Breaking news: cyclist seriously injured in Los Feliz

I received an email this evening from cyclist Patrick Pascal, who came upon the aftermath of what sounds like a serious cycling collision in Los Feliz this evening.

In it, he describes seeing a downed cyclist just after 5 this evening on eastbound Los Feliz Blvd at the intersection of Lowry Road, near Griffith Park Blvd.

He was male, no grey hair, and lying in the middle of the fast lane when I was alerted by the sirens.  He did not appear to be moving and his entire lower body, along with his head and neck, was put into an inflatable cast.  The ambulance just departed.

The police arrived before he was transported. Among other damage, the front wheel of his bike was bent and spokeless.

I’m terribly sorry to report this to you.

Fortunately, there’s nothing on the news yet. The L.A. media usually doesn’t report on cycling collisions unless someone gets killed.

So in this case, no news really may be good news.

On the other hand, Patrick’s description of the scene doesn’t sound good; a near-full body splint suggests the paramedics suspect serious injuries.

I also note that while he describes major damage to the bike, he doesn’t mention a car — which could mean a solo collision, or it could imply a yet another hit-and-run involving a cyclist.

Let’s hope not.

And let’s say a prayer that this one turns out to be less serious than it sounds.


  1. Eric B says:

    That’s a descent with poor pavement quality. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was no (direct) vehicle involvement. It would be pretty easy for a pavement crack to grab a wheel and throw a rider there. Los Feliz is a major east-west corridor for bikes through an area with no good options.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  2. Pete says:

    This location is on my ride home. The pavement is not in poor condition.

    • Eric B says:

      Does it get worse farther down the hill or am I completely off? It wouldn’t be the first time my memory has failed me.

  3. patrick says:

    There are troubling spots on Los Feliz Blvd but this is not one of them. The biggest risk factor there at 5PM is the terrible traffic and the reckless drivers who try dangerous maneuvers to save a few seconds.

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