Move along, nothing to see here. Again.


I promised last week to catch up on the news we missed when I was too exhausted to write anything following my wife’s surgery.

Only to see my laptop fail yet again yet again over the weekend.

So instead of spending the day at the hospital with my wife, I’ll be at the computer repair shop for what seems like the millionth time this year, hoping that they can once again get it up and running. And keep it that way for a change.

With a little luck — or maybe a lot of luck, the way this has been going — we’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on some of what we’ve missed.

Update: Or maybe not.

No luck yet; keep your fingers crossed that we’ll be back on Wednesday.


  1. You are still welcome to borrow my hammer!

    I hope your wife is recovering well.

  2. Best wishes and healing energy sent to your wife and corgi. Your laptop is on its own, but I’m hoping maybe there will be something forthcoming in that regard.

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