No morning links today

The good news is my eye infection has cleared up.

The bad news is, I’m still sick as a dog.

I was hoping to be fully back at work today, but it turns out the eye infection was just a symptom, rather than the illness. There’s something else going on that’s kept me flat on my back for the past week, and doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

Hopefully something will break, and we’ll be back with our usual Morning Links soon.


  1. Andy Stow says:

    Get better soon!

  2. Hoping you feel better or actually get better real soon. Between allergies and cataracts I either can’t see during the day, or can’t see even with the night lights at night.

    • J says:

      With my mom I was always investing in the best bulb for the bathroom even mirror top for winter
      use glare free right? Then came the LEDs which didn’t require a special high-powered dimmer eventually the greatest technology which is the old school look where you have the clear vacuum bulb with the
      conductive gas in it to keep the LED cool on the fake filaments. So my mom could see very well despite cataracts until she moves without the same lumens or quality of light being the norm in every room.
      Invest in quality bulbs and see if you can regain the ability to see
      at night I used to enjoy being in front of the home Depot or similar stores displays of lit fixtures. You can walk in there and see what super high lumen will do for you just bring a book or whatever. The challenge of course is those are
      low quality but in my bathroom I installed a bunch of vanity 6 and even eight lamps fixtures for winter years of course as the number of LEDs and the total wattage was
      ample warm.

      During those months it is like my time in Tahiti. I luxuriated in my bathtub with a perfect video connection to my sweetheart on the other side of the world and the ability to make my nights my days to share with her.

      I wasn’t able to fix my mother’s lighting situation when she left our state and didn’t figure it out soon enough which probably would have been within a few hours of learning she was finally willing to do the cataract surgery. Be careful with your lighting of course use it medically and there should be an app for that. Please note that monitors very in their technology and
      that cataract may require a great deal of experimentation and insight to get the right color white from the right angle illuminating the right surface.

      A computer monitor may not be able to do what ambient indirect light can do on printed materials.

      What digital displays can do is increase the size of the letters without any cost to that. But you still have to see them and should be able to remove them you’re cataracts if turning up the light and quality of light and direction of light and material to read off of all fail.

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