Build your own DIY bike plan next Saturday, and today’s missing links

The official comment period may be over, but work on the city’s new bike plan isn’t.

Next Saturday, November 28, you can escape all those mounds of leftover Turkey — or Tofurkey, depending on your inclinations — while you help build a better a better bike plan at the Bike Working Group III at the Hollywood Adventist Church, 1711 N. Van Ness Ave:

The LA Bike Plan is in shambles. Point to a page and there’s a flaw, something missing, or just a careless error.

That’s why we’re creating our own bike plan. LA’s Best Bike Plan – for cyclists, by cyclists!

Join us Saturday, November 28th, at 1pm to continue that quest. The lonely souls who didn’t travel for Thanksgiving will be crafting the future of Los Angeles!

We’ll start with maps and markers – we’ll mark off a “Backbone Bikeway Network” that can get a cyclist from one region of LA to another, quickly and safely. We’ll persuade, share, and cajole until we’ve got a consensus, or nearly so, on what we need to connect all parts of LA by bike.

Then we’ll move on to look at some chapter introductions for the Best Bike Plan.

Come out and get involved in shaping LA’s future!

And along those lines, the petition I linked to on Wednesday urging UCLA’s Chancellor to implement the university’s 2006 Bike Master Plan is limited to staff, faculty and graduates. Thanks to commenter Herbie Huff for pointing out there’s a petition the rest of us can sign calling for better bike access to the UCLA campus in the city’s new bike plan. You’ll find my name at #179.

So what are you waiting for?


After running two teenage cyclists off the road, an Escondido driver stops — then drives off after learning they were  injured. Bakersfield says the bike path belongs to everyone. San Jose plans to reduce car lanes to add another 200 miles of bike lanes. Austin, TX is about to get its first 16-block bike boulevard. A day in the life of Chicago bike lanes. A firefighter in North Carolina gets 120 days for shooting at a cyclist, and barely missing. A Massachusetts driver hits a cyclist and drags him and his bike under her car for another 300 yards. Are you really shocked to learn cyclists inhale twice as much dirty air as drivers? Google may soon add biking directions on their route to world domination. Yes, this sign means you have to stop, too. England swings like a pendulum do, bobbies — once again — on bicycles two by two (with apologies to England, bobbies and Roger Miller). Also from the UK, the Guardian puts the dangers of anti-social cycling in perspective. Kazakhstan pledges $22 million to rescue the now Lance and Bruyneel-less Astana cycling team. Finally, from the department of superfluous redundancy, in a clear attempt to target fixed-gear bikes, a Philadelphia councilman proposes a $1000 fine or immediate confiscation of any bike without brakes — yet fails to comprehend that a fixie is a brake.

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