Move along, nothing to see here — post surgical edition

No, we’re not back yet, unfortunately.

I’m still typing with one hand after last week’s surgery. My right hand is still heavily bandaged, mostly immobile and relatively useless.

Which is a big improvement over last week, when it was totally useless.

The good news is the doctor says the surgery went well, and I should regain full use of my hand. Just not as fast as I had hoped.

So check back later in the week. Hopefully I can be back to two-handed typing, and back to work.

We’ll have a lot to catch up on.


  1. Ralph says:

    Just in case no one has told you. DO YOUR PT.
    Good luck kid.

  2. Eric Lewis says:

    I hope your recovery is quick and complete!

  3. Mitchell Guzik says:

    Get well soon

  4. Lynn says:

    We wait patiently as you recover! You are such a valuable member of our cycling community, we wait for your return to the keyboard!

  5. Mike Burk says:

    Good news on your hand. Heal quickly.

  6. Eric W. says:

    Hang in there. We’ll wait for ya’

  7. bikinginla says:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I really appreciate it!

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