We have a winner!

Here's the official mileage from my ride on Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who entered Wednesday’s contest for a free $25 gift card from Performance Bike.

And especially everyone who thought I could manage a decent distance. I’ll talk to everyone who guessed under 30 miles — or even 16 — after class.

As it turned out, a late start dictated by the day’s breaking news limited my options, since I had to get back for other commitments. But I still managed to get in a decent 40.39 miles — just 1.29 miles more than the 39.1 mile guessed by Joe Anthony of Bike Commute News; P4D was off by just 1.91 miles, and the lovely Alice Strong finished third at an even 37 miles, 3.39 miles off the final total.

I’ll be emailing Joe for his mailing address, and will forward it to Performance Bike’s agency to send him his prize.

So congratulations to Joe, and thanks again to everyone who entered.

I don’t know about you, but this was fun. Maybe we’ll do it again sometime soon.


  1. Joe Anthony says:

    Wooo! Thanks, Ted, and Thanks Performance Bike!

  2. Alice Strong says:

    Joe you lucky cat! 🙂

    This was fun! Thanks, Ted.

  3. joni yung says:

    i actually thought you’d get all wrapped up in your blogging duties that you’d barely have time to leave home and get a ride in… and that my 25-mile guess may have been a bit generous! 🙂 kudos on the 40 miler!

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