Move along, nothing to see here. Again.

My sincere apologies for the lack of a new post today.

One of the joys of diabetes is dealing with the unexpected spikes in blood sugar, followed by a sudden crash. Which often leads to another spike trying to recover from the crash.

That’s the roller coaster I’ve been on since about 9 pm last night. And trust me, it’s not a fun one.

Hopefully, I should have things back under control by morning. As usual, we’ll be back tomorrow to catch up on anything we missed.

And let this serve as a warning. If you’re at risk for diabetes, do everything you can to avoid it. Work out, ride your bike, eat right, lose weight, and follow your doctor’s advice.

Because you don’t want this crap.




  1. keith says:

    While we’re on the topic, its sneaky too, diabetes, you many not even realize you have it or are at risk of getting it. You’ll be given any number of clues. Google can be helpful for letting you know you about the clues but you’ll need a simple test to confirm.

    • bikinginla says:

      Thanks for the reminder about getting tested. And you’re right about it being sneaky. In retrospect, I probably had it for 15 – 20 years before I was diagnosed. Every single doctor I saw said I didn’t have to worry about it because of my active lifestyle, healthy diet and low weight, despite a family history on both sides. If I had demanded a test back then, I might be in better shape now.

      • keith says:

        Gosh same here, must have been 30 years ago or more a Kaiser doctor says mine was a little high. And that was it. Same here, was pretty active scuba diving & stuff.

  2. Alan says:

    Its in my family genes. I did everything correct to delay it, but it still happened. Diet and exercise help, but it is a constant battle, especially when traveling.

  3. Take care of yourself, you are too important to the cause to check out on us yet.

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