Today’s post, in which I frighten a distracted driver, and serve up some hearty breakfast links

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any helmet cam video.

Not because LA drivers have miraculously improved. But because I simply haven’t had time to edit the videos and get them online.

And because I’m still trying to figure out if Apple’s “new and improved” iMovie hates me. Or maybe everyone. Or is just the worst software upgrade in human history.

No wonder it was free.

However, I wanted to share this one of a texting, intersection blocking driver who didn’t have a clue I was there

This bike cam thing seems to be catching on.


The El Segundo Police Department has recovered 14 high-end bikes and frames and they’re looking for the owners. Click here to download a pdf with photos of the bikes; if you recognize yours, call Property Crime Detective Ryan Danowitz at 310/524-2258, case #14-0497.

Then again, someone on Craigslist really wants to meet the person who stole his.

No, really.


Now let’s get on to your shortened list of morning links.

LADOT has developed new spoke cards, including the Anatomy of a Safe Bike and another listing state and local bike laws. They also have new #bikeLA stickers, which I’m sure will be appreciated by everyone who has already been using the hashtag for years.

LAX wants to know how often you ride your bike to the airport, and why you do. Or don’t.

Prepare to say “Awwww” as actor Liev Schreiber bikes with his boys to the Brentwood farmer’s market.

Would a CicLAvia by another other name smell as sweet if they held it in Pasadena?

Long Beachize explains how Long Beach city hall got its bike sculpture.

A Newport Beach reporter looks at the challenges of staying alive on a bicycle in the upscale city by the sea. In three parts, no less. Thanks to David Huntsman for the links.

The state legislature will consider a vulnerable user law this session. Although I’d think causing great bodily injury by running down a cyclist or pedestrian should be worth more than a $1000 and no jail time. Thanks to Christopher Kidd for the heads-up.

Urban Velo explains how to take advantage of the Federal Bike Commuter Benefit. I’d commute by bike but I work at home and my wife won’t let me ride in our apartment.

How Portland’s Sarah Mirk got her stolen bike back. More impressive is that the guy who recovered it said the promised $100 reward seemed a tad excessive.

A new family-friendly bike movie is now available on demand.

If you’re wanted by police and carrying meth and burglary tools, don’t ride your bike through a red light in front of a police car. And especially don’t crash your bike in front of the police station attempting to flee.

Finally, tragic news as the Fort Lauderdale bike rider who was dumped behind a dumpster by a drunken hit-and-run driver has died of an infection two months after the collision. If the SOB who left him there to die ever sees the light of day again, it will be a massive miscarriage of justice.

Thanks to Eddie Haardt for the generous donation. Very appreciated!


  1. billdsd says:

    At least she wasn’t moving while texting so it was merely very annoying rather than actively dangerous.

    • ThePigLA says:

      In general, texting while stopped is “safer” than texting while moving.

      However, there is still danger when texting stopped. This scenario has happened to me many times crossing Main Street in Santa Monica. Say there is a pedestrian cross walk. The first driver stops for a pedestrian. The car behind him stops and the driver of this second car gets immersed in her texting. The first pedestrian passes and the first car goes. A second pedestrian enters the crosswalk while the second driver is still texting. As soon as the texting driver looks up, she figures since the first car has passed, it’s safe, and guns the accelerator running the second pedestrian over.

      So even a car is stopped (at a red light or a stop sign), I will still yell at the driver for texting. If they aren’t on the side of the road and parked, they’re dangerous.

  2. Karen Karabell says:

    Worst software upgrade in human history. If you haven’t already, go back to the old iMovie and enjoy the immediate relief.

  3. Nick Kasoff says:

    All I can say is, wow.

  4. bike2hike says:

    You need a Airzound!

  5. James says:

    I see far worse on a daily basis in Long Beach and Huntington Beach; drivers routinely make quick illegal U turns on narrow streets (streetcar era and post war residential) in the presence of pedestrians and cyclists (such as myself) who are already in or entering the intersection.. It is only because I have come to expect this behaviour from the brain dead southern californian that I have not been hit mid-intersection.

  6. […] Rogers has a frightening but safe encounter in LA. Today’s post, in which I frighten a distracted driver, and serve up some hearty breakfast links I didn’t say who got frightened, did […]

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