Just a quick update

Still trying to get back into the swing of things following yesterday’s Labor Day holiday; besides, it’s a beautiful day in L.A. and I want to get in a quick ride before I go to the doctor for yet another follow-up to last year’s freak biking accident. (New readers can read all about it here.)


Meanwhile, here’s today’s news. The good news is, it seems West Virginia’s governor and his wife are cyclists; the bad news is, she was hit by a car this weekend. But she seems to be okay. The death of a Eureka cyclist proves even the most cautious rider isn’t safe from a careless driver.  A Kentucky cyclist feels like she has a target on her back; I take little comfort in knowing it’s not just here in Los Angeles. And yes, that state does have some of the most beautiful roads in the country, along with some dangerous drivers — and cyclists. Further down the Appalachian Trail, they’re arguing about cycling, drivers and physics. A cycling writer discusses the other way of stopping, or not, as the case may be. And in better news, Seattle’s Critical Mass went off without a hitch this weekend, following last month’s violence

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