2008 Fuji Road bike(black and silver, gray or bare metal)


Black w/ Silvet letters. Had a bike rack on the back that connected to the seatpost. Chain lock was wrapoed around the neck on the handlebars. Thete wete stickers on the frame: Linkin Park, Nirvana, Limp Bizkit ( on frame near rear wheel) and AC/DC.

Bike Stats

  • Manufacturer: Fuji
  • Year: 2008
  • Serial Number: T561204583
  • Bike Tire Style: Narrow

Theft Details

Locking description
Heavy duty bicycle security chain
Locking circumvented
Bike was mounted on the bike rack on the front of the Los Angeles Metro Bus Line 204 going North on Vermont. I got off at Wilshire Blvd. and the bike was gone. Driver said she wasn't watching it. Tried to call local Police Dept. No one answered the phone for an houtr so did not make police report.
Date stolen
Police report #
Not Available
Department & city
Not Available
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