Make that 7 deaths in just the last week, as Temecula cyclist killed in solo riding wreck

The number of Southern California cyclists killed in the last week has now reached seven.

The horrifying bloodbath that began with the hit-and-run death of Angel Bojorquez in Rancho Sante Fe — or maybe the death of San Diego bike rider Theodore Jones, who succumbed on Saturday to injuries he suffered July 3rd — claimed yet another victim when a Temucula teacher was killed in a solo riding collision.

According to Temecula Patch, 41-year old Temecula resident Randy Pruett was riding with a regular weekly group ride sponsored by Jax Bicycle Center in Murrieta last Saturday. As he descended on Rice Canyon Road near Rainbow County Road east of Fallbrook, he blew a tire, sending off the road and colliding hard with a tree.

Pruett suffered severe internal abdominal injuries, resulting in massive blood loss; he died on Monday at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.

A memorial service is planned for next Monday at Sunridge Community Church, and Jax is sponsoring a memorial ride and blood drive on the 28th; details available on the Patch story.

Patch also reports that a memorial fund has been set up for his wife and daughter. Checks or cash can be brought or mailed to Jax at 26612 Margarita Rd., Murrieta, CA 92562.

I wish there was some common thread running through these seven deaths in this past week, by far the worst period for Southern California cyclists in my memory. Something we could point at as the problem, and do something about to halt this tragic carnage and prevent future deaths.

But if there is, I can’t find it.

Three of the cyclists were killed in hit-and-runs, one was hit by a speeding motorcyclist — though police seem poised to blame the victim. One rider apparently hit a car, while another was hit by one.

And one, Pruett, died in a solo collision, apparently the result of equipment failure.

All I know is that one death is too many; seven in seven days is a heartbreaking, infuriating obscenity.

This is the 36th cycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the 9th in San Diego County. It’s also the seventh solo riding death since the first of the year.

My deepest condolences and prayers for Pruett and his family and friends.


  1. KARL says:

    The problem of tire failure has been solved ages ago and it’s side effects and complications- increased weight and/or rolling resistance are increasingly trivial to address with power assistance that represents such a contribution to alternative modes it’s far less expensive then expanded bike paths etc. so should incur no financial burden to users of it at all.

    This morning/last night I was astonished by video’s and forums about just what the technology can do when fully unleashed. I was tempted to share at least one of the video-‘s a ride up a steap hill at over 20mph with no motor noise and yet thousands of watts of actual physical power, not consumption, being contributed to this task by the motor’/battery. Notable is the extremely light weight charger that because it uses between a half and two thirds of what american outlets can put out charges as much as most electric bikes store in just minutes- in it’s case barely an hour. While cars require stove outlets and far fatter pipes, because they waste horrific amounts of electricity even the previously mentioned ‘carbon’ battery bike doesn’t charge fast like this one.

    Unlike the actual frames of fiber bikes the basket weaving involved in motors occurs in america and you can buy these uber efficient and lightweight motors for just hundreds of dollars- again this should be born from taxes on cars, not users of the motors, thereby saving car users the difference between doing that nad wideningi exisiting roads for bike routes and lanes for those who would be in cars without help getting on a bike they can pedal however much they choose to but still not congest traffic by going to slow or at varying rates of speed depending upono there budget and ability etc.

    People who believe they should be able to travel alone- not share a vehicle- are what bikes are for. They are as comfortable as cars except they don’t maim, kill, polute, etc. anywhere near as much.

    The reality is though we can’t blame this rider for gambling lives on a pressurised air balloon, nor crow about rental progrems using nitrogen, or consider it otherthen trivia that other gases leak faster not slower then what we breath, but the suppresion of both what material science exists and what should of been developed by now as a matter of national security. We should be running more then wheelbarrows and forklifts on indestructible tires- transit trains, and bikes, should.

    Walmarts road bikes some years ago had serial numbers on there tires- and after blowing up one after buyinga replacemnt to a stolen one I realiseed they had drastically reduced the pressure rating on the otherwise identical in appearnace accessory I patronised them soley for (the fact that bike shops charge about as much for the tirs as walmart charges for the whole bike excused me as did there 90 day never other then money back propositiono,and currenlty i would own one instead of the trek iended up buying recently fi they could of sold it when i was there but nobody was around to price the return. it had high pressure/ dangerous tires itself.)

    ANyways perhaps I digress so to conclude the family should sue everyone as no waiver was signed when the default was bought- the default is reckless. Currfent technology takes some getting used to but if your riding in part for exercise it’ll help alot and if yo udon’t want ot pedal more but less get a motor- it’ll literally save your life in enabling flat proof much lower cost per mile materials.

    All seven deaths should of been prevented- none more so and for thereasons dilineated above then this one. It is for cars the sure thing to get bike buiyers back-the time bomb of the inner tube. Selling tires supports the ridiculous number of local dealers and they should be put out of business compensating the estates of those they’ve gouged instead of selling safe tires to.

    The risk is entirely avoidable! If there was market share on flat proofs- and that means power augmentatioin and charging stations and regen etc. becoming routine, these deaths- and i’m sure the statistics are stadium fulls by now, will be a thing of the past.

    Modern ‘spandex’ or whatever we get called carry stuff better fed to your motor around, and eat it instead, in our fanaticism and fetishtic obliviousness tothe death and carnage are example sets.

    The optimal level of exercise not being exceeded requires a motor if we want to cover routine distances safely and uncongestingly.

    I was so fascinated by the 15 pound hub motor ..perhhaps kg installed and disected and extremem modded on aforuum last night i couldn’t believe it. One clown tested it a about sixty mph- or a lessr model, with his peers scolding him as it was almost certain to snap the rear frame withotu the routine reinfrorcement bein gput in.

    but ther emessage should be clear and i would defend his risk- he understood that stress failures take time and jack rabit starts so I assume he took ten second or more to get to that speed from the video. he started adn ended in a rough patch of grass though- something no car can do except for suv’s. In cities even 20 is fast enough- but we shoudl be able to legally go 30 if we have better then car tires.

    this is the most important thing- cars because they weighay so much get flats to comply with efficiency requirements- unless there presidential limo’s that is. and wse do deserve as much safety as possible so shouldn’t be exposed tothe hazards of especially high pressure nonsense when foam works well and can take many bullelts witout us noticing.

    the electric bike saves far more energy then it consumes, even with spongy comfy tires. it allows fo r optimal exercise, and enables actual safety. it is safer to travel on indestruble bike tires at 30 mph then standard road tires at standard pedal only speeds. I hope the family and/or students etc. get exposed to this inteh fresh light of this weeks better then half dozen down the drain in a significant part of the country but not entire world by no means- and to conclude the thought what i want isfor people to makethis decision- not dealers, but riders.

    So ask anyone on a standard ‘tube’… are they aware there risking there life needlessly? IS it that they can’t afford the pennies a day electricity costs, or the price of any new tire- are they dependent on what they can steal from racks ni public, or are they actually spending GR or even greenbacks etc. on that crap? Which is it, are they too lazy or poor, as only nieveness remains.

    Combine this fact with that that some such safe bikes are banned from the safer path- and the picture should be coming clearer and clearer.

    actions, consumer buying choices, not words

    buying diamonds isn’t the only evil thing- bloodwise.. if you must buy standard tires and tubes because your sponsored and competing or sometihng at leeast only get them from a dealer that carries modern ones as well- is that to omuch to ask?

  2. KARL says:

    To clarify something- whether it’s Lance Armstrongs or horses- off the shelf bikes no come complee with SEVERAL -that’s what thousands of watt’s of power (I refrained form mentioning but less then ten percent more then that is consumed, a third less even, in heat, from the energy taken from batteries.)- of these, persons or horses as in horsepower.

    So a modern bike can hustle up a hill faster then a two horse carriage can- and consumes far less hay. Iti needn’t endager your life or consume anywhere near a smuhc tax dollars as a car cost to provide road to- and that’s if the car is taxed to support the bike being free up to obviously bikes exceeding in number cars, but by then the national savings would approach trillions, meaning we could afford to collinise planets and not die anymore at all, ever, ever again.

    Cars or immortality. ‘Airless’ tubes or ejection without an airbag- adn of course yo ucan buy an airbag to wear like a bullet proof vest like some interplanetary rover wore if you want both- but for most of us a $20 alternative tire- yeah there cheaper then the ones that fail! suffices… and getgs us to work on time without having to pay to replace those air b agsand hte nasty burns and bruises they impose- i witnessed a headone collision recently and it makes me wonder why old cars are not getting bags retrofitted inito them almost as much as ia wonder how it’s possible to sell deadly tires into anohter millenium to people actually commuting to work, not racing or joyriding. I really don’t undderstand! Where are all the ambulance and hearse chasers on this? I’ll tell you where- getting no fault tripple tithes frmo token victims- sufficient to putthem in there lexus’s and on the weekend as if lighter then air frames on thebeach.

    nodody has any guts- and it’s been lethal forever. i was using flatproof tires inthe 70’s on 700’s, breaking spkes because i was sold teh wrong size width- now it’s time to give htem a secodn chance, on 20 inchers, three, with not 3 thousand watts of power but a tenth that making it on my budget and fasterthen the bus not just other muscle only commuters. I might even with a year run it on methane so as to never have to plug in, in which c ase the flat proof tires might increase the chargers cost by hundreds of bucks- but as a gimmick not ulnlike some auditorioums running on such stakcs now for years it’d go far….

  3. Sean says:

    This is truly a sad incident, and my heart goes out to the family. Unfortunately, this was bound to happen sooner or later on the Jax ride. It is, without doubt, the most dangerous group ride I’ve encountered in my 30+ years of cycling. There is no authority or supervision on the rides. Riders frequently participate while wearing headphones, which is simply foolish in a group. In the few Jax rides I’ve been a part of, I commonly saw riders spread across the road, even extending into oncoming traffic lanes and showing disregard and disrespect for traffic laws and motorists.

    I passed the Jax group this last Saturday and found them, as usual, spread completely across Rainbow Canyon Road. Some riders were unable to hear my warning that I was passing them. I had to weave past others who weren’t holding their line and weaving back and forth across the road.

    At one point a car came up behind their group and riders called out “Car back”. The problem with the Jax group is that “Car back” is used to let riders know that they need to get out of the road to let a car go by, when it should just be a simple warning that a car will be passing riders already riding safely to the right. I climb that section of road often and though narrow, I’ve never had a problem with cars. It’s certainly wide enough for riders to stay to the right and let motorists go by safely. On this stretch of highway last Saturday, the Jax group was riding like they owned the road.

    I’ve been on Jax rides and heard riders shout at motorists to “Share the Road” when it was the riders themselves using up a bike lane plus both traffic lanes by riding seven or more wide, making it impossible for cars to legally pass. They seem unwilling to extend the same courtesies to drivers that they themselves expect. It’s this type of entitled and selfish attitude that creates dangerous situations between cars and bikes and gives all cyclists a bad name.

    I informed Jax Murrieta of my concerns last month after learning of a serious injury that occurred on one of the Jax rides. I got a canned response, claiming that they do everything they can to make the rides safe, but that they can’t police that many riders, etc. But allowing participants to roll out wearing headphones and letting people who repeatedly ride dangerously continue to participate is within their control. Discussing safety and expectations and taking people aside to let them know that reckless riding won’t be tolerated is within their control. I’ve only been on perhaps a dozen rides with them over two years, but not once did I ever see or hear anyone in authority ever go over group riding rules or road etiquette, nor see one of the ride leaders address dangerous or reckless behavior by participants.

    As a long-time ride director of a club that routinely drew 100+ riders, I never had an issue keeping the group to no more than two riders wide and making sure that every person participating was aware of and followed the rules and expectations. It’s not that difficult, if safety truly is a priority.

    It sounds like this unfortunate accident may have been just that—unavoidable equipment failure—but it could just as easily have been caused by the reckless nature of the group itself and the disregard for basic safety that the organizers demonstrate. My heart goes out to his family and friends, and I can only hope that the Jax group will take this as a wake-up call, before yet another rider is seriously injured or killed on one of their rides.

    • KARL says:

      I’m confused your suggestion is that to avoid leaving the road upon a higher then lightning strike chance of catastrophic failure of defective by design equipment you should hug the curb? It woud seem maximally unresponsive and crude to the truth of this fatality to suggest that if I recall correctly the road rash and even piling on by other ultralights might of been survivable, but it was the ejection off the road that killed.

      Regardless such rides are not 24×7 and deserve to have passingi traffic delayed long enough for itto slow down to a more controllable if not fully should someone fall in front of them speed.

      Being in the back to take the initial impact of someone asleep at the wheel for there sedentary choice in commuting- or worse- is nothing but heroic and to suggest that on a group ride the deaf oro those with better things to listen to arethe irresponsible ones is also “shock” but for this not being your first death notice.

      You’ve got skin the game- your own assets. Coaching people to spend thousands of dollars shaving grams instead of adding jules to there alactrity with ‘bionics’, denying us the priceless potency of civilisation in mosfets and braking that doesn’t turn our muscling into just curbal warming, is contributing to the manslaughter the speed and lack of air bags around ones torso notjust riding on essentially champaign glasses, placing ones life using shoes made of christmass ornaments dancing on grand cliffs, has you guilty as can be. Doing it your way is fun, profitable for teh sellers of the glass slippers- but for those who slip….

      • Sean says:

        The Temecula cyclist wasn’t solo. It was a group ride, and your information surrounding the circumstances is inconsistent with the first-hand accounts I’ve read from LOCAL riders who were actually there. I was on the same stretch of road minutes before and I know what the conditions were like.

        His death was due to a slip on pavement made slick by a light mist, on a steep and winding section of narrow road in an area that has leaves and debris on the surface. He was in a group that habitually rides beyond their skill level and gives lip service to safety.

        It’s one thing to take a lane for safety’s sake. It’s another thing entirely for 25 riders to take the entire road—2 lanes or more plus the bike lane, or the lanes in BOTH directions, placing riders in oncoming traffic. I agree that motorists shouldn’t be in such of a hurry that being delayed for a few moments by riders isn’t unreasonable. By the same token, I don’t believe that we, as riders, have the right to occupy a 40 foot width of road to hold a handful of riders. We as cyclists have an obligation to extend courtesy to motorists. It makes us hypocrites of the highest order to demand motorists yield to us exclusively and unnecessarily, and it doesn’t improve the bike vs. cars debate.

        Remember too that taking the impact from someone who’s asleep at the wheel is more likely if you’re in the middle of the road. And, while you may feel it’s OK to ride with headphones, that’s fine when you’re by yourself, but in an organized group where others rely on you to be aware of danger and communicate it to others, jamming to your tunes makes you a fool and hazard. It’s not just hearing what’s being called out, it’s the sounds of brakes, wheels hitting gravel, and riders or cars approaching from behind. I’ve ridden and raced with deaf riders and found them to be exceptionally attuned and aware of their surroundings. Riders wearing headphones, not so much. They’re as distracted and distanced from their circumstances as drivers on cell phones.

        Besides, what is the point of participating in a social activity like a group ride only to plug your ears and ignore the people around you?

        As I mentioned, this incident was likely unavoidable, though the CHP would tell you that if your speed exceeds your ability to control your vehicle, you’re at fault, and wet pavement plus speed adequate to cause massive internal bleeding might have been beyond what was prudent on a Saturday morning ride. My point is that I’ve been with the group this rider was a part of and seen firsthand how they plow the road. They have a track record of crashes and rider injuries, caused in large part by riders being oblivious to or ignorant to the rules of group riding and basic road safety. Those incidents are avoidable, and the organizers of the ride should bear full responsibility when they fail to educate or police themselves.

        • bikinginla says:

          Thank you for your insights. However, when I refer something as a solo fall, it does not mean the victim was riding by himself; it means that no other vehicles were involved in the collision.

    • Sean, are you saying that in any situation where there is a bike lane, a “peloton” type ride should stay within its boundaries in deference to motor vehicles?

      • Sean says:

        No. A peloton should recognize what is prudent and appropriate to the situation. A group of 100 riders may need to take up a lane of traffic. There are times when that’s reasonable, and I’ve been on plenty of rides down PCH where that was the best and safest way to do it. But, it depends on the circumstances.

        This particular group of 20-40 riders habitually takes up more road than groups 3-5 times that size on PCH. What I am saying is that an organized group shouldn’t be riding 7-8 wide across a clean, wide bike lane, two traffic lanes and one oncoming lane at 15mph, while making no effort to allow blocked traffic to pass. The organizers bear a responsibility to educate the participants about group etiquette and technique, and be responsible members of the community by not creating dangerous situations for cyclists and motorists alike.

        • KARL says:

          I was not there but did eventually review the reported facts before realising it wasn’t a newspaper but rather a NYC franchised web only outlet that doesnt’ even publish death notices so ended up referring commentors to the ride organsers facebook for discussions like yours- about the we both agree culpability and I say wrongful death liability whether as you point out it was only there stewardship or as I may have initially errantly assumed role in the equipment and it’s suitability, maintenance, etc. for this ride.

          More seriously htough is your contention that internal injuries from crashing against a tree are untreatable- he had the kind of health insurance you get as a schoolteacher- if he had been say a paramedic, or worked in the ER, I’m afraid they might not of NOT put him on a heart.lung machine and replaced his bad organs instead of just harvesting his good ones. Had he been driving a car I mean…

          The truth if it hurts should not be suppressed only for that reason or at all if iti can redeem us.

          Witnesses contend his bike lacked antilock technology? Do electric brake models haave that now? they should. Why not? I hope slick roads are understood to be within appropriate tire selections literally grasp not just peasant (ABS absent) equipment. The profit on ABS for bikes shoudl not be sufficient deterrent, like seatbelts where until a “man named Nader” got them installed despite that, right?

          Bikes are not dangerous. If this path is so slick and it’s turns so unsloped then the State has liability for not c losing it-f or not making it “abs only vehicles” at the time perhaps.

          It’s how much we value a life. I say if there is a bike lane obviously it’s defectively coated, monitored, especially as notice about this ride is promiinent and we can afford organiser get insurance that would be there making sure it’s surface is safe enoughfor the equipment being used.

          About headphones- let me be clear- I recently bought some deeply clearnanced at Target but have yet tobuy another microsd carfd for my android to enjoy music and benefit from it as i should. I envy those who are so organsised and at liesure to find the time to listen to anythign and would never take pride in abstaining- there was aday I let yahoo read amnesty international notice memo’s to me but they stopped doing that probabl ybefore this man became a teacher.

          Am I wrong about the organiser using the ride to advertise there dealerships and profit from selling precisel ythe sort of high profit equipment isntead of for the same cost over say a decade equiping someoen with mujch much safer technology? The present premiuum for ‘brake by wire’ is awful when it’s cheaper, much, to ad abs to itthen to ‘cable car’ technology we suffer typcially. I assume ABS is available on at least some two wheeled bikes even if they are Italian monsters.

          What we disagreeabout is how fast bikes need to go if they are to take a road. I say the legal maximum is sufficient- do you disagree? I say that if the riders can’t pedal that consistent then they must either use tandems or have assistance pedalling there tires fast enough otherwise. Do yo upropose a realistic alternative or have any meritous defense to such evolution being a bad idea? Is there going to be a coroners enquiry or some such proceeding to interview the witnesses whiel what they say has some correlation perhaps with what happened, however little? It’s almost too late and witnesses opinions are never very probitive when itcomes to whether he braked wrong butif as you suggest the tire DID NOT LOSE AIR then the Patch etc. better apologise about there late correction!

          • KARL says:

            I’ve reread your comments now many times and your not consistent about blaming individuals versus the group or select individuals. It’s hard peeling off a group that wants to take a red light when you disagree, and dangerous as well to do that. It’s dangerous for someone on this ride, newly on this ride, to hang back, for fear of losing traction, and being social is of course the best way to be so oblivious. It’s talkinig not listening that distracts one from operating- the brain is pretty good at tuning speech out, but when asked to talk it talks- and is encumbered.

            IF there are people who are riding week after week, who knowing the risk allowed the deceased to risk his life then they are guilty and should be looked at along with the organisers for compensation. It reminds me of the audience in Foster’s “the accused” where ‘only’ serial even only from other then stangers rape occured, not death. Unlike those afraid of the beach just running there lips few rape victims choose death when given the choice. I’ve argued the deceased is being unfairly blamed- that he has not abandonded his family, and that there loss of his future income should be addressed by seeking pockets of cuplability like fellow riders even however chilling that might be. My hometown’s ‘nonprofit’ (a loose liabiiltiy screen for high markup unfit for purpose used dealers) bike organisation was successfully sued not that long ago and ifyou need a reason for not signing a liability form when asked to to join any ride isn’t thoseforms enabling deaths like this to be unremedied sufficient enough reasson by far? It’s not about abstainingfrom your Gaga time- but rather riding alone instead of tempting to death the math teachers among us- visit them in there homes I say- don’t make them dangle of cliffs for your precious time …

            • My Son was a very seasoned and safe rider. This was an accident plan and simple. It does no good to Monday Morning Quarterback what happened. I was taken to the site of his accident and spent an hour trying to figure out what happened. Understand this is a proud Dad trying to figure out what caused his Son’s death. No explanation available, it was an accident. I didn’t raise my Son or Daughter to watch Life but to experience it to the max. I can assure Randy had no plans to hit a tree and die from massive internal injuries. They were not able to harvest any of his organs because of the damage. Randy had a zest for Life but had a strong passion for his Wife and Daughter, he enjoyed teaching and was a very well respected Teacher. Enjoy the sport you all participate in, remember to ride to the conditions and be very aware of the conditions. There will accidents no matter what you do in Life. Now I ask that all of you crack a big smile in honor of my Son, because I know for fact that the last time you were around Randy that’s what you were doing, SMILING.

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    • KARL says:

      One commentor has noted he doesn’t even think about the deceased when he’s on his bike, and the two comments following mine either are ‘oppositional’ to the brutal truth, or as here robotically appear to espouse denial not even needed prompting; “The solo death is one of those that is just not avoidable, and probably not preventable with changes to the infrastructure.”

      • KARL says:

        From an unintentionally unopen note to the ‘spammer’ (who’s note is tagged apparently by himself “ant-bike”)
        “KARL | July 13, 2012 at 01:35 | Reply
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        There is real denial in claiming that obsolete bikes tend to have owners who ride them at consistent speeds or the obscenely slow, expensive, congesting limits nefariously on the books to stem so far abandonment en mass of only the stinky, not the toxic part suppressing, ICEmonstrousities like plug in electricds not just SUV’s.

        We’ve been building single lane at best ultralight accomidations for decades since cigarettes had to disclose there nearly identical role in lessening the burden of laborers benefiting from there retirement investments on those americans who have there dowry paid (get pigskin to ‘put on there wall’ so they can hog resources for being white, or just havingi rubbed against the elite long enough) and it’s no surpise tomeyou begini by fantasizing about ultra low pressure tires wose cost per mile and energy consumption is born easally with the loot as there only toys not tools to you.

        The point is we can’t just swap lanes- ‘bike’ paths are not wide enough for cars in most instances and the real estate devotged to cars is so excesslingi finding the money to buy the pots to plant in on the surplus lanes even is a challenge should children get access to uncensored search even if just in America anytime soon.

        Perhaps I’m apparently facetious in suggesting thatthe miles of at least grade seperated bike routes are wide enough for ledgetgimate car use- but really the truth is that most of them are excessive in being duplicative to the shared pathand in areas where traffic is sufficeiint to support 24×7 transitfor less then what existing car use costs. Contentions that the opposite is true- that hundreds of people if not thousands per hour are needed to support ‘buses’ are based upon the notion that what car users spend is not relevent- that there money if better directed is ‘confiscated’ from our churches of car culture, from those decendents of the token labor once pools in Detroit now starving, pensions looted not by noble people no longer even willing to be seen holding the ‘cigar’, much less driving the ultimate street legal one like a Hummer- a ironically anti-muscle contrapption if there ever was one our movie star governor thought fuel choice mattered most in- as he did when he can be seen online at the bloom box proceedings as video archived by a autoindustgry reporting outfit with horrific sound quality but far better image size then bloom iteself is willing to host with there hollywood level of crane cameras coverign hte event.

        Let’s not lie out loud in front of the bereaving. IF there reading let them read truth- we did it, we killed the deceased because of our vice- for teh illusion it’s our legs and not the child labor our kevlar tire consumption thrives on, our contempt for thoser listening to NPR as they pedal clean air- those who want togive back, and earn the right to not have to be listening for sounds of royalty humming up there back.

        It’s not brilliant to brag about how if yhour willing to waste enough energy you can put a suspension system in able to elevate you high enoughto defeat teh intent of speed humps as teh ‘contributer’ here notes in his linked to deceased ‘trifling’ regards.

        To the family- I smell the blood. I’m tired of it but won’t call Uncle Sam up for help smellingi something else- instgead I’ll lobby for there rigfht to put markers up on google maps thatnever expire- so school lkids plannign there route and mode can choose the “least life sacrificing of innocent” altrnaatives and make GM stockholders grateful the lowest value it can have is zero- as I do what I can to changen that as well.

      • KARL says:

        It’s not clear from the email I received asking if I was human if it was human or not- and I hope not but regardless I don’t reply to emails from people
        I don’t know-
        when i don’t know if doing so would release my email address that is otherwise kept from them by the blog etc. platform I gave it to… in other words my comment outside this forum will likely never be approved if handing over my email address and additional info directing an email to his address releases. I do wish htose who are moderating comments would disclose that as I wouldn’t of taken the time to post there if I had known that and am likewise extremely grateful what I wrote can at least be found here especially as many of the premises in how these comments referencing back references to here get generated are likely erroneous or outdated- I can only aspire to an open mind about such things and apply my time as prudently as aspiration and opportunity allows……

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