Today’s post called on account of pain

My apologies.

I’m continuing to have problems with my diabetes as I get used to being on insulin before my doctor adjusts the dosage.

Tonight that meant a blood sugar spike that knocked me out most of the night, accompanied by a neuropathy flareup that’s kept me in pain when I’m not passed out.

Fun times.

So I’m throwing in the towel, and giving up on today’s post. I’ll do my best to be back bright and early Thursday to catch up on what we missed.


  1. cycleannie says:

    Diabetes is a terrible disease and I wish you good control of your sugar and your pain becomes only a memory. We all enjoy your postings, and I share articles with friends and family. I wish you a vacation in Europe where there are safe bike lanes to ride without a car breathing down your neck. I wish you a long life so when the Rails to trails route is complete you can bike coast to coast without cars and the wind be at your back.