Get your Mojo on with Lance Armstrong-inspired contest for some free CLIF Mojo Bars

Get your Mojo on and tell use your favorite performance enhancers.

Let’s have a little fun.

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a contest on here. But I was recently approached by the makers of CLIF Bars with an offer to give away some of their Mojo Bars in honor of national Trail Mix Day.

And yes, there really is such a thing.

Not only that, as it turns out, Friday was it.

And as it happens, Mojo Bars are made from… wait for it… trail mix.

Or as they put it, a crunchy, chewy, sweet and salty mostly organic blend of nuts, pretzel pieces and other healthy things, with no processed sugars or trans fats.

Works for me.

The question is, who to give them to?

And that’s where our old buddy Lance comes in.

As you may recall, Lance was recently stripped of his titles for using performance-enhancing drugs. And yet, as cyclists, we all use performance enhancers of some sort.

Though most of them are legal.

Mine run the gamut from broccoli, spinach, berry and banana smoothies — and yes, it takes a lot of berries to kill the taste of the first two — to blasting just the right song before setting out.

Oddly, the one that seems to work best for me is the Theme from the Magnificent Seven. Maybe I still want to be a cowboy when I grow up.

And yes, I am partial to CLIF Bars, though I lean more towards the White Chocolate Macadamia and Peanut Toffee Buzz flavors. And their Peanut Butter Crunch bars are like crack to me.

So what’s your favorite performance enhancer?

Just leave a comment below, or email me at bikinginla at hotmail dot com. Or tweet me, for that matter, @bikinginla.

Just tell me what you use to enhance your performance before or during a ride, and why. And be sure to include a valid email address or Twitter account so I can contact you if you win.

I’ll pick the winners Monday night, so you have a few days to think it over. And I’ll post the best entries on here next week.


  1. In addition to all flavors of the Mojo Bars, I love Nutz Over Chocolate and Smore flavored Clif Luna Bars, especially the mini-bars that are only 70-80 calories.

  2. tj knight says:

    Eggs, as in, an egg burrito.

  3. CAFFINE. that’s my enhancer. too much? I get jittery, then It’s bike time.

  4. Joe B says:

    I’ve found that the best way to enhance my performance is to have my slightly-faster buddy riding about fifteen or twenty feet in front of me.

  5. Allan says:

    Darn!!!! I thought you’d lined up some give away SuperFlashes to curb these fatalities :-(:::…..

    • bikinginla says:

      I wish. If anyone want to get me some lights or other safety gear to give away, I’m more than willing.

  6. Karl says: sells convenitional led crap at a price that allows those whowould otherwise patronise the dealers of the bike that just killed again sufficient savings to like that commerical for a clothing store afford too pick up extra’s for those in hte hood.

    It’s not 99$ laptops thath would need- but daylight running lights from otherh then car supply outlets (the 30 dollar pair that looks i nthe store like an undercover detectivei s rig for a grill oro reare wheels basket (forwoard facing of cousres as it strobeswhite not htat you couldn’t put red on the plastic) not only lacked a fuse of it’s own but despite coming with FOUR ‘regular’ 9 volt batteries soldered togewther to confuse even me has no current regulation as i almost blew it out testing it on the 36 volt ‘six hundred dollar (fifty buck in ‘auto dollars’) ‘water bottle’ shaped electron can (chilling in my freezer for trip othte store right now in bit ) as I’m weeks tardy in soldering it up resultin githte thosuands invested by my friend having so little use we’ve kept it’s cover o nthe bike gathering rain possiblyb breading mosquietores to protect hte triple digit diesipte being wide tires from the sun too much now obvisouly.

    It’s such a blsast to ride! I love sprinting up hills! remainingi seated but filling my massively powerful thighs maintain there cadence without shift by effortlessly letting ht ehall effect allow the pressurised as well e lectrons not just carried air molecules ot join me in hte act to counter gravity. That’s all. .. hte battery and hub motgor makes us weightless wihotu having to give up carryhing good books not scanned by google because if peopel read them they would go out of business.

    (ask yourself what Lance would do)

  7. billi1905 says:

    My favorite, just because I’ve gotten really strange looks, is the two ibuprofen I keep in my jersey pocket in a little plastic Baggie, that I will take at about mile 75 of a century. That’s my PED.

  8. Opus the Poet says:

    Peanut butter and honey sandwiches on whole wheat. I can run for miles on them. I did a century on a 24 oz. loaf and small jars of honey and peanut butter. And a few Gatorades.

  9. Kristin says:

    I love GU shot blocks when I’m running and dried fruit for a pump me up during the day.

  10. justaudrey says:


  11. Ben Calderwood says:

    Sherpa blood. No, I may have dreamed that. Plain ol’ Clif bars and gels, typically. The Mojo bars are too good; I tend to eat my stash long before I get on the bike.

  12. JD says:

    Used to be beer, now it’s coffee.

  13. Lois Rubin says:

    For mountain biking – Pickles! and peanut butter, bananas and honey in a small whole wheat pita. For the road – hammer gel and mojo bars. Really.

  14. Bo says:

    As far as Clif Bars go, I like the PB Pretzel and the Chocolate Almond Coconut. If the engine is running a little slow, I like to shoot up with a Starbucks Double Shot. Trader Joe’s also makes some decent coffee in a can. I like to recover with a tall glass of milk and malt Ovaltine. I’ve also found that a few Racer 5 IPAs will really enchance my bar stool endurance.

  15. chris richards says:

    I use Metagenics products so I start with a 16 oz Ultrameal PH mixed with their organic Phytoganix..during the ride I use their energy drink called Endura with various energy bars..then I recover by grabbing a fresh cocunut from the fridge with steamed veggies & fresh cut fruit.

  16. Brian says:

    I ride with

    My enhancer is seeing a fellow Wounded Soldier Amputee Passing me, or just not giving up!!

  17. karl says:

    turns out batterymattrix carries nanophosphate that can recharge 90 percent in under six minutes and at under twenty bucks a huge watt hour forearms worth. Please note though that this is last years- 10k- news. I stand by my endorsement of having kids use there saved lunch money to buya microhybrid starting battery and haul it in the bookbag with the lamplight wire traveling down there slacks to the pedal where it’s inductively coupled throught there flipflops on there feed to the front hub motor that looks like a halogen headlamp sized (3 watt not as much as 3000 watt glute) ‘generator’ not a life saving “easy” button capable of dodging rovers and making tesla owners bark in appreciation not fear of how we can not only better steer.
    XT is 1200 amps out the gate not just four shares per buck to own the birthing crate- and the options market is heating up and free to see on nasdaq’s site- an employee coup is well under way and we’ll reorganise and ship most of the MW’s to girls like those I met standing in front of the main library in DTLA ready and willing to be the solution without generating even a gram of polution because son, the 1200 amps is nothing out compared to what it can suck up from stopping on a dime and I would not even attempt to so commensurately bout that rhyme. AONE NOW PEPES! IT’s got to be liberated from our jeeps!

  18. karl says:

    Even a fucker like Lance can afford to take this private in a heartbeat instead of pathetically bleat:
    “Community Sentiment


  19. karl says:

    Do it now; she’s as ripe as they come for the taking this does not happen ever- not once in a generation- it’s never happened before and never will again and the fate of the planet depends on us going all in with all we can beg borrow or better for the options it’ll be a buck from the herd giving more then a lame FUCK.

  20. karl says:

    “High Volume alert!
    Typical daily volume is 4.35mil shares over the past 6 months.”

    Karl says buy now and does not lie.
    NADAQ says:


    Probability – Intermediate trend bullish, Unsustainable downtrend, may turn sideways.

    Probability – Oversold, odds favor long trades.

    Probability – Short term typical pullback, pullback may start to slow.

    Confirmation – Extreme 3 day distribution, but when the stock is oversold this is considered bullish.

    Confirmation – Extreme bearish 1 day moneyflow, on an strong-extreme pullback is considered bullish.

    Confirmation – at support

    Profit/Loss ratio: 3.5 : 1 – Excellent

    "Profit/Loss ratio: 3.5 : 1 – Excellent… shit


    0.24, at support, 0.26 ± 0.03, type Single, strength 8"

    +296% at 0.95 ± 0.11, type Triple+, strength 10

    truth is it's heady to FIFTY! (by 2nd quarter 2014 and yeah in bucks, not dimes or nickels or freaking gas guzzling pickles)



    Probability – Intermediate trend bullish, Unsustainable downtrend, may turn sideways.

    Probability – Oversold, odds favor long trades.

    Probability – Short term typical pullback, pullback may start to slow.

    Confirmation – Extreme 3 day distribution, but when the stock is oversold this is considered bullish.

    Confirmation – Extreme bearish 1 day moneyflow, on an strong-extreme pullback is considered bullish.

    Confirmation – at support

  21. KB says:

    Final words to save this planet today:

    “+TARGET 2

    Price: 0.48 Profit: 100% , Profit/Loss Ratio: 8 : 1 – Excellent for an extreme rally.296% at 0.95 ± 0.11, type Triple+, strength 10”
    +296% at 0.95 ± 0.11, type Triple+, strength 10

    Karl says there is no resistance prior to $30 in the short term. The futures market pricing AI is not underwritten to publically proclaim the value for the first billion (with a B) in and you have until opening of trading to getting the Chinese to step off. DO it for our homeland if for no other reason like sparing your favorite 8 year old a bloody fatal bump.

  22. KB says:

    P.S.(at the time of my remarks there was no premarket trading noted that starts in just minutes though)

  23. Eric W says:

    Well, about those cliff bars.. I’m gonna start making my own up. What is the reciepe for them anyway? Can’t be that hard!

    My startup is Yoga – about 1/2 hour on the mat as soon as I get up! Works great!

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