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My apologies. I’m significantly under the weather tonight. I’ll try to be back tomorrow to catch up on anything we’ve missed.

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  1. J says:

    Please cover pending loss of our state’s great ability to fund mode neutral ‘rides’ to school. Paying teacher’s etc. to lead bike trains of students on great school provided ebikes not just making yellow monsters free ‘locally’ has received too little attention as the LA times yesterday* reports this as a done deal, without objectivity, and at ‘length.’

    At least districts opposed to NO LONGER spending money much more wisely (if not, problematically, on ride to school!) GOT A word in but new alternatives DID NOT!

    Ebikes cost less EACH then seats on Ebuses. Capital assistance giving schools student operated vehicles instead of paid labor forcing sedentary time is NOT “ESSENTIAL” to ignore. Student parking in garages costs more then almost any EBIKE as well.
    This is a statewide issue right now apparently! Once in a lifetime revisit of good policy. I smell car culture lobbying behind appropriation- keeping kids off bikes until they can slave to earn funds for cars is even profiled AS FINE AND DANDY NORMALITY in article! Please don’t force us to spend $$$$$$ for buses on ideal bike commuting paths for many of the kids effected! I searched your site for prior coverage . . .
    I am holding a comment I wrote before doing that, and posting the above instead. (*Website ran ‘story’ 6/22/2022 but print only yesterday!)

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