Today’s Morning Links called on account of sick corgi

My apologies once again.

I’ve spent this week caring for a very sick dog, who’s felt an urgent need to rush outside every few hours since Sunday night. And too often hasn’t made it in time.

As a result, neither of us has gotten much sleep.

The good news is, she’s doing better after getting an IV from the vet yesterday. And we’ve both been passed out ever since we got back home.

So I’m taking today off to get some desperately needed rest. As always, we’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on everything we missed.

She should be back to her usual rambunctious self in a few day.

And with a little luck, so will I.




  1. Family comes first, even furbabies.

  2. Peter Rosenfeld says:

    Poor pup. Hope you both are feeling better.