The very definition of four-wheeled irony

Just a quick aside before getting back to this week’s topic.

It didn’t take long on today’s ride to realize it was going to be one of those days, when I had to be extra careful because a lot of the drivers weren’t. Like the one who turned his post-red light left into a long delayed U-turn, nearly t-boning me in the process.

But the winner had to be the woman who was waiting impatiently as I approached a four-way stop at the bottom of a steep hill.

The driver ahead of her might have been aware that a lot of riders blow through that stop sign; or maybe he was just being cautious and waiting to see if I was going to stop. Either way, she was having none of it as she laid on her horn and yelled out “He has to stop, moron!”

He continued waiting until I came to a full stop, then proceeded through the intersection as I nodded to thank him.

And then she ran the stop sign.

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