Move along, nothing to see here — 2020 sucks edition

Looks like I’ll be out of business for awhile.

I spent all day yesterday begging Spectrum cable to come fix the internet modem their massive outage broke on Sunday. The earliest appointment I could get was Sept. 18th, until they finally agreed to squeeze us in tomorrow.

Which was good news, until it wasn’t.

Because the corgi puppy did something really cute tonight, squeezing herself into a pillow case she’d previously chewed a hole in.

Only problem is, in trying to extricate her, I knocked over a glass of water, which landed on the laptop I thought was safely out of reach.

And even though it was closed, it’s now dead as hell.

Which is why I’m pecking this out on my phone.

So unless there’s some sort of MacBook Air miracle in the morning, it looks like we’ll be offline for the foreseeable future until I can get another one.

Which could be a long damn time since both my wife and I are out of work. Me because of the diabetes and neuropathy keeps me from holding a job, and Sandy because the company she worked for closed down permanently during the coronavirus shutdown.

Hopefully, Congress will get its collective head out of its collective ass and do something, because we’re hurting like everyone else out there.

Until then, I’ll try to figure something out.

But it may take awhile.


  1. Marilyn says:

    I was actually able to go to Spectrum on line, and trouble shoot Ann reboot their modem, router, to my address. Much better now. You need to log into your account.

  2. Dogs are like babies, it’s a good thing they are cute or we would have to kill them, But who could stay angry at a face like that poking out of the pillowcase?

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