Lancaster cyclist killed in collision with empty school bus

The Antelope Valley News reports that a young Lancaster woman was killed in a collision with a school bus on Monday.

Twenty-two year old Alexandria Romero was riding west on Avenue G at Sierra Highway when she reportedly rode through a posted stop sign into the path of an out-of-service school bus traveling at 50 mph.

The driver attempted to brake, but was unable to stop in time, striking her bike with the right front of the bus. Romero was pronounced dead at Antelope Valley Hospital; at 50 mph, a collision with a bus — or anything else — is unlikely to be survivable.

Comments to the story speculate on why she failed to observe the stop sign.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know why she didn’t stop at what should have been a highly visible intersection. It’s possible that she may have been careless or distracted, or could have been able to stop due to a mechanical failure or some other reason. Or she could have misjudged the speed of the bus, and thought she had time to make it across the intersection.

I’m always suspicious of any reports that a cyclist ran a stop sign or red light in the apparent absence of independent witnesses. While it doesn’t seem to be the case here, drivers have an inherent interest in blaming the victim in any fatal collision.

This is the 52nd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the 15th in Los Angeles County; it’s the first fatal bike collision in the Antelope Valley in 2012.

Thanks to Antelope Valley bike advocate Michele Chavez for the tip.


In a related story, I’ve received word that a woman who was seriously injured in a hit-and-run collision in Santa Clarita last week may have died of her injuries, but have been unable to find any confirmation. If anyone has any information on that collision or the condition of the victim, please let me know. Thanks to grrlyrida for the heads-up.


  1. JD says:

    When will the State act to make cycling safer in CA?

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