Mostly final Dr. Thompson appeal denied, PVE to review crippling speed bumps, bike rage around the world

Somehow, we missed the apparent final resolution of the infamous Mandeville Canyon brake check case.

Ohio Bike Lawyer Steve Magos forwards word that the state Supreme Court refused to hear Dr. Christopher Thompson’s appeal of his conviction.

The appeal was denied November 2nd, which means the case is finally, completely and hopefully, irrevocably over, and his conviction stands.

Unless he appeals in Federal Court.

Of course, he’s already served over two-and-a-half years of his five-year sentence. Which means he could be back on the streets soon.


Palos Verdes Estates will hold a meeting to review the speed cushions on Via del Monte that nearly killed cyclist Richard Schlickman.


Shouldn’t that be all the discussion they need?

Or are they trying to take out a few more of us while they’re at it?


As if road raging drivers weren’t bad enough, now we have to worry about armed bike riders.

An Oceanside bike rage incident leads to a standoff with police after a cyclist fires a rifle round into the ground during an argument with another rider. Meanwhile, a Michigan bike rider — who, at 69, should have known better — pulls a knife in a dispute with another much younger cyclist.

In a more traditional approach to roadway violence, a bike raging Brit cyclist punches a BMW driver; not that I haven’t wanted to on occasion, but please.

Maybe it’s something in the air.

And the Kiwi mountain biker who was caught on video assaulting another rider gets a whopping $750 fine.


Erin Galligan ghost bike; photo courtesy of George Wolfberg

Bicycle Fixation offers a Flickr set of bicycling photos. LADOT takes credit for installing over 4,600 bike racks throughout the city, and offers an update on the BPIT meeting held earlier this month. Santa Monica plans to sign a contract with L.A. cycling’s favorite planning firm to make Safe Routes to Schools improvements around SaMo High. A memorial ride was held Monday for Erin Galligan, the Venice waitress killed in a still unsolved Santa Monica hit and run earlier this month. Culver City gets its first bike corral in front of my favorite coffee shop. The new bicycling postage stamps are available now. Now that’s a bike. Pasadena cyclists enjoy the city’s first Gran Fondo. New buffered bike lanes in Old Town San Diego. Cycling Unbound says once we reduce roadway deaths down to a dozen or so, then we can focus on those evil scofflaw cyclists. A Santa Rosa cyclist is injured trying to avoid an apparent dooring; a perfect example of why drivers should always give cyclists at least three feet passing distance. Sometimes it seems like cyclists get blamed for everything; now a driver claims one of us was the reason he drove his SUV into a Watsonville home. Seriously, if you’re too drunk to stay on your bike, don’t ride it.

If you think bike helmets look bad, take a look at how they looked in 1948. In celebrity bike news, Jessica Alba is helping to raise a new generation of cyclists, while Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell performs an emergency seat adjustment for biking girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood. Just two days after the Batman massacre, a Denver cyclist is killed in a more traditional crime. Even the ski resort town of Aspen CO may get bike lanes. In a truly bizarre letter, an Aspen writer says that, despite claiming to have founded the Red Zinger Bicycle Classic — no doubt to the surprise of those who usually get credit for it — he is now the sworn nemesis of reckless riders. Mountain bikers could get more access to national parks. RAGBRI riders suffer from extreme heat. An elite Massachusetts cyclist is seriously injured after colliding with a truck during a Maine time trial. New York cyclists can now attend bike classes in lieu of traffic fines; maybe some day we’ll have something like this here. Bike share will come to Forth Worth by next spring. Texas-based Witch on a Bicycle offers some intriguing ideas on how to reform drivers license laws. The family of a missing Louisiana cyclist hope she’s still alive, even though a convicted sex offender has been indicted for her death and that of another woman. A Florida cyclist is singled out for wearing purple, and ticketed for — legally — leaving a bike lane; apparently, Barney Fife is alive and well and working in Florida.

A Montreal cyclist is killed in a right hook when the bike path he was on crossed a roadway; police note he had the right-of-way. CLR Effect recaps the just completed le Tour. Bradley Wiggins, Tour de France champ and fashion icon — or should we say Sir Bradley? — is the abandoned son of a drunken former pro rider. Looks like Wiggins won more than just a trophy Sunday, but will his victory lead to safer streets for UK cyclists? Seventeen-year pro George Hincapie rides his last tour. How Brit cyclists conquered the world; thanks to George Wolfberg for the heads-up. The rich get richer as Denmark cyclists get a bicycle superhighway.

Finally, looks like I got mine just in time as bike cams hit the big time, with the New York Times suggesting they’re the new black boxes for cyclists, and a new rearview cam saves the last five minutes of video in case you get hit; thanks again to George Wolfberg for the black box link, who notes that such devices can cut both ways.

And a New Zealand cyclist says a helmet cam actually makes drivers slow down.


  1. What is that about “doghouses” in the Chris Thompson court docket?

    Regarding Palo Verdes Estates — the public hearing is likely required by law. Many California cities have a rule requiring a public hearing for roadway changes.

    • bikinginla says:

      I wondered that myself; since it refers to volumes, maybe it means transcripts? Maybe one of our attorney friends could explain.

      • karL says:

        The litigants comments at the link attempting to define it are not fair. The ‘house’ is dog like in size at least for ‘indoor’ toy breeds and the point is that contained in these boxes is far more then folders- they include all exhibits, things like the jury got including obviously evidence even ‘organic’ I assume and certainly more commonly things like dvd’s of kids making up stories about being molested as courts sometimes find and you would not want to put such video’s on the internet lest they end up like the Clinton’s depositions did despite not being put online.

        Because appellate courts generally are public such ‘records’ on appeal are often limited to the accused if represented NOT and if represented even sometimes not legally viewable by there own counsel creating problems for prosecution obvioulsy if disclosure turns all recipients into felons.

        So in the house lives our means of due process- whether an acutual person is housed in the case at ourexpense or over there objection, punitively or otherwise. It is a place evidence lives not forever- but for as long as hope burns strongest.


        those who errantly ellipt “M.D.” are denying our myopia as THAT man killed a kid and ran BUT IS INNOCENT AT THIS TIME! To refer to the convicted only as “Dr…..” is also propiganda he didn’t just have a phd as where I come from such a degree only gets you refered to as Mr. still though usually professor or sometimes Noble Laureate whatever.

        A lot of spam has hit his evaluations online but they say he’s currnetly licensed creatinghte irony of himi likely treating black eyes and such as a licensee instead of a ‘jailhouse’ doc unlike the ones the feds use- who can and do lack state licenses (no federal license exists either)

        IN texas inmates are cooked to death now for decades fo rone reason- no interenet, no wordprocessors even.

        Most family unable ot afford the collect calls and till now unequipped to upload the recordings like Jamal has and obvfiously owing his life to htose who consented tob e billing dollars a minute tolet him be heard bya token few of us but still..

        teh appellate courts are no man’s enemy

        the are america the beautiful at its’ most beautiful

        terms of affection mistaken as contempt by the however otherwise gentle notwithstanding.

        If I had ID i would visit this physician and plan towhenver I’m able to.

  2. karL says:

    I note that although the fist name of his counsel is apparently different the last name is not- possibly coincidence but more likely consistent with him not having the capital liquid enough at least to hire the technical specialists to represent him properly.

    I do not mean to offend those who may have been present at the scene but not having been I continue to find he was a scape goat.

    Any decent black box will encrypt the video only trusted entities can unlock it to.

    Which brings me to a late disclosure- my contentions about the most disruptive item being available now unbelievably have not been verified yet online. I have ‘an’ highly experienced american call center employee who discussed it with me in amazement for that hour and could of placed an order obviously then- but the website has not been updated with this item at any price (yet).

    So i’ve not given up on hope but expect to stand corrected and this is actually a palliative to cynicism expressed by the dealer. I also can say now how fast these devices are- they are subsecond- a bike can acccelerate to 60mph in under a second now supposedly, but for sure if you spend thousands, not under a hundred perhaps, you can transfer many terrabytes and even write them.

    so it’s not necessary to limit video to the last five minutes or last five months. It’s not necessary to postpone backing up video as you can do it during the yellow light.

    I think the standard we are all used to- google street view is now of many vintages- if you have not flown down a street with freshly taken (current configuration) your missing out.

    That gps enabled bike sharing lightweight u lock can take the video- and transfer it in less time then it takes to check your tire pressure with your hand using the ‘Charmin’ technique.

    Hmm you linked to the secondary source missing us out on the most important ”
    Several years ago, a Fureso resident, Karsten Bruun Hansen, started a “bike bus,” in which cyclists meet and commute together, taking turns blocking the wind. (Inspired by Mr. Hansen’s idea, the municipality also created a bike bus for children to ride to school together.)

    Mr. Hansen, who estimates that he personally saves a ton of carbon dioxide every year, hopes that the superhighway will encourage more people to ride their bikes. “It’s unavoidable to commute to work,” Mr. Hansen said. “This way, you are using the time doing something fun.””

    and the crash video has agreat collection of comments to try sort by thread out with

    i wish i had more time to say less…….

  3. karL says:

    Deserving of greater emphasis is how the car dealers are getting the cops to harass the.. as in “show me your leaders” role models of this community as the photo illustration clearly shows her not for her surviving cancer but using the roads carless in public despite obviously having no excuse to do like having ran over someone in one before meaning ordinary people might emulate her!

    THe contention it is people who are upset to have more road space for the bikes taking up far less then if in cars obviously doesn’t fly.

    It is the advertising dealers of these instruments of wealth transfer from working people to those animal who pray on us inflicting autos we don’t need and only risk laughable ‘prosecution’ if we dare prove that now in 2012.

    But sure the dealer can have our fantasy granted- a seperate and pathetically inadequate road for us to ride in as if our completely unrepresentive numbers now have ANYTING to do with who would abandon cars and congest it given a chance to do so safely.
    WE have months- but maybe not longerhten that.

    To enjoy roads in such places before for lacking of siezing htem by shiping the cars out of town and providing bikes insteadof monstrous wastes of mone ythat serve only car stockholders like ‘subways’ (the wastes of money that instad could widen the roads so if cars get only one lane- like there are enough lunatics to need even that given safer, more luxurious alternatives!) we lose our rights to them is not a given.

    WE have it now

    but it can be lost ina legislative session as it’s being lost to a near majority of hte planet in China etc. because we for all our progress against domest consumption of tobacco have exported actuallly significant evil in theform of our cars to those actual dictatorships most ripe to impose them upon the masse making helicopter guns ships seem like coddling.

    She- fit, NORMAL, is the threat to GM, FORD, TOYOTA ETC.

    Only if people continue to refuse to vote can we have every road be available like those essentially in LA or the bridge to the island off san diego- ONLY AT THIS TIME AT BEST a day ayear and not any worth the cost of securing them from the lunatic fringe of car lovers who show up to heckle.

    She is every person. She is a woman on the street the site of which renders the molesting priests of car culture- the designers and factory workers even in fear of there concience catching up to them because our education system rather then liberate has prevented even discussion of trailer trash/aka WHITE ETHNIC (class) scholarship from being shared outside of the tallest ivory towers where basically only heathen orgies delight in fantasies of what could be instead of simply letting it happen selflessly.

    so we the slaves show up- 9-5, in our linear coliseums to those who profit selling us our weapons and compress us until we draweach others blood so as to trash them and buy anothereven more lethal set but for all the hype.
    just say no

    NO CAR


    NO means NO

    WE don’t have to put out anymore.

    LIke we can’t walk and fear any talk of truth.

    Not in our house!

    NO c hild of ours will be seen driving one while living under our roof!


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