Long Beach cyclist killed in early Friday collision; 19th bike traffic victim this year

Long Beach authorities released word today that a cyclist was killed in the early morning hours last Friday.

According to the Long Beach Press-Telegram, 56-year old Leonardo Antonio Florez died when his bike was rear-ended by a 2009 Ford van at 3:16 am Friday on East Carson Street, just west of Los Coyotes Diagonal.

The Huntington Park driver, who has not been publicly identified, reportedly stopped and dialed 911 while attempting to help Florez.

The Post-Telegram reports that Florez’ bike did not have lights.¬†They also suggest that the delay in announcing the death was due to the hospital’s failure to notify police that the victim had died, even though he passed away the same day.

By my count, this marks the 19th cyclist killed in Southern California traffic collisions since the first of the year; another bicyclist died in an apparent gang shooting.

Florez is also the second cyclist killed in a Long Beach traffic collision in the last two months, while a third rider was killed when he was hit by a Blue Line train in January.

The driver remains free and has not been charged. Anyone with information is asked to contact LBPD Accident Investigations Detective Dave Lauro at 562/570-7355.


  1. Peter Smith says:

    cyclists are only required to have a rear reflector and a front headlight.

  2. David Kelly says:

    Condolences to the family. And another driver gets a slap on the hand. I do give credit for the driver who stopped to at least help. Did the cyclist have a light on his bike? We all know hpw the press can be.

    • bikinginla says:

      The reports I’ve seen indicate that his bike didn’t have any lights.

      While I agree that press bias can often be a factor, the stories I’ve seen contain virtually the same information, which is a pretty good indication that they’re based on a press release from the LBPD. The Press-Telegram story has a little more information, which suggests the reporter followed-up on the release and spoke with someone in the department.

    • Romeo says:

      Thanks David, Im his younger brother who lives on the East Coast. It would be nice if the driver would get info from the LB police and send his condolences himself, but since he remains unnamed and have not contacted any of my family,Im sure there is much more to be told that night.Most bikes have reflectors, so I am sure he would of seen him, if he was paying attention.Anyways His Mom,me,other brother and sister and his family in Lakewood miss him very much.

  3. jrj says:

    There is a bikelane at that location.It is the sidewalk running parallel to Carson.I use it about 3 days a week.In fact Long Beach is the most pro bicycle friendly city in this area.So,if he had been riding on the sidewalk/bike lane and had lights he likely would still be living.Sorry this happened and hope others learn from this.

  4. Elena says:

    No, Long Beach was not very pro-bicycle when, in ’03-’04, their district attny argued against my small claims suit, saying I should not have been riding on a public sidewalk (on Spring where there is no bike lane, neither in-street or on-sidewalk).

    After impact, I was treated rudely by ElDorado Park police, & then “treated” to only half of what the law required the city to pay after they appealed my first win. What a nightmare. (Unrepaired HOLE in a public sidewalk tumbled my bike. Broken shoulder, cuts (now scars) and – -OMG- – HUGE swelling.)

    No, LB is not bike friendly.

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