1. Ed Rubinstein says:

    Same to you Ted.

  2. Our best to you and your family!

  3. In siblingy Agape forever says:

    Although not read yet your blog yesterday acknowledging another child killed was printed poster size for posting prominently in my community for dozens to read.

    Your service spared many lives another year and for those not killed who we enjoy few deserve more credit then you.

    Thank you sincerely Sir for your so hard work in good health and not.

    It remains spot on. We can not yet save everyone but are making steady progress. We rest now so that those of us who can, can and will best fight on tomorrow. I am one of many inspired by you who shall for decades if so blessed with all my might; regardles as you have shown us, of level of fright,or danger as shown or not any other night for anything else is just less right.

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