Metro blocks the bike lane on Rinaldi; Zev talks Carmegeddon II Friday — bikes on the 405, maybe?

Michael Eisenberg sends word that he’s recovering from his recent right hook collision.

And surprisingly enough, he hasn’t run into any issues with the driver’s insurance company.

On the other hand, he’s run into an unexpected problem with Metro.

Back to commuting by bike every day, Eisenberg’s route takes him down the bike lanes on Rinaldi Street in the North Valley.

However, after frequently encountering Metro buses stopped in the bike lane, he stopped to take a closer look. And discovered those buses were parked and empty.

As it turns out, what he discovered has been designated as MTD layover spot #12953 — despite the No Stopping sign attached to the same light post as the bus stop signs.

And despite the fact that bike lanes are legally considered traffic lanes reserved for the use is bicycles, just as HOV lanes are reserved for vehicles with multiple occupants.

As well as CVC 21211, which prohibits obstruction of bikeways, along with an L.A. city ordinance prohibiting parking in bike lanes.

Of course, it’s possible that the layover spot existed before the bike lanes were installed. But even so, the law clearly calls for it to be moved, or an adjustment made in the bike lanes to go around the bus stop and layover space.

And judging by the photos, that shouldn’t be a problem, as the overly wide lanes on Rinaldi could be easily narrowed to make room.

I’ve reached out to LADOT, Metro and the LAPD for more information, but haven’t heard back from anyone yet.

I’ll let you know when — or if — I do.


Leading bike/community advocate George Wolfberg forwards word that L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky will participate in a live web chat at noon Friday to discuss the upcoming Carmageddon II — the Sequel.

We will be conducting a Live Internet Chat regarding the upcoming full freeway closure of the I-405 this Friday, Sept. 21, from 12, noon, to 1 pm.  LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky will answer questions and collect suggestions about the upcoming I-405 freeway closure.

To join live or access the web chat go to between 12, noon, and 1 pm on Friday, Sept. 21.  You can also send questions in advance of the chat to

I wonder what would happen if L.A. cyclists forwarded this to everyone they know. And a few hundred bike riders joined in the chat to demand that bikes be allowed on the 405 while the highway is shut down on the 29th and 30th.

Maybe Zev might actually take us seriously this time.


Newport Beach considers bike safety improvements in the wake of two deaths last weekend, including speeding up sharrows on the coast highway. The Orange County Register says one of those two victims, Dr. Catherine Campion Ritz, was an avid cyclist who always put her patients first.

I’m also told, via an anonymous source, that the prosecutor assigned to the case of hit-and-run driver Michael Jason Lopez, accused of killing Campion Ritz, is “young, pretty and cute as hell” — and “a total Bulldog in the courtroom.”

And she goes on to add,

Lopez would be whimpering in fear if he knew what he was up against, he might as well just plead guilty!!!!!!… The D.A. trusts her with these high-profile cases for good reason.

Sounds like they’ve got the right person to prosecute the case. Maybe a killer driver won’t get off with a slap on the wrist, for once.


More collisions than usual on Topanga Canyon, including the hit and run that critically injured cyclist Ed Morris, who remains in the ICU, as well as another cyclist who was airlifted out after hitting a deer.


Word must be getting out that I try to keep up with bike racing on a semi-irregular basis.

That might explain why I received the press release announcing a newly named pro team, alongside  other much larger — and I do mean much larger — media sources.

Cannondale will be partnering with Brixia Sport — which took over for Liquigas earlier this year — to become the title sponsor of the new Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. Riders will include 2012 TdF Green Jersey winner Peter Sagan, Ivan Basso, Moreno Moser and Elia Viviani.

The team will compete on Cannondale’s new SuperSix EVO Ultimate bikes, named by Germany’s Tour magazine as the best bike in the world, as well as winner of the Eurobike Gold award two years running.

Maybe they’ll send me one for writing about it.

Hey, it could happen.


The LACBC says the proposed expansion of Universal Studios has gone off the rails by relying exclusively on cars at the expense of all other modes of transportation — as well as blocking a planned extension of the L.A. River Bike Path.

You can fight back by attending a hearing of the Planning Commission on the matter next Thursday, or emailing your comments by this coming Tuesday; see the link for more details.

My personal take?

This project will go forward over my dead body unless they agree to extend the bike path and make other bike-friendly changes.

And it could very well come to that if we end up riding in that area if the current plan is approved.


The smackdown between L.A.’s two most dangerous drivers goes on. A study of L.A.’s York Blvd concludes that road diets don’t have a negative effect on local merchants. Cycle Chic hits the catwalk in Long Beach, and Streetsblog has the video to prove it. San Diego’s Bayshore Bikeway is listed among the top 20 bike paths in the U.S., and it’s not even finished yet. Meanwhile, the city’s cyclists get some green on the ground on Montezuma Road following a death and serious injury. A Petaluma woman runs down a cyclist walking in a crosswalk, then forces $60 dollars on the rider before driving away. A Daly City mountain biker survives with just minor injuries after riding off a cliff. Bike commuting is up in the Bay Area. If you’re going to run a red light, make sure there’s not a police car in your way. The draft bike plan for Los Altos reveals an anti-bike bias from local police.

Advice for women on what not to wear when riding. Dave Moulton says — and I agree — that we need to keep the bad news in perspective. Background on the Colorado cyclists who were harassed by a honking driver, and a call for patience and courtesy on both sides; amen, brother — and thanks to my sister for the second link. A Missouri train route is converted to a scenic bike path. Chicago cyclist rides his bike down the ramp to a train stop and ends up on the track — somehow missing the electrified third rail, let alone any trains. A Wisconsin driver will face trial for killing a cyclist on the same stretch of road where her bike-riding husband was killed four years earlier. A New York postal worker is acquitted of hit-and-run after killing a cyclist. If you’re going to have a bike wreck, do it with a brain surgeon nearby. A Louisiana cyclist is killed after getting mirrored by a passing UPS truck in Texas; maybe we should be happy they only block bike lanes here.

A Toronto writer asks why it’s so hard for drivers to steer clear of bike lanes. Teenage Toronto gang members follow a cyclist home and assault his family after he refuses to give up his bike. A new Brit road safety campaign says drivers and cyclists need to look out for one another even if drivers need to look out more, according to the Guardian; I wish any American newspaper would offer the depth of bike coverage they do (and yes, I’m available, if anyone is interested). Five-time tour de France champ Miguel Indurain says the image of cycling is being ruined by the endless parade of scandals; well no shit. Despite hard times, bicycling is booming in Budapest. An Aussie cyclist barely survived after being knocked over a railing into traffic by another cyclist.

Finally, the New York Daily News unfavorably compares all those killer cyclists to gun-toting criminals; perhaps their editorial board would benefit from a thorough psychological examination to determine why they have this odd anti-bike fixation.

Then again, they don’t seem to be fans of track cycling, either.


  1. Mike says:

    I called the City of Orange PD yesterday. I offered up a series of video clips with the clear shots of license plates. The clips showed front and rear views of three separate vehicles cutting me off, honking excessively and speeding away.

    The response was “it’s a civil matter but you could do a citizen’s arrest”. Uh yeah….maybe you could pry a patrol car away from the donut shop and respond?

    Of course no way to get any information from DMV on the drivers as that is confidential.

    Oh well, you tube here we come.

  2. karl says:

    “Layover” stops are about bus’s so cheap (the system starved to dig closed trenches to nowhere with it’s far from paltry if not entirely wasted as now access to capital) leaving them parked as opposed to ‘circling’ (at least taking up the room of several cars even if not allowing any passengers to enjoy the ride being far better; it is a competition WE MUST REMEMBER with life and death consequence’s of there failing to EVEN ATTEMPT TO compete being all too well known to us) [round robin fashion wise say if that’s the only way they’ll alternativel ybe able to stay out of ourway] even often while still paying labor charges identical to if being driven is even an option being the rule[bus’s the fed’s require to be given to rich bastards for rv conversions after arbitrary miles to prevent too many private vehicles from being obsolesced by ‘transit buildup’]- and by cheap I don’t mean inexpensive nor as opposed to the one featured on Leno’s garage site recently that I’ve yet to fully view- so if they are breaking the law that’s hopeful. I abhor the express etc. one’s at the top of bunker hill that pollute an otherwise high island of relief I’ve escalatered up to bike in hand many times- now of course I take the elevator having seen the no bikes sign.

    ‘Impound’ the layover sign so they have to authorise it’s replacement after notice of there trespass. (which elected officials oversee the office that authorised that pole?) Get them ticketed with or without the sign being there. Bring a horn loud enough to create a disturbance as you wait for them to move anytime there there blocking the lane. Have a ‘bus’ (large group) ride pass it on the left taking at least one of the OTHER all vehicle lanes spacing each bike as far as possible and traveling as somberly as people have time to get hundreds of 911 calls from however many miles of backed up rush hour traffic you might congest to get this on the radar if all else fails and do it (promote the protest) well in advance so as to get into court at someone elses expense to spare us having to inhale on the designated day with metro having to appear to explain why it’s necessary for them to have, region wide far too often, most of the passengers wanting to ride unable to board while certain connected passengers having ‘reserved’ vehicles idling in our way for most of there days ‘service’ instead.

  3. JD says:

    Since when is reckless driving a “civil matter”?

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