Move along, nothing to see here, part two

My apologies once again.

Yesterday’s Ontario hit-and-run put me far behind schedule last night, after spending the evening caring for a sick wife and a dying dog. And the difficulty I had just writing the story tells me I’m still not caught up on my rest, despite sleeping most of the day.

So please forgive me if I have to beg off on today’s Morning Links for the second time this week.

I’ll do my best to be back tomorrow to catch up on all the highlights from the past few days.

And the lowlights, too.



  1. Nina Moskol says:

    Your acts of service to the cycling community are so deeply appreciated. I know that I learn something new, repost something new for the Santa Clarita community, the Colorado and Wisconsin cycling communities from your work nearly every day.
    Hope your wife is better.
    Lost my dog last week.
    The bike comes second.
    Let us know if and what help you might need.

  2. Mitchell Guzik says:

    Sorry for your challenges and thanks for your great work

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