Morning Links: No contest plea in Phillip O’Neill case, the Times gets it on 3-foot law, AnyKicks squeaks by

Maybe there’s justice after all.

Monday morning the driver responsible for the violent death of Pasadena cyclist Phillip O’Neill accepted a plea deal that will put him behind bars, at least for awhile.

O’Neill was riding with a companion on a designated Class 3 bike route on Del Mar Blvd when he was hit from behind with enough force to throw him into a parked car on the opposite side of the street.

According to the Pasadena Complete Streets Coalition, which was formed in response to O’Neill’s death, Jose Gonzales pled no contest to a charge of vehicular manslaughter. He will be sentenced at that end of the month to terms including:

  • 90 days jail
  • 45 days Cal Trans service work
  • 3 years probation
  • Participation in HAM (Hospital and Morgue) program — a “scared straight” program for DUI offenders
  • $13,000 restitution

Although there is no true “justice” in a case like this, PasCSC would like to thank prosecuting attorney Joon Kim for his efforts to hold the operator of the motor vehicle responsible for this thoroughly preventable collision, especially in light of the failure to do so in other recent fatal collisions involving pedestrians and/or cyclists. Operating a motor vehicle while distracted or under the influence of alcohol  or other drugs is never an accident. And it too often comes at too great a cost to innocent bystanders.

Clearly, it’s not enough.

The life of an innocent victim should be worth more than a mere three months in jail. But given the limitations in current laws, and considering how seldom drivers face any jail time at all — let alone prosecution — this is one we can all be grateful for.

In fact, O’Neill’s family, and the woman who was riding with him — who has asked not to be identified — have asked cyclists to write Pasadena Deputy City Prosecutor Joon Kim to thank him for his dogged persistence in prosecuting this case. As she put it,

He did not waver on sentencing, and felt strongly that taking a life through reckless driving be punished.

You can write Kim at:

Joon Kim
100 North Garfield Avenue, suite N 210
Pasadena, CA 91101


We mentioned this one the other day, even though there were no bikes involved. Prosecutors announced that the North Dakota woman who killed an 89-year old North Dakota grandmother while scrolling through Facebook while driving at 85 mph will face a well-deserved charge of negligent homicide.

No word on how much time she could face.


Now there’s something you don’t see every day, as two pro cyclists are kicked out of the Vuelta for coming to blows while on their bikes. profiles the final week of the race, while Contador takes control.

Just weeks after suffering major brain and facial injuries when he rear-ended a support vehicle during Colorado’s USA Pro Challenge, rookie pro cyclist Ian Crane is recovering and hopes to get back to racing.


Now that was close.

BikinginLA sponsor AnyKicks made their $30,000 goal for funding on Kickstarter with just $66 to spare. Thanks to everyone here who helped push them over the top.



Streetsblog posts a short video by Nathan Lucero documenting last week’s ride and vigil calling for justice for fallen cyclist Milt Olin.

They get it. A Times editorial calls the new three-foot passing law, which takes effect next week, a smart first step in rational road-sharing, and part of a long, slow process in building a bike-friendly society.

Evidently, when you’re on meth, it’s hard to remember you don’t have to say yes when police ask to check your backpack.

Long Beach needs volunteers for this year’s bike count.



Next City looks at AB 1193, recently passed by the state legislature to legalize protected bike lanes in California, which are technically banned under current regulations.

Who’s the real victim? The driver who injured a woman when he plowed into the Zombie Walk during San Diego’s Comic-Con has sued the San Diego Police Department for creating a “confusing and misleading situation for motorists.” Thanks to Richard Risemberg for the heads-up.

San Diego’s next CicloSDias rolls through the Hillcrest neighborhood in November.

Wish I could be there. The Marin County Bicycle Coalition rides in honor of fellow cyclist Robin Williams.



Someone forward this to anti-bike lane LA Councilmember Gil Cedillo. Results from New York show road diets can actually improve traffic flow and reduce delays, while confirming that protected bike lanes improve safety for everyone.

Seattle’s new protected bike lane on Second Ave proves a hit with cyclists, even as it confuses motorists. Unfortunately, it came a week too late for cyclist Sher Kung, one of the attorneys who successfully fought the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Tragic news from Chicago, as local actress Molly Glynn died in a freak accident when a tree fell on her while she was riding during a storm; she had a recurring role in the TV show Chicago Fire. Note to the Chicago Tribune: Whether Glynn was wearing a helmet might have mattered if she was hit by a falling branch; a falling tree, not so much.

Streetsblog Chicago questions whether the Second City really deserves to be ranked as America’s second best bike city.

In a truly bizarre case, Muncie IN authorities try to inform a woman her brother was killed when his bike was hit by a car — only to discover she had evidently been undiscovered after dying late last week.

Even after a New York cyclist tracked down the hit-and-run driver that left her lying injured in the street, the NYPD can’t be bothered to talk to the suspect.

Evidently, you have to be crazy to ride in bike-unfriendly Alabama.



At least the deputy in the Milt Olin case didn’t back over his victim after hitting him, unlike police in Ontario, Canada.

An 84-year old British man overcame two broken hips to set a new hour record for the 80 to 84 age group. Of course, it’s easier to set the record when no one that age has ever attempted it, but still.

The UK woman who called for assertive action to halt a pair of organized rides backed off when no one else came to her support.

A Brit driver loses her license for a whopping six months for fatally dooring a cyclist. No fine. No jail time. No justice.

A Kiwi cyclist is viciously attacked by two road raging motorcyclists after one knocks him down.



Former Sopranos star Edie Falco is a four time loser to bike theft, after her treasured ebike is stolen in New York. An Omaha cyclist rides into a puddle, and finds himself neck deep in a sink hole. And evidently, a bike makes a good getaway vehicle when robbing an Aussie brothel.



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