Dramatic dooring video, and a hit-and-run survivor is haunted by ghost bikes

LA rider weshigh offers video of a near dooring on Fountain, dramatically capturing one of the closest close calls I’ve seen.

And showing just how fast it can happen.


In a haunting piece, a bike rider is troubled by ghost bikes, especially since one now honors her mentor. And she came too close to earning one herself.


Santa Monica Spoke reports that Safe Routes to School plans for Santa Monica High were unanimously approved at Tuesday’s city council session, along with modified plans for the city’s first Neighborhood Greenway.


Crenshaw’s own national crit champ Rahsaan Bahati puts his own victories in context. Cyclists are urged to attend Thursday’s meeting of the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council to support a bike-friendly Hyperion bridge. A 73-year old Aptos cyclist is killed a collision. A Sacramento cop tackles a bike thief on camera. A Menlo Park bridge could be named after a long-time local bike advocate. Great idea, as Bay Area lovers can have their V-Day flowers delivered by bike, if not winged, messenger. Hats off to this Ceres CA top cop and acting city manager who won’t give up on a 2003 hit-and-run case that killed an underprivileged bike rider.

Is it wrong to steal a stolen bike if you plan to give it back? Hit-and-run driver admits guilt to police after killing a cyclist near my hometown. A UT cyclist suggests living a life in which we all get flipped off less; I can go for that. Off-duty Chicago cop blows a stop sign and runs down a cyclist before bravely running away, then gets off on the more serious charges. A Long Island driver gets a whopping six months for crossing onto the wrong side of the road and killing a cyclist while high on legally acquired methadone. Interesting piece, as an Alexandria rider says bicycling upends the social order on our streets. An accused Baton Rouge drunk driver was nearly four times the legal limit when he killed on cyclist and critically injured another, so naturally, the defense attorney blames the victims for having marijuana in their systems. Schmuck. Someone is attacking cyclists on a St. Petersburg bike trail. Ditto.

Mostly middle-aged white men bike to work in the Calgary winter. Don’t buy your next TI bike, print it. A Manchester UK cyclist is killed by a cement mixer in front of badly shaken witnesses; I can attest from personal experience that’s something you never forget. Tough town, as a Manchester cyclist is attacked by four teens for the crime of being a redhead. After surviving 20 brain surgeries, an Oxford student suffers a setback when she’s hit by a cyclist who ran a red light. A Glasgow shopping district will transform into a racing circuit for the Commonwealth Games. Syrian college students take to their bikes in the midst of the country’s civil war. A speeding Aussie driver steals a bicycle in a failed attempt to escape a police chase. Aussie have as much risk of being attacked by a great white shark as being injured while riding.

Finally, just a tad touch of sarcasm from the university paper in my hometown when a skateboarder is ticketed for riding in a bike lane.


  1. David Huntsman says:

    Regarding the near dooring, what I take away from that is even if the parked driver was paying attention, s/he was likely blinded by the headlights of the car straddling the lane line to the left and the cyclist’s light was drowned out. Car headlights are way too bright.

  2. Wesley says:

    David, I’m the rider in that video. While I don’t disagree with you in general and think it very well could have been a factor. I did have 2 500+ lumen lights pointing forward at that moment and the other car is far enough left to make that visible. If he would have opened the door with his right hand instead of left, so he would have to rotate his body and look at the mirror I think he could have seen me.

  3. Margaret says:

    “Someone is attacking cyclists on a St. Petersburg bike trail.”

    Equally disturbing about this report is the fact that two men failed to help AFTER the woman was attacked and asked for help.

  4. ValleyBall1 says:

    Now THAT was a close call!

  5. JD says:

    Close calls happen daily. Glad you weren’t injured or killed.

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  7. Thanks for this reminder of one the main hazards we face.

  8. Mark says:

    Never ride next to a parked car. The bicyclist should have taken the lane to the left and come back to the right lane after passing the car. Always look forward and plan what you are going to do early. Please, please, don’t expect anyone to see you. If you ride thinking that, your loved ones will be very sad. Cyclist must take a proactive approach to their own safety. Take the lane when appropriate. It’s legal.

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