A crosswalk widow asks for safer streets in Santa Monica

Dangerous streets don’t just pose a risk to cyclists.

Last month, a 66-year old Santa Monica man was killed a the intersection of 10th Street and Wilshire Boulevard — a crossroad that has already seen a number of previous collisions. Vlado Herceg was walking in the crosswalk on Wilshire when he was killed just days before Christmas.

The wreck is still under investigation, but according to the Santa Monica Daily Press, some — cyclists included — blame a “streetscape that favors drivers’ speed over public safety.”

Meanwhile, his widow, Anne Herceg, wrote the city to ask for safer streets for everyone:

Thanks to Dr. Michael Cahn for the heads-up.


Writing for Corona del Mar Today, an OC bike advocate and blogger writes about his first time riding Long Beach’s green sharrows; CdM may soon get some of their own.


Writing for 89.9 KCRW’s Shortcuts blog, a Westside bike advocate and blogger explains to motorists that our safety depends on their driving.

Oh wait, that was me.


You have one last chance to fight for bus and bike only lanes on Wilshire Blvd at City Hall on Wednesday the 2nd. Be one of the first to wear the LACBC’s very cool new kit. The cycling community’s favorite LAPD officer has good things to say about CD4 candidate Stephen Box. UCLA asks students, staff and faculty to help it become a Bike Friendly University. Streetsblog’s Damien Newton offers a great two-part interview with one of the city’s leading transportation reporters and advocates — Damien Newton. Flying Pigeon envisions a Danish Figueroa. The Bus Bench asks why unused bike lockers are being repainted when Metro is proposing service cuts? More on Tuesday’s ride with the LACBC and West Coast EPA Administrator Jared Blumenfeld. Eagle Rock’s Colorado Blvd could become a more civilized complete street. Very cool bike racks in Huntington Beach, aka Surf City USA. Cyclists help stop a wildfire and arrest an arsonist above Glendora; link courtesy of the Claremont Cyclist. Two men are under arrest for attempting to kill a 16-year old Lodi cyclist in an apparent gang attack. Nevada City remembers a cyclist killed by an apparent distracted driver a year ago.

Frame builder Mike Melton has passed away. A Utah man crashes through the doors of a local bike shop — and steals one of the cheapest bikes inside. Wyoming kills a three foot passing bill. Competing to fix a 42-mile bike shop dead zone in North Minneapolis. A New York cyclist is hit by two cars, one of whom flees the scene; meanwhile the city continues to crack down on cyclists and the irrationally bike-hating Post rails against bike lanes. Carving tracks through fresh fallen powder snow — on bikes. New York cyclists rally around a severely disfigured Cuban Paralympian rider; thanks to George Wolfberg for the link. Introducing the Boston bike stand. Trek may be developing a secret competitor to Specialized’s enormously successful Roubaix; something’s wrong your kids have a better racing bike than you do.

Pedestrians have replaced scofflaw cyclists as the motoring world’s objects of hatred. A UK county cuts funding for buses, bikes and pedestrians to pay for computer modeling for a road system it can’t afford to build. A cycling ban on London’s South Bank forces a disable woman to get off her trike. Bike theft hits home, or at least the Home Office. A Polish woman dies 18 months after she was hit by a careless truck driver in Scotland. Why mandatory helmet laws are a flawed argument. A Malaysian physician calls for a change of attitude and better biking infrastructure.

Finally, after a Cincinnati cyclist suffers severe brain injuries after being broadsided by a car, an emergency room physician helicopters in to care for her — only to discover the victim is his own wife; the story only gets more moving, and harrowing, from there.

And if you’ve ever wondered if vegans were from another planet, you may be right.


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  3. Rach Stevenson says:

    Minor note: UCLA is only asking to be labeled as a “Bike Friendly University”. Actually becoming one will take significantly more effort than the higher-ups are seemingly willing to put in.

  4. Erik G. says:

    I used to live near that crosswalk/intersection. The really sad thing is that the situation was much worse before Santa Monica installed the medians on Wilshire; back then traffic really flew (at speeds way over the speed limit).

    Fellow pedestrians, you must be certain that both lanes of traffic are stopped and even if that means standing in front of the vehicle in first lane you cross while you wait for the second one to open their eyes and also come to a stop, then so be it.

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