Great links to Wolfpack Hustle’s victory in the great bike vs plane race

Haven’t had a chance to write about yesterday’s amazing Twitter-inspired race featuring a Jet Blue flight vs cyclists from Wolfpack Hustle competing to see who could get from Burbank to Long Beach first — with a little competition from Metro and even an inline skater thrown in for good measure.

And looking at my schedule and other pressing items on the blogging agenda, it looks like I’ll have to let others tell the story this time. But I have been able to collect some great links, presented here in no particular order.

So settle back and click away.

Salt Lake Tribune


L.A. Times One Two


Carlton Reid on Bike Biz


Tom Vandbilt on Slate

North Hollywood Patch


Brief mention in the Wall Street Journal


Christian Post

KTVN in Reno (AP)

Great photos of the Wolfpack in action

The story of how it all came together on Bike Commute News

If anyone has other links, let me know and I’ll add them to the list later.

Update: Great links keep coming in —

London Daily Mail



Reuters (brief mention)

New Zealand Herald (brief mention)

Stuff New Zealand

San Francisco Chronicle

Gary Kavanagh presents a participant’s perspective from the Metro side

Bike Commute News sums up finish times

Update 2:

Jet Blue offers their own perspective (though I’d think they’re mistaken about who had the most fun)

CNN had a race of their own

Grist suggests pogo sticks next time

Brief mention from Yo Venice 

KCBS’ story has been repeated by CBS outlets around the country

Streetsblog Network explains why it matters

The Reno Rambler offers a thoughtful look

Update 3:

Intellichick ponders its appeal

KPCC’s Molly Peterson says the real winner may not be who you think.





  1. The Trickster says:

    While completely awesome, it is slightly unfair towards the plane when you’ve got guys who can treat it as a TTT as getting on 40kph average is pretty decent going – that’s a fast-ish race for me!

  2. […] 1st Bikes 2nd Metro 3rd Inline Skater 4th Jet Blue/Lost Taxi (Patch, MSNBC, KTLA, Biking In L.A.) […]

  3. You don’t know how many people asked me about this at work in Montana today. Did you hear about….? Did I hear about it? Those are my homies, man! Of course, I knew about it! Midnight Ridazz rock! Woohoo!

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