Move along, nothing to see here

My apologies.

My diabetes knocked me out last night. We’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on anything we missed.


  1. Craig Barnes says:

    I own a small bike rental business and was wondering if you have looked at what Lime bikes and others are doing to small business. Also are there any lawsuits from these dockless systems.

    • bikinginla says:

      As I recall, bike rental shops in San Diego’s Pacific Beach threatened to sue over the city’s docked bikeshare, but I’m unaware of anything involving dockless bikeshare. And to the best of my knowledge, there haven’t been any studies on the topic.

      However, you’re more than welcome to write a guest post for this site if you want to address the matter.

      • keith says:

        Interesting point, wonder what about the bike rental biz from the small shops around the pier in Santa Barbara.

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