I couldn’t have said it better myself

Last weekend, I wrote about the many positive changes taking place in the local biking world, from new-found attention from our government officials to reforms in the way the LAPD relates to cyclists. That was followed by a few comments about the people in the cycling community working to bring those changes about.

This morning, Roadblock left a comment that sums things up far better and more succinctly than I ever could (as you may have noticed, brevity isn’t exactly my forte). So for the benefit of anyone who may have missed it, I’m going to shut up and let Roadblock have the floor this morning:

2010 is the year of the bicycle. Let’s keep our heads down and continue to draft off each other. Everyone will get a chance to pull. Keep it moving. We have a lot of miles to cover.


The Times renews its call for comments on the Bike Working Group’s Backbone Bikeway Network, while Stephen Box unveils the Harbor Gateway section. C.I.C.L.E. starts a new membership drive, with a prize from America’s most bike-friendly brewery. Speaking of breweries, cyclists make room for other people at the newly opened Eagle Rock brewery, which oddly isn’t in Eagle Rock. Flying Pigeon and L.A.’s bicycle mainstream counterculture are featured in a Canadian blog. The NCAA donates 36 bikes to New Jersey children. No wonder Utah rejected the Idaho Stop bill — the local paper says it gives cyclists the right to “legally run red lights and stop signs.” SpringfieldCyclist points your attention to the 1962 Tour de France. Former framebuilder Dave Moulton offers advice on how to be seen and avoid getting hit. Toronto’s cycling — yet anti-bike lane — mayoral candidate. Queensland drivers consider cyclists a nuisance; local police ticket 7,500 riders a year for riding bare-headed. New Delhi promotes cycling, even though streets are crowded and dangerous, and motorcycles hog the bike lanes. A Spanish cyclist clowning his way around the world has his life has been threatened seven times — once by snake, once by malaria and five times by cars. Italian cycling coach and two-time Paris-Roubaix winner Franco Ballerini was killed in a car rally accident over the weekend. Finally, a good Samaritan in Sacramento follows a suspected hit-and-run drunk driver who ran down a cyclist and snatches her keys at a red light.


  1. ubrayj02 says:

    Wow, I feel the same way. We have to all pitch in while we can and push this thing over the top this year. We need a precedent to be set that it is okay to remove car capacity (notice I didn’t say “remove cars” – “car capacity” is something different) and replace that capacity with other modes, bicycling being one of those modes.

    • bikinginla says:

      As you’ve said many times before, we need to shift the emphasis from moving cars to moving people, whether that’s on foot, or by bike, car or mass transit.

  2. Roadblock says:

    thanks for the shout Ted. Lots of interesting things on the horizon this year. Lets turn the tides!

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