Today’s post called on account of pain

When it comes to my health, some nights are better than others.

And this is definitely one of the others.

My neuropathy has me writhing from the knees down, while my thighs are spasming like I just finished a century ride without training.

Or water.

Meanwhile, bilateral carpal tunnel has me in pain from my finger tips up.

Normally, I’d just try to work through it. But the meds I have to take for both have turned my brain to mush tonight. And the ones I took because the others aren’t working will knock me out any minute now.

So I’m throwing in the towel, making my way to bed while I still can, and hoping that, as usual, it goes away by morning.

Please accept my apologies, and come back tomorrow to catch up on anything we may have missed today.


  1. Alan Coovert says:

    Feel better soon.

  2. Here’s hoping you stayed upright long enough to make it to bed without injury.

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