Update: BAC Chair Glenn Bailey addresses tonight’s Critical Mass

I just received the following email from Glenn Bailey, chair of the city’s Bicycle Advisory Committee:

Dear City Bicycle Advisory Committee members and other interested persons:

Yesterday I participated in the LAPD Bicycle Community Outreach meeting.  A primary issue was the appropriate role of LAPD with tonight’s Critical Mass ride, the first since the May 28, 2010 Hollywood incidents which the BAC focused on at our June 1 meeting.

It is LAPD’s stated role, in their own words, to “be a participant in the ride with the cyclist.  Only if necessary, due to public safety issues that arise, we will assist in facilitating the ride.  The goal for the cyclists is to self-support and self-police themselves during the law-abiding ride.”

LAPD recognizes and supports cyclists’ right to the road and First Amendment freedom of speech.

LAPD will have a number of bicycle unit officers present as well as several motorcycle officers.  Many of the meeting attendees yesterday urged LAPD to emphasize the use of bicycle officers and have the motorcycle officers at the end of the ride.  LAPD stated they will be enforcing important public safety laws such as helmet use by riders under the age of 18, stopping at red lights and stop signs, and proper safety equipment i.e. brakes/ability to stop pursuant to the Vehicle Code.

LAPD has requested this information be shared with others who may be riding tonight so I am asking for your assistance in forwarding this email on.

Finally, I am making a personal request of all riders:  if you see someone riding against traffic, endangering pedestrians, or otherwise acting inappropriately, please ask them to ride responsibly.  Also if you have an extra helmet, consider bringing it along to share with teenage riders without one.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Glenn Bailey, Chair
Bicycle Advisory Committee
City of Los Angeles

More on tonight’s Critical Mass below.

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