused damage to businesses along Pier Avenue, forcing patrons on the patio of Sharkeez bar to evacuate, as well as hitting a woman in the face with a firework.

I don’t care how immature they may be or how much the city considers cracking down on teen ebikers, there’s just no excuse for that kind of behavior.


The Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to set new rules governing ebikes in the county, with four new categories of ebikes based on maximum speeds and the amount of power they’re able to generate.

They also require helmets for anyone over 16 riding a class 3 ebike, while banning anyone under 16 from riding them, and prohibiting multiple people riding on a single bike.

The new rules also prohibit riding more than two abreast on county roads, and set a maximum 28 mph speed limit for bicycles.

But only the state has the power to set traffic regulations, so where the new county regulations conflict with state law — such as limiting the number of people who can ride abreast, or setting bicycle speed limits that differ from that for motor vehicle — they are probably illegal and unenforceable.


A Vancouver, British Columbia newspaper goes all in on calling out reckless bicycle and ebike riders in a series of articles.


Bike Talk has a very busy show this week.


Active Towns talks with Streets For All founder Michael Schneider.


It’s now 171 days since the California ebike incentive program’s latest failure to launch, which was promised no later than fall 2023. And three full years since it was approved by the legislature and signed into law — and counting.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bikes just keeps on going.

No bias here. A Boston city councilor is taking fire for conducting a public hearing, and only selecting commenters who agreed with his opposition to bus and bike lanes. Sort of like former CD1 Councilmember Gil Cedillo did during the sham public meetings on the North Figueroa road diet.

No bias here, either. The London Telegraph worries that new half-ton articulated electric cargo bikes could pose a danger to pedestrians. Because evidently, the multi-ton cargo trucks they’re set to replace don’t. 

Residents of an English town are complaining about signs closing a bike lane and telling bike riders to dismount, arguing that no one ever tells drivers to get out of their cars and push.

But sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

A bike rider in Denton, Texas faces charges after breaking a driver’s windshield wipers, busting her side mirror and spitting on her window, causing $1,000 in damage, after allegedly crashing into her car while making a wide turn. And never mind the meth he was caught with.

The mayor of New York announced a crackdown on ebikes after a reckless hit-and-run rider just kept going after breaking the leg of a prominent rabbi. But he couldn’t seem to be bothered when the state’s governor cancelled the city’s congestion pricing plan in a blatantly political ploy. 

Speeding bicyclists are accused of forcing the closure of London’s Billionaires’ Row, the city’s most expensive residential street. Although something tells me they would have found another excuse if blaming bike riders wasn’t such a popular theme these days.

Residents of Glasgow, Scotland called for delivery riders to be forced to wear numbered jackets in an effort to hold them accountable, accusing them of bad behavior and removing the speed limitation devices on their ebikes.



The South Pasadena city council voted narrowly to keep the bike lanes on Grand Ave in place, after a heavy turnout of bicyclists calling for their retention.

Metro’s Adopt-A-Bike program shares unclaimed bicycles that have been abandoned or recovered on the transit system.

As we’ve noted before, Caltrans is looking for your feedback on proposed bike lanes on PCH in Long Beach.



Sad news from Fresno, where a 40-year old man was killed Friday night when a truck driver rear-ended his bicycle. But at least the driver stuck around afterwards.



The Wall Street Journal is reporting that American teens are continuing to ride ebikes, even after they’re old enough to drive. Read it on MSN to get around the paper’s draconian paywall.

A writer for Electrek tested a hydrogen-powered ebike, and barely even noticed.

Bike Shop Girl looks at the effect of Biden’s new 25% tariff on Chinese-made ebikes, kids’ bikes and other key bike-specific parts. And it ain’t pretty.

A Portland, Oregon monthly says bike commuting is rebounding in the city after a rare dip last year, as people return to the office after working from home.

Anchorage, Alaska is experimenting with a pilot protected bike lane project, in an attempt to improve the city’s transportation system and the downtown area.

Congratulations to a Colorado boy who biked to school every single day of middle school.

Boston social media accounts are attempting to shame drivers who park in bike lanes. Then again, if they had any shame, they probably wouldn’t park in bike lanes to begin with.

New Orleans celebrated the World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday, with dozens of people turning out in various states of undress. And wipe down the damn seat afterwards if you’re using bikeshare.

Heartbreaking story from Florida, where a mother found her own son lying dead on the side of the road, just a block from their home, when he didn’t return after riding his bike home from work; the driver just kept going after veering into the bike lane where he was riding.



Bicyclists in Winnipeg, Manitoba expressed their outrage after a 61-year old man was killed in a hot-and-run while riding a bicycle, with dozens participating in a sit-in at the site of the crash. That compares with Los Angeles, where a few people sometimes express mild annoyance in the comment section following a fatal hit-and-run. If there even is a comment section. 

In a cheeky move, the London edition of the World Naked Bike Ride went directly in front of Buckingham Palace. No word on whether King Chuck came out to take it in. 

Where to ride your bike in Belfast on your next trip to Northern Ireland.

The Channel Island of Guernsey saw a 74% increase in bicycle traffic during the island’s Alternative Transportation Week. Now they just have to make it Alternative Transportation Year. And Decade. And Century.

Michal Sadílek of the Czech Republic’s national soccer team is one of us. But probably wishes he wasn’t right now, since he’ll miss the European Championship after injuring his leg while riding his bicycle. Meanwhile, former 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Mike Conway knows just how he feels, since the broken ribs and collarbone he suffered in a bicycling crash will keep him out of this year’s race.

A 25-year old soccer player from Indian has quit her team, and is instead setting out to attempt a new world’s record for the fast ride around the world.

A Chinese woman riding her bike through Thailand has reportedly been kidnapped, with her captors demanding 25 million baht for her safe return — a tad less than $679,000.

A Philippine paper remembers the country’s bicycling priest of peace.


Competitive Cycling

Twenty-one-year old Israeli pro cyclist Guy Timor was killed by an unlicensed drunk driver trying to flee from police, while on his final training ride before leaving for the Czech Republic for a Grand Prix competition.

Bike Radar asks if gravel racing is saving the US cycling scene, as road racing continue to shrivel.

There’s a special place in hell for whoever stole all 14 Ribble Endurance SLR bikes being used by the UK’s Lifeplus-Wahoo bike team in the Tour of Britain, worth more than $63,000 in total.



Seriously, don’t call the equivalent of 911 just because a pedal fell off your bike. That feeling when your bike seat pumps along with your butt cheeks. Nothing like casually wrapping an invasive Burmese python around your handlebars to save an alligator’s ass.

And, um, just…well, okay.


Be safe, and stay healthy. And get vaccinated, already.

Oh, and fuck Putin

Man dies 4 days after he was rear-ended on his bicycle in Apple Valley; victim identified as 54-year old Victor Cunanan

Earlier in the week, we mentioned that a man had suffered major injuries when he was struck by a driver in Apple Valley on Monday.

Sadly, he didn’t make it.

The Victor Valley Daily Press is reporting that 54-year old Apple Valley resident Victor Cunanan died from his injuries at Loma Linda University Medical Center on Friday.

Cunanan was riding east on Thunderbird Road at Wichita Road around 9:10 pm Monday, when he was rear-ended by an SUV driver traveling in the same direction at a high rate of speed.

The 36-year old driver remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators.

A message from his church the next day had asked for “fervent prayers” for Cunanan, as well as his wife and children.

The earlier story had said Cunanan was riding in the traffic lane when he was struck. However, that was not repeated in the second story reporting his death; there is a westbound bike lane on Thunderbird, but not headed east.

The crash remains under investigation. Any with information is urged to call the Apple Valley Station of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at 760/240-7400, or Sheriff’s Dispatch number at 760/956-5001.

This is at least the 22nd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the first that I’m aware of in San Bernardino County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for Victor Cunanan and all his family and loved ones.