Cyclist killed in collision with pedestrian in Redondo Beach

News broke yesterday that a 73-year old bicyclist has died of injuries following a collision with a pedestrian earlier this month.

According to the Daily Breeze, Eldon Johansen was riding at the intersection of Avenue F and The Esplanade in Redondo Beach on September 10th when he crashed with a woman walking a dog, and fell into the street.

The Pasadena Star-News reports that the woman and dog were not seriously hurt, but Johansen, a retired Palos Verdes firefighter living in Manhattan Beach, fell into the street and suffered head injuries; he died three days later without regaining consciousness.

Falling into the street suggest that Johansen was riding on the sidewalk, legal in Redondo Beach unless a prohibition is posted, which does not appear to be the case here. However, a cyclist familiar with the area says that it’s unlikely he would have been on the sidewalk, due to the wide bike lanes on the street.

He suspects it’s more likely that either the pedestrian was walking in the bike lane or that Johansen may have been riding on the wrong side of the street, both of which are common in the area.

Both articles note that Johansen was not wearing a helmet. While cyclists may debate the need for helmets, this would appear exactly the sort of slow-speed impact for which they are designed to be most effective in preventing injuries.

Police note that there were many people in the area at the time of the 7:45 am collision, and ask that anyone with information call Traffic Investigator Jeff Mendence at 310/379-2477, ext. 2721.


  1. BobK says:

    Why did the police wait so long to try and talk to witnesses? If there were many people around at the time of the accident, why not talk to them right then?

  2. […] related a story that added some interesting perspective about helmets and low-speed impacts.  It would seem that helmets, in fact, may be once again rising in the heirachy of cycling debates as the discussion spreads to other forums.  It is indeed nice to hear cycling discourse on non-cycling specific web sites that is not all targeted to either Lance Armstrong, running stop signs or “all pro cyclists dope” rhetoric.  Speaking of Lance Armstrong, you apparently don’t need to be a Nike sponsored Texan to get Nike cycling shoes.  I’m not joking when I say I honestly didn’t consider Nike as a cycling shoe manufacture for anyone but those associated with Mr. Armstrong.  All the while I’m still suffering from pain due to my overly wide feet – my new Sidis still not meeting my requirements unfortunately. […]

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