21-year old Ontario cyclist killed Sunday night

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reports that 21-year old Ontario resident Pascual Antonio Garcia was killed last night while riding in Ontario.

According to the paper, Garcia was riding on Mountain Avenue south of Flora Street when he was struck by a southbound car at 8:38 pm. He was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later.

The driver reportedly stopped and called for help.

Once again, there is no information on how the collision occurred, whether the victim was using lights or riding in an unsafe manner, or whether the driver was intoxicated, distracted or otherwise careless.

You’d think the life of a human being would be worth more than three paragraphs and four short sentences.

This is the 70th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, which equals the total for last year. It’s also the ninth in San Bernardino County, a 50% increase over the six cycling deaths in the county in 2011.

My deepest sympathy for Garcia and all his loved ones.


  1. LizMendia says:

    Terrible reading about these tragedies. My heart goes out to the aggrieved families. While tragic, these posts do give us food for thought. I find it notable that the last three incidents seem to have occurred on high-traffic streets, without a shoulder, but with parallel smaller side streets. To me this highlights the importance of route selection and the need for better cycling infrastructure. Thanks for educating us about these incidents, and for your role in advocacy!

  2. Bee Careful says:

    My condolences to the family and friends. Those shoulderless streets are ample for a class action [those killed] against the county/city because in this digital age – inattentive drivers. Clearly the road conditions in LA and its surrounding counties are a liability. My opinion as a cyclist they are dangerous because drivers think they have a license to kill with taking responsibility for their actions.However, for the past couple of months I’ve noticed every one of these accidents occur on a street/road without a bike lane. Where’s the equality?

  3. Ontario Resident says:

    Pascual Antonio Garcia is alive and well I am sure. This was not the bikers name, the newspaper couldn’t even have enough respect to get that right. The guy who was struck by the car was actually closer to his fifties and was carrying some 21 year old’s ID in his pocket, whose name was Pascual Antonio Garcia. It was clear within minutes that the ID was not his. The biker attempted to cross a busy street with no lights on his bike or reflectors. It almost seemed more unfair to the driver who did nothing wrong, and is traumatized over killing someone now for the rest of his life. He was not under the influence of anything, just driving home, and didn’t see the guy at all until it was too late.

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