LAPD investigates, and finds itself not guilty

I was planning to write something tonight about the LAPD absolving itself of any errors in the Hummer incident. About how angry I am to see them defy all logic, as well as the evidence, once again. And once again, blame cyclists first.

And how it really isn’t surprising that they see nothing whatsoever wrong with their own actions. Biased people — or city agencies — usually don’t.

But instead, I was tied up all evening trading emails about the forthcoming election, and the media, and what I intend to write about next Tuesday — Election Day. Which should be worth coming back here for, so mark your calendar.

No, seriously.

Besides, Damien pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. Or laptop, as the case may be. So if you haven’t read it yet, read it. Watch the video. And if you really want my take on it, you can scroll down through the comments until you get to mine.

You can also read more on Metblogs, and on Ron Kaye’s excellent blog, which I really need to find room for over there on the right side somewhere.

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