Pro cyclist Jorge Alvarado killed by street racer in San Bernardino area

Bahati rider Jorge Alvarado, from the VeloNews forum

These are the stories I hate to write.

Yesterday morning, a rising pro cyclist was killed in a collision with “car full of teenagers” in Highland, CA, northeast of San Bernardino.

Jorge Alvardo, a 27-year old native of Mexico living in Ontario, was on a training ride, riding on the shoulder of southbound Greenspot Road. A car headed north lost control, crossed over to the other side and continued up the west shoulder, apparently hitting Alvarado head on. According to the Press-Enterprise, he died in a field about a half-mile east of Santa Ana Canyon Rd.

The collision occurred at approximately 9:52 am. Drugs and alcohol don’t appear to have been a factor; however, late reports indicate the 18-year old driver was racing with two other cars when he lost control at over 70 mph. Amazingly, no arrests have been made.

Alvarado was one of  several cyclists added to the Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team earlier this year, including former Tour de France winner Floyd Landis, who was later stripped of his victory. The team was founded by former Major Motion and Rock Racing star Rahsaan Bahati, a Compton native and the 2008 U.S. National Pro Champion in Criterium. The team’s Facebook page is rapidly filing with condolence messages.

Condolences to his friends, family and teammates.

Thanks to the Trickster for the heads-up.

Update: The latest news from the Press-Enterprise says the collision occurred at 9:45 am. Rather than “a car full of teenagers,” there was one passenger in the car that hit Alvarado, driven by 18-year old Patrick Roraff; all three cars were driven by seniors from a local, as yet unnamed, high school.

According to VeloNews, Floyd Landis and Bahati Foundation CEO notified Alvarado’s brother of the death, as of this morning, he was still trying to notify their parents in rural Mexico.

Alvarado won the recent UCLA Road Race and finished 5th in the Redlands Classic Pro/Am Criterion, and was scheduled to compete in the Dana Point Grand Prix this weekend.

Team Director Rick Crawford summed it up in the VeloNews story.

“For the love of God, you don’t want to wait until someone is gone to let someone know how you felt about them,” said Crawford.

“If there’s anything positive about this, it’s that he was on top when his life ended,” said Crawford. “He was winning races and he was on the team and loving it.”

Read more at VeloNews.

Update: The Press-Enterprise has posted a more detailed report online.


On the other side of the country, Boston cyclists have suffered a rash of serious collisions, with at least one fatality.

A 22-year old cyclist described by his father as  “very, very safe” rider was killed in a collision with an MTA bus. The incident evidently occurred when he struck trolley tracks embedded in the street, throwing him under the bus.

The stories absurdly note that he was not wearing a helmet; for anyone unclear on the subject, a helmet will not save anyone’s life if they get run over by a bus.

Meanwhile, as noted last night, another Boston cyclist suffered life-threatening injuries in a crash with a car in the same area.


These incidents may have happened on the other side of the country or far from L.A. in San Bernardino County, but they offer a warning to cyclists everywhere.

This time of year, people seem to be focused more on enjoying the spring weather and less on driving safely. I’ve noticed it lately on my own rides, as I find myself dodging far more cars and having more close calls than usual.

So be careful out there.

Drivers may not be watching for you. So you have to be watching for them.

Thanks to Peter for more information on the Boston collisions. And note that I try not to use the word accident — virtually every collision involves unsafe road conditions, or carelessness or traffic violations on someone’s part.


  1. Darren Fuller says:

    Adam Little was Killed St. Patricks day comuting to work. hit from behind please read and pass news story along. something needs to be done.

  2. Peter says:

    You are right not to use the word accident of course. I just haven’t gotten into the good habit of shaking it out of my vocabulary.

  3. […] when Bahati was passed over for a Tour of California invitation. Then up and coming Bahati racer Jorge Alvarado was killed when a car driver lost control and hit the cyclist. That’s when I decided to look into the […]

  4. Gord b. says:

    Unfortunately we live in a society(s) that does not value cycling and other forms of self-propelled transport (as recreation or mass transit). I live in Manitoba, Canada where the motorized vehicle is pre-imminent form of transport and everything else takes a back seat (even in urban settings). Government monies spent for cycling safety is meagre and roads unsafe. In Alvarado’s case, he is the victim of another persons utter stupidity and immaturity. This is difficult, if not impossible, to legislate.

  5. Jorge Alvarado says:

    condolencias a su familia y a sus compañeros de equipo

  6. DANIELA says:

    jorge era mi companero de escuela buen ammigo y siempre lo voy a recordar espero que en el cielo termine su carrera que dejo pendiente aqui. tambien espero que el culpable o los cumpable paguen por sus acciones y que tengan el valor moral de entregarse a la justicia .espero que esten arrepentidos por que an causado un dolor muy grande a toda su familia,amigos y compañeros JORGE SIMPRE TE RECORDAREMOS SIEMPRE ESTAS PRESENTE AHORA ERES UNA ESTRELLA TAL COMO LO DESEABAS

  7. jenny says:

    jorge era mi compañero de escuela era muy linda persona lamento mucho lo que paso siempre lo recordare mi mas sentido pesame para su familia ahora eres un angel mas en el cielo jorge

  8. bikinginla says:

    Por favor, perdone mi pobre español. No sabía que Jorge, sino como un ciclista del compañero, él era mi hermano. Mi corazón está con todos los que conocía y amaba a él. Que descanse en paz.

  9. FERNANDO says:

    Nuestros pesame para la familia alvarado el es una estrella mas en el cielo que desde haya los cuidara

  10. ROCIO PEREZ says:

    Jorge sabes ke siempre te recordaremos porque fuiste eres y siempre seras el orguyo de nuchas personas ke te vimos realizar el sueno por el cual siempre luchaste se ke aya donde ahora estas tendras mas carreras y por supuesto mas triunfos tu trayectoria tu vlor y coraje en la pista para yegar al final de cada carrera es lo ke te hizo salir adelante demostrando kien es el mejor corredor. A la familia mis tios primos y a todos los que nos duele tu partida les doy mis condolencias y a la persona k t izo esto no le deceo el mal porque se ke con la sencilles ke te caracterizaba tu tampoco lo hubieras echo a ti luis sabes ke t kiero como mi ermanao y se k t duele tanto esta persida tan grande pero se fuerte HOY, MANANA Y SIEMPRE JORGE ALVARADO

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  12. yeseniia says:

    quiero enpezar diciendo que (ivan)-jorge alvarado te extranamos muchiiisisisimo toda mi familia especial mente yesy….tu saves que ella te queria muchoo en los 5 anos que estuvieron juntos y tu perdida le dolio mucho.tu siempre fuiste un gran ejemplo para nosotros y siempre lo seras, siempre estaras en nuestros corazones..extrano muchoo esos momentos cuando nos empezavamos a reir de la nada y nos corretiavamos y te abrazava y te enojavas y le gritavas a tu monilla ahahah…………te estrano y quiero muchoo..luis tambien te queremos muchoo y tu tambien eres parte de nuestra familia y jorge alvarado siempre estara presente en nuestros corazones…

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