Let’s be careful out there


Last weekend may have been the worst for local cyclists in recent memory.

But life goes on.

The nice thing about this world is that it gives you a clean slate every day. And this weekend dawns under ideal riding conditions, at least for those of us who aren’t sweltering in 100 degree temperatures.

So go out and ride. Have fun. Enjoy the weather. Spend some time with your friends.

But just be careful. And let’s try to get through this weekend with no shootings. No drunk drivers. No road rage. No hit-and-runs. No injuries. No fatalities. No Hummer incidents.

And no bees.


The underage drunk driver accused of killing Joe Novotny and injuring four others faces life in prison; not long enough in my book. Bespoke interviews Flying Pigeon owner and bike wonk Josef Brayj-Ali. Streetsblog interviews the Mamas and the Papas (no, the other ones). LACBC responds to the new bike plan far more politely than many riders have. Travelin’ Local tells you where to find free summer concerts in LA, LB, CC, SM and Pasadena. Is it an Arizona urban myth or are Tucson police counting on cyclists to fill city coffers? A New Hampshire woman is about to be released after 15 years for intentionally killing a cyclist. An Idaho legislator proposes a three foot passing law, as well as banning harassment of cyclists — and $50 fines for riders who break the law. Actor James Caviezel was injured when a pedestrian threw a bicycle in the path of his motorcycle. Finally, a writer in Minnesota encourages cyclists to be smarter than the bikes they ride.

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