Today’s blustery day edition of missing links

I wanted to get yesterday’s post online before bed last night, which meant I didn’t have time to include the usual links. And I do have a long, long list of interesting stories to share. So settle in for some serious clicking on today’s pre-holiday blustery day edition of today’s missing links.

Metblogs takes up the outcry over L.A. Bike Coordinator Michelle Mowery’s recent comments about our lack of homogeneity — aka playing the race card —  while one of L.A.’s leading political blogs puts her job on deathwatch and Jeremy Grant runs a help-wanted ad for the position.

Following Friday’s protest ride, Stephen Box and Jeremy Grant comment on the anti-bike policies at the Festival of Lights; Stephen got a ticket after the officer struggled to find something to write him up for. Los Angeles Rides author Timur sums up the year with a series of truly breathtaking photos (no bikes but definitely worth a look). The Huffington Post discovers Flying Pigeon’s Dim Sum rides; speaking of which, they’re now the city’s newest Pashley dealer — but no Guvnors, dammit.

A San Diego cyclist is in critical condition after colliding with a semi last week. Blaming the victim: for a change, it’s a driver who gets doored in Santa Cruz, rather than a cyclist. Streetsblog offers a history of San Francisco’s Critical Mass. Paso Robles passes a bike master plan. Glendale makes a serious run for bike friendliness, making safety improvements, painting sharrows and counting bikes — although it sounds like Burbank Councilman David Gordon (see safety improvement link) could stand to hear from a few cyclists.

An update on a Seattle cyclist mysteriously found laying in the street with life-threatening injuries last August. Bob Mionske examines the Philly anti-bike backlash following two pedestrians apparently killed by cyclists. A judge in Portland rules bike lanes — and cyclists’ protection in them — ends at the intersection.

London is ridable if you avoid the bus routes; but Brit drivers complain that cyclists and pedestrians will take advantage of those new 20 mph speed limits by doing crazy things like staying alive. The perfect gift for people who’d like to bike, but don’t want to bother with those annoying frames and handlebars, and furniture for people who truly live cycling.

Finally, in the spirit of the season, countless kids have gotten new bikes in the past few days, courtesy of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity and the Derek Lewis Foundation, the Butte County, CA Sherriff’s Department, rapper Shawty Lo and defensive end Chauncey Davis of the Atlanta Falcons, and cornerback Tracy Porter of the New Orleans Saints. Hats off for having their hearts in the right place.



  1. J says:

    In the Santa Cruz link, it looks like another *driver* was ticketed for driving into the door of a parked car, not a cyclist. The only mention of bicycles is when the officer quoted states that the occurrence is rare for car vs. car, but more typical for bicycle vs. car.

  2. bikinginla says:

    Thanks J. After reading it more closely, you’re right, it does seem to be about a driver getting doored, rather than a cyclist. I guess I just assumed he was a cyclist, since most drivers don’t use the term “doored” — or know what it means, for that matter.

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