Move along, nothing to see here. AKA diabetes sucks.

My apologies.

My blood sugar crashed suddenly as I was working on today’s post, and took me down like a shot. Within a matter of minutes, I went from feeling okay, to sick as a dog and down for the count.

Which is just one more reason why I miss the Corgi, who used to warn me about my blood sugar before it got that bad.

As usual, we’ll be back with anything we missed.

And let this be your periodic reminder to get yourself tested if you’re at risk, have symptoms or have a family history of diabetes, and do everything you can to keep from getting it.

You don’t want this shit. Trust me.


  1. keith says:

    So true about the importance of testing. Type 2 you may not know you have it as the symptoms can be subtle. Oh its just hot out that’s why I’m extra thirsty. Testing takes just minutes.

  2. Alan Coovert says:

    Feel better soon!!

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