Forget Black Friday — It’s Day One of the 9th Annual BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive!

Welcome to the 9th Annual BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive!

The one time of year when we beg, plead and cajole to get you to give just a small part of your hard-earned cash to help keep all the best bike news and advocacy coming your way every day.

Sort of like the membership drive for your local public radio station, but just once a year, and we don’t interrupt the whole reason you come here just to harangue you for money.

Well, not much, anyway.

And you get cute corgi pictures, real and otherwise. So that’s a plus.

The money you give helps cover the costs of running this site throughout the year, and tide us over until our sponsors start to renew in the spring.

Not to mention keep that corgi down there in kibble.

It couldn’t be easier to donate with just a few clicks via PayPal. Or by using the Zelle app that is probably already in the banking app on your smartphone; just send your contribution to

Every donation is very needed and deeply appreciated, no matter how large or small; I know just how hard it can be to give on a limited budget.

So don’t wait. Give now, whatever you can.

And thank you.



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