Evidently, parked cars aren’t the only things that block bike lanes

Speaking of blocked bike lanes, as we were the other day, Todd Munford sent this photo showing his typical Friday morning commute on Venice Blvd:


  1. Dreamlet says:

    Ah yes…I encounter these trash cans when I ride that stretch of Venice on Friday mornings. I have to ride on the sidewalk for that part of the commute as the car traffic on Venice Blvd. is way too fast to ride in.

  2. misterbee says:

    Even more fun for me is trying to get past them on Thursday night on my way home from work. Is this legal? It can’t be, can it? Or is this a misguided effort to save the sanitation department some time?

  3. I have an idea, lets put the trash cans over a little blocking car traffic, and then you have a bike lane with a separated barrier like some advocates have asked for.

    • bikinginla says:

      Funny, I had the same thought about dragging them into the next lane. But I like that idea of making a separation barrier out of them.

  4. ChuckInOC says:

    Reminds me of the first few miles of the Davis Double. Early morning, so it’s dark, and they put their F@*king yard waste (Think tree trimmings) out on the curb. In the bike lane. At least you could see the bins.

  5. Forrest says:

    That’s freaking awful! And illegal, I would hope.

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