Uh…thanks, BMW dude

So I was riding through Westwood this afternoon, on the backside of today’s 35 miler, when a black BMW pulled up next to me. (Why is it always a BMW?)

The passenger window rolled down, and the young man riding shotgun gave me a big thumbs-up and yelled out “Great ass!”

What could I say? When he’s right, he’s right.

So I just nodded in acknowledgment and continued on my way. And, failing to get a rise out of me, they did the same.


A writer on Bob Mioske’s personal blog clarifies his earlier post to say yes, you need to stop when the cops tell you to, and no, you can’t always count on a judge who knows the law. Gary and Will both feel a little let down by Bike to Work Day; Lisa has better luck in Santa Monica, while Nate takes a bike bus to work and Damien offers an overview of the week. Santa Monica founds a local chapter of the LACBC. Mickey Wally, Happyland and El-Brayjerino both add to the debate over LAPD’s failure to investigate itself in the Hummer Incident. A Scottish paper says safety fears are up for Edinburgh cyclists; after reading the comments, I can see why.  The Politburo at Flying Pigeon prepares to host a Pedaling Revolution at the end of the month; speaking of which, I saw my first Flying Pigeon on the Santa Monica bike path last week. And finally, my new Long Beach biking friend writes a letter to his councilman on the right way to roll out sharrows — at least he’s getting them.


  1. Lisa Newton says:

    LOL…………At least there wasn’t a bike incident. Thanks for the link………….:)

  2. Altadenablog says:

    … which for some reason reminds me of the guy driving one way on a country road and sees a car coming up the other way. The other driver yells “SWINE!” and as the first driver is thinking up a witty reply, he runs into a pig on the road.

    Maybe he was just warning you of a road hazard.

  3. ed greenberg says:

    I can’t count the number of times I wanted to complement a woman on some particular element of her good looks, but did not want to offend.

    May your a** continue to be a source of pride and pleasure to you for may years to come 🙂

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