Update: Dr. Christopher Thompson loses appeal, will remain in state prison

According to cyclist and attorney Dj Wheels, L.A.’s very own bike boogie man has lost his appeal of his conviction, and will remain in prison for the foreseeable future.

Dr. Christopher Thompson was convicted of assaulting and seriously injuring two cyclists on Mandeville Canyon on July 4th, 2008, and was sentenced to five years in state prison for five felony convictions and two misdemeanors.

It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that he had appealed his conviction. And thankfully, it comes as no surprise that the judge has affirmed the original conviction, which means that the Good Doctor will serve the remaining three-and-a-half years of his sentence in the medium security California Rehabilitation Center in Norco.

Dj Wheels is going to try to get more information on the ruling, which came with extra instructions that were not published online.

But you can sleep easy tonight.

The boogie man is safely behind bars.

Update: Velonews has more information, including the basis of Thompson’s rejected appeal:

In his appeal, Thompson said the trial court erred in allowing testimony about an earlier, similar incident in which another cyclist, Patrick Early, had an encounter with Thompson on the same road. Thompson said the testimony was unreliable, dissimilar from the incident he was charged with and prejudicial to his case. Thompson also claimed he was ineffectually represented at the trial, and challenged the trial court’s decision to not grant him probation and to pay the victims’ legal fees.

The appellate court rejected all of these claims.

Velonews reports that Thompson did win one small victory, however, as he was credited for one extra day in custody prior to sentencing, reducing his prison time by 68 days, rather than the 67 he was originally credited with.

Thanks to Jim Lyle for the heads-up.


  1. Louie says:


    I think he’s better off in there with L.A. County’s new ordnance. Can you imagine his reaction when he finally gets out?

    “You mean I can’t even YELL at them anymore?”

    • bikinginla says:

      WordPress allows some html in the comments, but doesn’t seem to list what is allowed anymore. My suggestion is to go ahead and try it; if it doesn’t work, I can always correct it on this end.

  2. Brooker says:

    First off, I love your blog! Second, I live in LA and I just wanted to share with you this article that I came across last night: http://opinion.latimes.com/opinionla/2011/07/bicycle-awareness-in-los-angeles.html I thought it was pretty cool but would like to know what your opinion is on it? Thanks!

  3. Digital Dame says:

    Good news, but I admit I expected him to win the appeal. Just seems to always go that way for cyclists these days. I’m glad to be wrong this time 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    If you’re interested in reading the entire 23-page Court of Appeal decision (not the most exciting read in the world), you can read at http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/B221794.PDF .

    • Karl says:

      heycould somoen update with a working url for that opinion- maybe in google student? (it hyperlinks all cited cases for free

  5. Rach Stevenson says:

    Reading the defense’s version of events in the CoA decision is sickening. It’s like being inside a very oblivious and angry driver’s head.

    • Stan Goldich says:

      But it was wonderful to have the absurdity of Thompson’s story laid out in the appellate opinion. It is unfortunate that the appellate court chose not to have it published in the official reports.

      While it is great that Velonews has kept abreast of the appeal, the labeling in the article that this was a “road rage conviction” was terribly misplaced. The evidence and multiple incidents clearly established that these were deliberate, premediated acts of violence and not some form of road rage resulting in a momentary loss of control.

      Thanks to Ted for this wonderful and informative blog and to Mike for the link to the opinion.

  6. […] Road Rage Doctor, Christopher Thompson, Appeals His Jail Sentence, Loses (Biking In L.A.) […]

  7. NM says:

    Are you people serious? Bike should be in bike lanes period!! I hope each of you who chooses to ride in the street gets hit and then learns a valuable lesson….Bikes DO NOT belong on the road, street or highways!! Just as cars do not belong on sidewalks!!

    • bikinginla says:

      Thank you for demonstrating your complete and total ignorance on the subject. Bikes are allowed on the street, by law, in every state of the union, and drivers are required to operate their vehicles in a safe and legal manner — in other words, not hit anyone else on the roadway.

      Don’t like it? Then turn in your driver’s license, because anyone who is unwilling to safely share the road safely is unfit to be behind the wheel.

      And yes, everyone who rides in the street and gets hit by a car does learn a valuable lesson — that too many people like you are more than happy to blame the victim.

      • nm says:

        Ok well there is a valid point that bikes and cars are not equal…so this just proves that those laws are antiquated and need to be revised…they got smart by not allowing bikes on the freeways…let’s go this a little further…if bikes have to obey the same laws then I say…they should pay for bike licenses, bike license plates and riding insurance, etc.

        • bikinginla says:

          There’s a reason why bikes and their riders aren’t licensed and insured. Bikes don’t kill people; cars and their drivers do. You can count the number of people killed by cyclists on one hand while over 33,000 people are killed by motor vehicles every year.

          So instead of blaming the victim, as you are so desperately trying to do, you should be calling for everyone — cyclists and drivers alike — to obey the law and operate their vehicles safely.

          • NM says:

            Well that is such a COP OUT!! If you share the road then you should also share the responsibility….What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions, ie, choosing an appropriate venue to ride your bicycle. There are thousands of bike paths across Los Angeles, why the need to ride on streets is beyond me. I can tell you that more than 75% of bicycle riders DO NOT obey posted signs (ie, stop signs)…why on Earth should I respect that?? You bicycle people really must think highly of yourselves to fall under the radar of law enforcement when you ride.

            • Babs Evers says:

              Bikes came first. A generation ago, bicycles were common and accepted forms of transportation–and recreation. Your groceries, medications, and yes, newspapers, were delivered by people on bikes. People expected to see them and no one ever questioned their right to be there. Just because people got lazier and cars got faster, it doesn’t change the fact that bicycles are legal on the roads unless specifically prohibited, such as most Interstates. Cars made suburbs possible and suburbs made cars necessary, but as owning and operating a car gets more expensive and people start opting out of the culture of the car, bicycles and human powered transportation will be the only ones using that expensive infrastructure that will be outdated in 10 years because families won’t be able to afford multiple cars.

  8. bikinginla says:

    Bullshit, NM. It’s a cop out to call for everyone to ride and drive safely and legally? Seriously?

    As for your figures on bicyclists who stop at stop signs, I challenge you to sit at any stop sign and count the number of drivers who come to a full and complete stop. I have, and I can assure that very few do.

    I can also assure you that very few drivers obey the speed limit or signal for their turns — yet somehow, you are up in arms about cyclists who don’t? Why don’t you direct your misplaced anger at careless/distracted drivers drunks, speeders and others who pose a real danger to everyone on the road around them?

    As for the the reason you should respect cyclists, the law requires you to, whether you want to or not. As does common decency; that’s not just a cyclist, but a mother, father, son or daughter on that bike. When you see the human being there, and not just the bike, maybe you’ll show them the respect and courtesy everyone deserves.

    As a member of the LAPD Bike Task Force, I can assure you that bike riders get tickets, just like drivers do. As well they should when they break the law.

    • NM says:

      LAPD Bike Task Force….what a joke is that!! The LAPD is the most corrupt law enforecment agency in America…give me a break!!

      • bikinginla says:

        That answer says a lot more about you than it does the department, my friend. When you can back that up — and say what the hell it has to do with cyclists’ legal right to the road — feel free to come back.

        • NM says:

          As the “laws of physics” suggests, bicyclists should be respectful of their inferiority on the road. Unfortunately too many bicyclists let their selfrighteousness trump their common sense. If you are going to be on the roads, stick to the wider roads when possible and be aware of your impact on the faster and bigger vehicles.

          I “love” how so many cyclists pat themselves on the back for eliminating their emmissions without also understanding that their selfsih driving habits can slow down the cars on the road and increase other people’s emmissions thus eclipsing their efforts.

  9. bikinginla says:

    NM, those “laws of physics” you bandy about don’t come into play unless you or someone else operates their vehicle carelessly, illegally or in a distracted manner. Collisions are actually hard to have; as long as both parties use the road in a safe, considerate and legal manner, everyone will get home safely.

    As for emissions, in the nearly 40 years I’ve driven a car, I have never encountered a cyclist who could not be passed safely with just a few seconds patience. If your car belches out that much emissions — note the spelling, please — you have made a very poor choice of vehicle; judging by your own words, you seem like the sort of impatient and angry driver that makes the roads dangerous for everyone.

    I would strongly suggest that you visit the DMV website and read their advice on how to share the road; you’ll also find some very good advice here.

    Every single bike you complain about represents one car that isn’t in your way; cars that take up more space, are more dangerous, harder to pass and cause far more congestion than any bike.

    So relax, already. We’re not the enemy.

  10. I do think that justice was served; no one should be a vigilante and take the law into their own hands even if the other party is wrong. I’ve had people try to “brake check” me as well when I was driving a car. Personally I always change lanes when there is a bicyclists on the road even if they are in a bike lane because I don’t feel comfortable driving next to them (scared I will hit them) so I stay in the left lane.

  11. TW says:

    You people are idiots and extremists. What about pedestrians you freaky bike people? When are you going to watch for us in cross walks and stop riding on the sidewalk illegally? Maybe you should you to jail for

    • bikinginla says:

      Thank you for your comments, TW. However, if you’ve ever read this blog before, you’d know that I frequently call for cyclists to be considerate of pedestrians — and the overwhelming majority are.

      I might also add that riding on the sidewalk is perfectly legal in Los Angeles, as well as many other places.

      Each year, an average of six — yes, 6 — pedestrians are killed by cyclists, while over 4,000 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles. And the overwhelming majority of those drivers never see a day behind bars.

      If you want to call someone an idiot and extremist, I’d suggest you’re looking in the wrong direction.

      And it sounds like you might want to get help with those anger issues.

  12. Karl says:

    Google sent me back here when studying your cases abandonded section I knew there must be more news on the Doctor- only to find I”ve read this thread months ago for it’s ‘hating’ and so dangerously addictive entertainment value.

    I’m tempted surely to click the appellate opinion but it’s been a very rough weekend already.

    It seems like a decade but it’s not since I encountered silent moderation on the Tesla site- and now they’ve been humiliated in England for that tyranny twice over, but we are still without light on what the hell is going on and the half billion loaned is not paid back but they are now following the auto model and the X will be an excellent death machine for bikes- as is too often noted far more lethally for it’s stealth.

    I loved the streaming short presentations in hd even 1080 including a long review of a site that builds wheels product which had it notingi how NOISY the rear cluster was- obviously a marketing scheme! Just like the car alarms chirp.

    But from 30 clicks to 240 is progress even though I’m not absolutely positive I understand how a degree or two of .. well I know itdoesn’t make sense tome yet lol…

    My point is that Md/phd whatever- candidate or alum- its’ those not caught we have to worry about- those using ‘loans’ THOSE content with innocents being killed by the thousands- by a hundred or one by cars versus guns in recent years or for decades if not forever.

    The barely a quarter left to fund raise is not really needing a jumpstart- its’ got a team behind it and like the rail project presumed to be to fail using the siite for publicity and that for free which would be ok if it was creative- but it’s not.

    Skinny tires can be justified as cost engineering if your using supercapacitors or something- but not if your charging 4 grand and not.

    It was upsetting enough when we bailed out the autoindustry with loans, now we are still giving them mouth to mouth merely by delaying.

    That $50 gps/bluetooth enabled u lock? Not sold by walmart- the flywheel thatlets the bikes not need it but ratherreturn to base when another sharer instead can’t take possesion? Already has a law banning it on a corporate lawfirms servers ready to be passed on demand should I or anyone even given them away.

    The innovators out there applying for patents, the ‘box’ cars and ‘look at me’ my sub mile trip is on the internet unlike the call a bike program that’s actually in major use for years just an ocean away all suffer from Hubris, from not being team players, from literally nottaking the jumpstart policy despite it being plainly written- if your needing secrecy go elsewhere. Its’ 3 years later and there using a vanilla ‘frame’ with narrow tires that are not even low rolling resistance.

    the hidden battery road bike has a signature frame that is incompatible with pedestrian safety- if dared in a race you would not have road rash and dislocated shouldders like shown today in france- you would have lots of fatal bumps.

    Don’t run playing the clarinet- ride it without the basket whose purpose seems tobe to pressurise the front wheelto simulate a wider tire when carrying cargo.

    We have to recognise that those who are getting put in prison are in not rightly or wrongly frustrating us are the ‘tip’ and the iceberg thrives somehone despite being out of water and otherwise in the sun.

    It is as though infants are getting feloniously abused for the physical pleasure of there ugly unpopular abusers in plane view and we without looking away stare past them not out of fear but rather tradition.

    This Tesla company is our Mercedes in our holocaust days- there mission is to keep cars on the road and they don’t even refrain from saying that.

    They let utter ignorance and unwitting propiganda remain on there site- fraudulent claims they should still be sued for while instantly removing any criticism however sound and proven.

    To be clear- the reason there cars cost thousands of dollars a day to own if left unattended for a few weeks- and they admit half a tank of fuel evaporates every two weeks!, is because a massive amount of energy is used, MUCH more then a three thousand watt motor equiped comfy recumbent trike uses.


    And hamacer sellls a lead acid half width car for twice if not thrice what TEsla charges- one that accelerates fast, and is safe though.

    Apparenlty some nations reward vehicles who can pass each other in a single lane… imagine that!

    The way to let bieks thrive and evolve for road use- and those in france are not evolved but rather mutatiosn deliberated diseased by the hovering suv’s, is to clear the roads of there cancer… to set a date, among ourselves, within our lifetimes, and get it done.

    TWO THOUSAND AND WHAT? twenty? that seems a long way away but realistically 2040 is fine.

    By slashing the maximum vehicle width by then, or limiting the amount of inertial energy conventional vehicles can have in public, etc, we can not just reverse globabl warming, save countless harvards full of people, we can let freedom reign, justice be afforded, and again, it’s just a matter of deciding to do it- I know we want this.

    I thikn I undersand why we have not yet decided to get it done yet.

    I’m willing to risk my life trying. IF others join me some of us will survive to see it happen.

    DO you know someone who owns a car or worse drives it? THere guilty enough already, what you have to do is help them see how geting help is a glass mainly full- essentially unsipped from, pure joy.

    The bliss can be there’s and ours it’s only about taking a small amount of time to takenotice.

    It’s like Aids? Assume someone has it but treat them with dignity- it’s common enough and hostility is not as helpful.

    They are not usually pure evil, intent on Mayhem- not when caught early enouhg at least.

    Mark speaks about in the pod you mention we cna listen to and I did let it play out with him hosting earlier today getting angry when talking to people with his background but actually onthe gig and candid about not doing there jobs for lack of prodding… he acknowledge credit in getting them busy since- but THEY are not other then part potentially ofthe solution- a tiny if catalytic part yes, but for most of us not so elite it’s the rest of us we can best as kindly as possible greet.

    Economists have bragged about how much cheaper it is to put bikes under the Christmass tree because of the Waltons and youtube tgoday eventually giving some prodding played incredible flexing of frames welded by owners of a huge factoring in a dark place once thrilled by Hitler.

    This corporation brags about setting the standards for testing in Europe- and then being able to meet and exceed them for such involvement and yet… since they bought the company have obviously lost markket share to walmart and it’s profit maximising simulated bikes- bikes they can refund months after sale to anyhone who rides them because the markup is ten fold and 1 in severla hundred only actually rides them the rest just sit wiht pretty pain and auto brand decals in multistory homes and rented closets awaint that future world where space to enjoy even what they appear ot offer can be found.

    Taxe can be evil. When led’s of global warming obsolescence get bouht wiht bororowe dmoney because we personally know the owners of the company- when any heed is paid by deciders about the insignificant impact of the manufacter of bikes to those actually designign/building/marketing etc. them instead of using htem- we are badly lost.

    We didnt’ fight for funding only to have it slurped up in the nameof economic development! Transit dollars are for helping people move- not enouraging them to travel less!

    If not democracy is rendered impotent. The execution can not tolerate policy discretion. It’s glass fiber that should of stopped the bullet train not it giving a choice to those who might very well even with it not refrain from slurping up oil despite it’s reality dooming faame still. It’s that bullet- or Peace. WE will have a harder time now affording both.

    But it’s not like we singed a contract with a sovereing nationi only a miniscule part of it or the subway miles left to dig to the contrary are without escape and escape we shall.

    Some of the jobs will matter- the guy with the abacus at teh skiny tube bike retro gig can be poached soon- if he’s really good,excell-ant as preached, and likewise the lady there and all they need is merit to peel off for goodness sake.

    For goodness sake we can show haters like the one above just how freaky we can think.

    THink ouot of this box. Burning trash for green cash is beneath anyone like Einstein able to step away from silly flash. And we are all better then him now- seriously we are.

    Our gerbils know more about how the world really works- but we spend more time on the treadmill then them. ONe nice house Itook abreak looking at in So Cal- there are hundreds over 20 million in redfin right now, had a big room full of … treadmills. Despite perfect weathe and private beach and grass and even pavement.. and i’m sure the future owners, the Oprahs or barter card tycoons will pound instead there nordic gadgets. Like Michael Jackson, or VERY NOT like him at his best, minds closed, not even bothering to learn what Einstein could by chilling out at the patent office instead of just selling out for fun and success.

    Nader used to bitch so much about us watching reruns of friends, back when neither of us had watched it enough. Last nights double feature of SVU on NBC was awesome. THe pro b-ball player taking off his shades, the white girl just like in that now if onloy classic “O” or whatever it was spelled enticing him to not with wiles but in essence a trip in a time machine.. wow..

    and the actor of course looked just like the coach who we defend in part while wanting to incinerate lesser jokers wihtout a trial.

    Somehow hte elecric cars silence has us less able to hear the squeals of all life when we turn it on instead. It’s not just the MP3’s it’s gadget to play them louder and longerhten anyh other vehicle- to as has been recently noted run our homes HVAC if asked for weeks- but they do have something to do about it.

    IF nobody plays an entire song much less an album fool- it’s notabout stealing customers but customers lost to cacophaney.

    Dr. CH…. that’s what my tab has space to show.. and i truly the rest of his name don’t know.

    He’s just one dude ok? He’s not your neighbor wiht maybe several cars- not your best friend with nanophosphate in his seven year old kids toys! Friends don’t let friends kids mock them.

    Rather- we sieze the teachable moment and risk our friendship for only in so doing can it be real.

    Your going to let your kid pretend he’s got a car when you can save the planet not just the battery for an actual bike reading him a book about silent motors being no pancea- about the fact energy is always conserved- there is no perpertual motion machine, not generator that only a new transmission is needed to have put out more juice then the motor spining it.



    Only two things but enough. Cars are evil, energy is limited. It’s ok to talk about it.

    Putting doctors in prison is not restorative. IMagine what he instead could be saying- imagine what hunger for healing our present mess is proof beyond any doubt of.

    Let yourself believe 4 is just as chuck used to say “2 and 2” again.

    And stewards of this sphere can we be again- like real Americans.

  13. Babs Evers says:

    The people who are anti-bike are just afraid that if riding a bike becomes protected and accepted, they may be forced to ride one themselves. As long as they shout that biking should be illegal and it stays as dangerous as they, the drivers, want to make it, they have a legitimate excuse for not riding one and staying snug behind the wheels of their air-conditioned Tahoes. Arguments against cyclists are largely emotionally based-the number and severity of the complaints are way out of proportion to the offenses of cylcists. How do I know? Because I drive, too, and see the same cyclists and behavior they do. Logic, reason, and law, cannot prevail in an argument based on emotion.

  14. Can You Say Ouch says:

    You cyclists got your comeuppance when your guru, Lance Armstrong, was forced to admit he was a criminal. Dope fiend and cheater. Such a role model indeed. Why he isn’t behind bars is beyond me.

    • bikinginla says:

      You’re kidding, right? That’s got to be one of the most ridiculous things anyone has ever said on here.

      It’s no more true that Lance Armstrong was a “guru” for cyclists than to say Mario Andretti is a role model for motorists. Most bike riders don’t race and have no desire to.

      But hey, thanks for playing.

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