Move along, nothing to see here — diabetes edition

I give up.

After struggling, and failing, to control my blood sugar this week, I’m throwing in the towel.

If by struggling you mean feeling sick 24/7, and passing out every night and most of each day.

And to be honest, I’m not in the best space mentally or emotionally right now.

So I’m giving up on posting this week. Hopefully a few more days rest will help turn things around.

One way or the other, I’ll be back next week to bring you all the best bike news, and catch up on some of the things we’ve missed.

And I’ll be seeing my doctor next week, who’s going to get an earful.


  1. Ben Fulton says:

    Take care of yourself first! I’ve been reading less than a year but have enjoyed your great content. Hope you’re better soon!

  2. Anne M Fox says:

    take care of yourself first. We readers will be here when you return if in a week or a month. Anne

  3. Mitchell Guzik says:

    So very sorry for your suffering. Hope you feel better soon. Diabetes is an insidious disease.

  4. Peter R says:

    What a horrible disease you are dealing with. I know nothing about your diagnosis, of course, but I assume it is T2D. Have you seen this new procedure to treat the underlying insulin resistance?