Update: No Morning Links today, again

Update: After spending Friday working with Apple Support, I drew the line when they told me to wipe my hard drive.

As a result, my laptop is now in the shop. Hopefully I’ll know more later today and be back soon.


Blame Apple tech support.

I contacted them Wednesday morning to correct a relatively minor problem that kept me from accessing my email, which they promptly fixed.

But in the process, they somehow introduced a handful of other problems that have snowballed to where I can barely use my laptop at all tonight.

The work I did Thursday has been lost, and I’m unable to access my backups to replace it. Let alone most of my other files.

If I sound pissed off, it’s only because I am.

Hopefully we can figure out what the hell is going on, and get it fixed in time to be back next week.

Otherwise, I’d cover your ears, unless you want to hear me teach them some new words.


  1. I just don’t understand why you have so many problems with your Mac. I run a 60-member cycling club. I have a 5 year old MacBook Pro. I have the Mail program configured with 13 email accounts. I use Strava. I sync my Garmin with it. I create route maps, create cue sheets, and manage the club’s membership roster. I maintain the club’s blog, Facebook group and send out a weekly email to the club’s members. I file my taxes and watch videos with it, too. I take my MacBook Pro with me to the kitchen, to bed and to the bathroom. I run iCloud and OneDrive. I periodically plug in an external hard drive to back it up. Why do I never have any computer problems and you regularly have problems?

    • bikinginla says:

      My wife and I had the same discussion last night. The only answer I could come up with is bad karma.

      Like you, I take my five-year old MacBook all around the apartment, and work on it all day. Until last year, I never had any significant problems with it; since then, it’s been one damn thing after another.

      Hopefully the computer gods will be kind, and I can come up with the money for a new one this year. I already spent over half the cost of a new MacBook last year just keeping this one running .

  2. Hello Ted,

    Here are a couple of interesting notes today.






    “This refocusing on software has resulted in something of a Windows renaissance. Windows 10 has embraced touchscreens, styluses, and even virtual reality. It’s made Windows 10 more flexible, and more useful, than any MacBook I’ve ever owned.

    And while Microsoft’s own Surface computers are still the best place to experience all the benefits of Windows 10, the Dells and HPs of the world have followed in Microsoft’s footsteps, and released nifty, imaginative new devices. Apple is known as the designer of the slickest devices in the world, but the Windows ecosystem is closing the gap.

    I mean, there’s even a rumor that Microsoft will release a foldable tablet that looks like a notebook, running Windows 10. It’s the kind of weird swing-for-the-fences that makes Windows so exciting right now.

    Meanwhile, the Mac has stagnated. No touchscreens, except for a “Touch Bar” on the high-end MacBook Pro that many have decried as a mere gimmick. The biggest change to the Mac’s operating system in the last few years was the integration of the Siri virtual assistant — which is still less helpful than Microsoft’s own Cortana.”

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