BOLO Alert: Two bikes stolen from Culver City bike valet (updated)

Just received word that the euphoria of Wolfpack Hustle’s win over Jet Blue has been marred by a couple of jerks who stole two bikes from the bike valet at Culver City’s Eat Real festival on Saturday.

Jim Shanman of the Culver City Bicycle Coalition offers the details:

Sadly, 2 bikes were stolen by 2 punks late in the day. Both of the bikes are pictured below. The other is a really nice Kestrel road bike. A reward has been offered for either one of the 2 bikes if returned or for information leading to their return. I’d like to get the word out and maybe shame the punks who took them. Definitely a buzz kill to an otherwise great day.

The CCPD police report number is 11-26009, although this will be turned over to the LAPD if it hasn’t already

One of two bikes stolen from Culver City Eat Real Festival on Saturday

This is the other bike that was stolen

Shame the punks?

I’ll go one better. Anyone who would steal a bike is the lowest form of slime in the biking world. And anyone who’d steal from a bike valet jeopardizes one of the few conveniences L.A. cyclists enjoy, and puts to risk a system that encourages Angelenos to enjoy the city while leaving their cars at home.

You may think you got away with a bike or two tonight. But your selfish and destructive actions harm the entire L.A. cycling community on what should be one of our happiest days.

If you’re reading this, contact me and I’ll arrange for you to return the bikes to their rightful owners, no questions asked.

If not, you’re going to have an entire city of pissed off cyclists watching for you, and a couple of hot bikes you won’t be able to ride or sell.

Give it up. And get a life.

Update: Photo of second bike added Sunday evening.

One comment

  1. Carl says:

    This is a sad story.

    Does Culver City Bicycle Coalition take any responsibility?

    This is why I have never, and will never valet my bicycle.

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