Jurupa Valley rider killed in rear-end collision

It’s been a bad several days for Inland bike riders.

According to the Press-Enterprise, 47-year old Riverside resident Aristeo Vallardares was hit from behind while riding on the 5900 block of Limonite Avenue in Jurupa Valley at 7:31 pm. Witnesses performed CPR until paramedics arrived and transported Vallardares to Riverside Community Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 8 pm.

The satellite view shows a wide, divided roadway with little or no shoulder — exactly the sort of road that forces riders to compete for space with high-speed traffic.

Yet once again, there’s no word on how the collision occurred, other than it was a rear-end collision — a pattern that seems to be common in Riverside and San Bernardino County bicycling deaths.

There’s no mention on whether he was using lights, or why the driver failed to see a bike rider who was apparently on the road directly in front of him.

And as usual, no mention of who the victim was beyond the most meagre description. No word on what he did for a living, whether he had a family or if there is anyone besides his fellow bicyclists to morn his death.

This is the 71st bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, one more than last year’s already too high total. It’s the 13th cycling death in Riverside County, two above the total for last year.

And Vallarades is the third rider to die in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties in just the last five days, and the 4th killed in Southern California in the past 10 days.

My deepest condolences for Vallarades and all his family and loved ones.


  1. DanaPointer says:

    Last cdm cyclist blog(newport beach), has an interview with Tom Godefrooij, Dutch Cycling Embassy, who states that there are 2 choices to make road safe for cycling, diet that calms speeds, or protected(with a barrier) bike lane if high speed is a must. Thats it, there is no third alternative. Bike lane on high speed arterial is not safe, we need barrier protected bike lanes/tracks in soCal ASAP!!!

  2. JD says:

    Our prayers go up for the victim’s family and friends.

  3. mark goodley says:

    Hi; first; how is your wife doing?

    Note on lights; it was rumored that Amine Britel, killed by Danae Miller, was “lit up like a Christmas tree” when he was hit from behind. According to Newport Beach Detective Liu this week, that is NOT true. He had NO lights at the time of the accident… This keeps the PERFECT RECORD ALIVE, that IF you ride ULTRA BRIGHT, with preferably multiple HIGH INTENSITY REAR LIGHTS, you will NOT BE KILLED. In fact, every rider heard from, that has converted to riding BRIGHT, DAY AND NIGHT, reports a far wider berth, and more friendly driver response…mdg

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