Do the right thing December 6th — the El Niño Toy Ride for the children of St. Anne’s

In Spike Lee’s classic movie, they told him to do the right thing. But no one could seem to figure out just what that was.

I think I can answer that.

You see, when I got home from my ride today, I found an email waiting from yet another friend I’ve never met; a reader who’s been kind enough to steer my attention to a few things I might have missed otherwise.

This one included.

As Patrick put it,

I don’t know the first thing about the LA Greensters, but, as vice-chair of the board, I am well familiar with St. Anne’s and the great things they do for the young women and their children in the Rampart district and beyond.  If you could find space on your blog for a mention, it could help brighten a few more Christmas mornings.

Who could resist an invitation like that?

So I clicked on the attached link, and found myself reading about next month’s El Niño (para las niñas) Toy Ride, sponsored by LA Greensters — a group of cyclists committed to creating a more sustainable model for the film industry.

And the more I read, the more I was moved — and the more I agreed that this is something you’d want to know about.

You see, for over 100 years, St. Anne’s has helped local women, children and families in need, dealing with issues like teen pregnancy and parenting, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and homelessness among adolescents.

But recently, they got some bad news.

The toys they were counting on for their annual Christmas Party wouldn’t be coming, after all. Which meant that 150 children wouldn’t get gifts this year.

At least, that’s where things stood until the big-hearted people at LA Greensters found out about the situation and decided to do something about it.

Now they need your help.

On Sunday, December 6th, they’re inviting cyclists to meet them at the Red Line Metro Station at Santa Monica and Vermont at 1 pm for an easy, family-oriented ride to St. Anne’s. And they’re asking you to bring along an unwrapped toy or other gift appropriate for children:

Everyone is encouraged to bring along an unwrapped toy or gift for children ages 0-17. We can arrange to pick up gifts and/or money donations before the ride if you cannot attend or wish to make a larger donation. If your toys are too big or too heavy for you to carry on the ride we are equipped to haul these items for you. All donations are fully tax deductible and a letter of acknowledgment will be sent to you from St. Anne’s a 501 (c)3 organization.

I know this has been a hard year for all of us. Myself included.

But I can’t think of anything that would make me more proud of this city’s cyclists than for a thousand cyclists to show up for the ride bearing so many gifts that the children of St. Anne’s can have a holiday they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Maybe even enough that the sisters of St. Annes can pass them along to other organizations in need.

And they’ll have the generosity of the cycling community to thank for it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to join in. But I am going to stretch my budget to make room for a few toys I hadn’t planned buying on this year. So if the Greensters want to swing by and pick them up next week, just let me know when.

For all your corporate types out there, this is a great opportunity for your company to make a donation that will really make a difference. Or if you’re outside the L.A. area and want to help, I’m sure they’ll take a check.

For the rest of us, it only takes one small toy to put a smile on a child’s face. So do what you can. And pass this page, or the link to the LA Greenster’s Facebook page, along to everyone you know.

Because this is a chance to open your heart and do the right thing.

And for once, you don’t have to be Spike Lee to figure out what that is.


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  1. dudeonabike says:

    Quick, correct the title–Sunday, December 6th!

  2. bikinginla says:

    What would I do without people like you to catch these things? Much appreciated!

  3. TheTricksterNZ says:

    You’d have a few mistakes that your growing readership wouldn’t pick up and we’d probably have a giggle at (if you haven’t picked it already, the NZ bike community often has a sick sense of humour).

    Anyway, big thing for us (go on, post it Monday with results, I should be sub 5hrs hopefully), but our ‘big ride’ of the year is on Saturday, the Wattyl Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, 160k (100mi) around a large lake which was formed by one of the super volcanic blasts a few million years ago.

    So there will be about 10,000 cyclists + x amount of supporters descending on a town of 30,000 for the weekend.

    • bikinginla says:

      10,000 cyclists in a town that size? I think I saw that movie — just substitute spandex for leather and Levis…

      • TheTricksterNZ says:

        Well my coach (one of the favs for the elite race) would be an appropriate addition to that movie seeing he has a bit of the angry ginger/napoleon shortman thing going down.

  4. […] Unfortunately, I’m not going to have time to write about it, since I’ll be on the run all weekend. Including risking my life by going to Target on Black Friday to pick up a few toys for next week’s El Niño Toy Ride. […]

  5. […] Sunday – The Greensters host what will be the first of many holiday rides where cyclists donate time and toys to needy children before the holidays.  The ride meets at 1:00 P.M. at the Santa Monica and Vermont Red Line Station.  Ted Rogers makes an impassioned plea for support for this ride at Biking In L.A. […]

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